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Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Updated on August 20, 2015

More Variety in Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Gone are the days when people had to search everywhere to try to find a plus size Halloween costume. Now we can find a much larger variety of plus size Halloween costumes, and some are very well made and fun to wear.

I was also happy to see that there were also some couples plus size Halloween costumes available, as a lot of people enjoy dressing up in complementary costumes to share in the experience together.

Another thing I found was designers weren't afraid to create a number of the Halloween costumes in a variety of characters seen on the big screen.

This is a breakthrough to me, as they acknowledge there are a lot of plus size people that are fans of the characters and want the opportunity to dress up like them. That's great for all plus size people wanting to have fun dressing up on Halloween.

This is a nice grouping of plus size Women's Halloween costums, with a little bit to offer everybody. It does show how much manufacturers are taking into account plus size fashion even in the costume sector. Nice choices.

Several Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Men's and Women's Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Here's another grouping of plus size Halloween costumes which offer up a whole bunch of ideas for men and women.

I like them because they're real different from the plus size photos of costumes above.

Gothic Fairy Plus Size Halloween Costume

Who wouldn't want to spread a little pixie dust around the Halloween party, and that's just what you would do wearing this nice Gothic fairy Halloween costume.

I like the wand, tiara and wings, but those boots really stick out nice with the outfit to me.

Plus Size Gothic Fairy Halloween Costume

Cave Woman Plus Size Halloween Costume

This type of pattern is always fun, and the overall cave woman costume could make you a hit with all those Geico guys.

Those boots really go well with the overall outfit, and no one's going to mess with cave mama while she's carrying that club.

Cave Woman Plus Size Costume

Caesar Couple Plus Size Halloween Costume

Now you would really attract some attention as Caesar and his woman. They sure complement one another well, and I also like their footwear here as well. Fun costume for plus size Halloween couple.

This would also work for a toga party.

Plus Size Caesar Costume

Indian Warrior Couple Plus Size Halloween Costumes

If you don't want to do the Caesar thing, here's another option for couples, the Native American warrior and his woman standing together.

The headbands and fringes on the clothes make this a cute outfit to me. Fringes on costumes like this always make a nice addition to the look.

Plus Size Couple Priest and Nun Halloween Costume

For those of you who like the Nun and Priest look but don't want to be offensive, this is a nice couples outfit.

The friar and the nun look so real though that people may not want to misbehave too much at the Halloween party.

These types of robes also offer loose fitting costumes for comfort, as well has helping to flatter the figure.

Priest and Nun Plus Size Halloween Costume

Plus size prep girl looking Halloween costume

Now if you want to recall that preppy look, here's a nice Halloween costume made for that occasion.

You're sure to get some eyeballs looking at you in this fun costume.

Plus Size School Girl Halloween Costume

Nurse Plus Size Halloween Costume

The tag on the outfit says pharmacist, but this could be a naughty nurse or doctor if you wanted it to be. Medical costumes continue to be a favorite at Halloween parties, and this one would work great for you.

I think it goes back to those days when we were children wanting to play doctor.

Doctor, Nurse of Pharmacist? Who cares?

Men's Plus Size Devil Halloween Costume

Wearing this is almost like giving the Devil a good name as far as a nice looking costume goes. I really like that vest, although the horns could have been a little better to me. But this plus size devil costume could be used in a variety of ways.

Plus size poodle skirt Halloween costume

Now this brings us back to another time, and you want to start dancing once you get a gander at this fun skirt from a long gone era.

And those shoes go just right with the 50s look that brings back so many memories. And yes the poodle on the skirt is a reference to it being a poodle skirt from the past.

Plus Size Poodle Skirt Costume

Plus Size Sorcerer Halloween Costume

Now this is one I wanted the minute I looked at it. It's made great and definitely gives you the look of a dark sorcerer going about doing some dark magic. Love those draping sleeves and hood.

Sorcerer Plus Size Costume

Good Witch Costume?

As much as the sorcerer looked dark above, this witch costume just makes it hard to believe she has a bad bone in her body, It does have a nice color and could be used in a number of ways.

I like the way the colors change as they go from one part of the costume to another.

Plus size Halloween witch costume

Plus Size Viking Warrior Halloween Costume

There's everything to like about this plus size Viking warrior costume. The horn helmet is fantastic, and those are and leg bands look really nice, along with the shoulder cape.

Everything works here, just make sure it's cool out or you're going to do a lot of sweating at the Halloween party.

Viking Warrior Costume

Great plus size Halloween costumes

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, plus size Halloween costumes have really come a long way, and the variety and quality has really made it great for those looking for plus size Halloween costumes; now having a lot to choose from. Hopefully this has given you some ideas of what's out there and what you may want to wear for Halloween.


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