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Pocoyo Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on March 18, 2015

Pocoyo Birthday Supplies and Ideas

Find lots of Pocoyo birthday party ideas and supplies to help you create a wonderful party for your child right here.

Pocoyo is without a doubt one of the cutest little boys on television. His curiosity and imagination undoubtedly remind you of your own child, and he learns the lessons that you want your child to learn. What better cartoon for your child to enjoy and want to celebrate for their birthday? If you are planning a Pocoyo party, these tips, tricks and ideas are sure to help.

Featured here are personalized party invitations, cake decorating ideas, fun party favors and much more.

Pocoyo party invitations available from EqPartySupplies Esty store
Pocoyo party invitations available from EqPartySupplies Esty store

Pocoyo Party Invitations

For Pocoyo invitations you have two real choices to bring this adorable character to life. You can get a digital invitation that you print yourself or you can purchase invitations that are printed and mailed to you. Most of the personalized Pocoyo invitations that you will find on Etsy or EBay are just digital files that you will have to print out and find envelopes for.

However, EqPartySupplies offers charming personalized photo invitations that are printed out and mailed to you. This gives you everything you need to simply mail or hand out your invitations, no printing or searching for envelopes required.

Pocoyo latex balloons
Pocoyo latex balloons

Pocoyo Party Decorations

When it comes to Pocoyo decorations you are in luck, because if you watch the show it's very sparse. It is all about just adding in whatever the characters are interacting with. This means for once those white walls or big empty spaces are a good thing! If you want simple and easy then you can go to Birthday Express. They have an entire Pocoyo party kit with place settings, decorations, a personalized banner and party favors! It is everything you need to throw a fantastic party.

You can create your own personalized banner by getting inspiration from the Pocoyo font pictured here. Or you can draw and create the banner using colored construction paper and white computer paper for the letters. You can create fun elements with stars, balloons and streamers in bright colors. You can take some inspiration from how well these streamers and balloons dress up an otherwise plain room.

Make Your Own Pocoyo Centerpiece

Pocoyo Wall Decals

Pocoyo Room Decor - Giant Wall Decals
Pocoyo Room Decor - Giant Wall Decals

Invite Pocoyo to the party by applying this GIANT wall decal onto your wall. This is probably going to be your little ones favorite decoration beacuse its soo big, another bonus to using wall decals of this quality is that after the party it can be peeled off and applied somewhere else so you can put it in your childs room so they can see Pocoyo everyday.


Pocoyo Party Food Ideas

For some Pocoyo themed food color and simplicity are on the menu. Cookies are a must because what little boy doesn’t love cookies? Another great idea to add fun and color to your party is with Jello oranges! Amber Atizado created these colorful treats that will be sure to wow your guests and get the kids to dig in. Sweetology101 offers another great treat idea with colorful rice krispie treat paintbrushes! Rectangle rice krispie treats are placed on popsicle sticks and dipped into different colors of chocolate. These brightly colored treats are perfect for igniting the imagination of your party guests and perfectly fit with the fun of Pocoyo as well.

Pocoyo Edible cake Topper
Pocoyo Edible cake Topper

Pocoyo Birthday Cake Ideas

When it comes to the Pocoyo cake, EBay offers an adorable personalized edible cake topper that can be placed on any cake. The design features all your favorite Pocoyo characters and will incorporate your child's name or any message you like. offers a great recipe for a rainbow cake that will delight your guests when you cut into the cake. The best part is that you can still frost the top of the cake white and use any personalized Pocoyo cake topper that you want. Your cake will be a fun surprise from start to finish and you will have done it all yourself!

Another idea would be to go with cupcakes and use the fun fondant cake toppers featured on EBay. If you love the cupcake toppers but want to have a full sized cake you can make a circle design on the top of the cake and use the toppers in the center of different brightly colored circles.

Pocoyo coloring pages
Pocoyo coloring pages

Pocoyo Party Games and Activities

For some fun Pocoyo activities you can recreate some of the adventures that he has in the cartoon. One episode has Pocoyo finding a key and going on an adventure to find where the key goes. So for the first activity you can give the kids a colored key. You can then have key holes around the house that is the same color as the key that each child holds. Once the child finds their keyhole they can bring it to you and get a special prize. Another idea would be to have multiple key holes and have each hole offer a clue to find the last big hole. The last hole will be the place where all the kids end up and feature a big treasure chest full of prizes that the kids can choose from. also has some fun craft projects that you can use. They even include printable masks of Pocoyo and Ellie that the kids can color or decorate themselves. All you have to do is cut out the masks before the party and then set up a table with crayons and markers. Once the kids have finished decorating their masks you can tie on a piece of string and let the kids wear their masks. Let the kids act out some of their favorite Pocoyo scenes or give them fun props to interact with as their favorite characters.

Pocoyo Party Favors

Prefilled Pocoyo party favor boxes
Prefilled Pocoyo party favor boxes

For the favors you can either get creative and make your own creative favor bags or you can take advantage of some of the great ones on offer. Birthday Express has a favor box that features plenty of toys to get the imaginations of the little kids going with noisemakers, puppets, balls and stickers these favor boxes are perfect. If you want to make your own favors then taking an idea from Spearmintbaby is the perfect end to a Pocoyo party. You can use those old crayons around the house and melt them into alphabet silicone molds in the oven. Pop out the crayons when they are done and then spell out the names of each of the party guests (try to make sure to have a different color crayon for each letter) and place them in clear bags. The kids will love the personalized crayons and it is a fun creative favor as well!

Pocoyo Party Note!

With a little imagination and a lot of creativity it is a snap to create a fun Pocoyo party for your child.

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