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Posh Ethical Christmas Gifts for Very Special People!

Updated on October 9, 2012

Pushing the Ethical Boat Out

Sometimes it's nice to push the ethical boat out good and proper, buying something seriously gorgeous for someone very special. Here are a couple of creative ideas about extra-nice gifts for the ones you love this festive season.

Artisan Cutting Boards
Artisan Cutting Boards

Idea Number 1

The Perfect Ethically Produced Gift for Keen Cooks and Wannabe Chefs

For the chef in your life, there's the deliciously smart Artisan cutting board, made from one of the most sustainable plants on the planet, bamboo. Bambu are experts in everything bamboo and this is a beauty. A combination of functionality and good looks, their hard-working chopping boards are also things of beauty. As well as chopping foods, it can also be used to serve cheese or fruit at the end of a meal. The large version measures a generous 48.5cm x 26.5cm, and you can also buy a medium sized board that's equally good to look at.

Made from organic bamboo and finished to perfection with a special food safe oil, it's a dream to keep clean with simple hot soapy water, although like all wood chopping boards it isn't a good idea to soak it for too long and it isn't suitable for the dishwasher. You can even buy special rejuvenating and nourishing 'bamboo goo' to keep it in tip top condition.

Excellent Ethical Credentials

Bambu chopping boards use water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives. They're sanded and finished by hand with a rich food-safe oil made from vegetable oils and waxes.

Bambu themselves are 100% committed to treating their workers fairly, promoting healthy communities and preserving the natural environment. Their fantastic cutting boards are made in China in a co-operative where the craftspeople themselves help set the prices they get for the goods they produce.

And last but not least, because bamboo is the planet's fastest-growing plant, it's an infinitely renewable source of beautiful, versatile wood. It thrives perfectly naturally without pesticides or fertilizers. It absorbs greenhouse gasses. And it gives out 35% more oxygen than equivalent-sized trees.

Liney Kean
Liney Kean

Idea Number 2

Beautiful Original Art by Liney Kean

The popular Wiltshire artist Liney Kean produces delightful one-off personalised pictures for the online ethical gifts store Green Tulip, featuring quirky, fun illustrations of animals in two styles of picture, a great gift for any young child. You can choose from a 20 x 25cm framed picture with a name and date, perfect for new babies and christenings, special birthdays and the festive season. Or pick a 'name' picture, measuring 20 x 45cm and featuring the name of the child in question, large and clear and wonderfully illustrated.

The unique bit? Once you've chosen your colour scheme, theme and name or date, Liney uses pen and watercolour to illustrate the piece and design a unique piece of artwork. Then frames it with love in an attractive hand made frame made of lightly sanded and varnished reclaimed pine floorboards, with a wire at the back for easy hanging.

Rock Solid Ethics

Liney's paintings come with excellent ethics too: they're British, created in Wiltshire. They're painted on recycled card. And the frame is made from recycled materials. As ethical Christmas gifts go, you can't get much better than that for a beloved child or new baby. Just bear in mind that every picture takes 2-3 weeks, so it makes sense to kick the process off in good time for Christmas.

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