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Family Valentine's Day

Updated on August 1, 2013

Start A New Family Tradition: Valentine's Day With Your Kids

Valentine's Day is traditionally a romantic day for couples. But your sweetheart can be anyone you love, including your kids. Need some ideas on how to turn "Oh baby" into "Oohh, the baby"?

You can make Valentine's special for your family. Include your kids and make your own cards, decorate the house with red and pink hearts, and cook a yummy brunch with heart-shaped eggs, pancakes or waffles. The holiday is about sharing love -- and it doesn't have to be a couples-only day.

Make a new tradition for Valentine's Day and build family memories for years to come!

Keep reading for ideas on creating a fun, family Valentine's Day - complete with yummy, Valentine-themed meal suggestions, creating homemade Valentine's cards, tips for a stress-free holiday, and gift ideas for the kids.

Share Valentine's Day ideas in my guest book. I'd love to hear about your family Valentine's Day!

Image credit: Jennifer Akers

Fun Valentine's Day Decorations
Fun Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Day with the Kids

Family Fun for Valentine's

Valentine's Day typically involves chocolates, roses, and romance. Where are the kids? They get sent to a babysitter or a grandparent while the parents set out for an intimate evening. Though the romantic time may be well-deserved, what if you want to share Valentine's Day with the kids?

A family twist on a couple's date.

Showing love by sharing a favorite meal, a bouqet of fresh flowers, a soothing ambience, and surprise gifts. With a twist for kid-friendly treats, use these to create a family Valentine's Day.

Breakfast jump-starts a happy day.

While time can be an issue on a school day, cook something new or someone's favorite this morning. Baking molds can transform an ordinary breakfast into a delightful heart-shaped chocolate chip muffin or three-cheese omelet. Add fresh fruit, like strawberries, or a drizzle of chocolate chips to jazz up the plate. Design toast with heart-shaped cookie cutters. Kids can bake their favorite muffins ahead of time.

Choose a family dining experience.

Treat the family at a restaurant with kid fun like crayons and puzzle pages. From local mom-and-pops to big franchises, many restaurants cater to families. For bigger restaurants, call ahead for reservations, which would make the evening go smoother.

Create a fun dinner at home.

Make dinner fun by adding kid favorites like veggies and dip, fun-shaped chicken nuggets, and dessert like a heart-shaped cake. Kids enjoy candlelight too, so light your red tapers for a grown-up treat. Decorate the house with red and pink balloons, crepe paper, Valentine's window clings, and confetti hearts for the table.

What about presents?

Use your imagination. Create homemade coupons for free hugs, extra phone time, extra text messages, or a hang-out night at home with their friends. Little ones enjoy stuffed bears, Hot Wheels cars, or carnations. Create a candy kiss path all the way to a wrapped toy for added suspense.

Remember the cards and decorations.

Give them a variety of paper, foam sheets, glitter, glue, crayons, markers, and stickers so they can create Valentine's Day cards for you, siblings, or grandparents. If your kids are not artsy, then involve them in decisions like choosing the meals or hanging balloons.

Involve everyone.

From the planning to the sharing, a family Valentine's Day can create loving memories and strengthen your family. Isn't that a great way to spend Valentine's Day?

Image Credit of Valentine's Day Decorations

Valentine's Flowers for Kids

Valentine's Day flowers for kids are very popular. You can find some cute gift ideas, such as real roses and a cuddly bear; a dozen bendable roses for younger kids; chocolate roses and roses to record a personal message. And for an idea that will last beyond the holiday, buy the "I Love You Growing" kit, where kids can grow their own plant.

Your kids will love these Valentine's Day flowers!

Creating Valentine's Day Cards is Fun
Creating Valentine's Day Cards is Fun

My Son Gave Me His Heart ...

On a Homemade Valentine's Day Card!

I loved it! Here's how to make this creative - and easy - card for your mom or dad.


one 12" X 20" paper (any color you choose - my son used white)

one piece of 11" X 8" construction paper (again, the color is your choice)

Variety of crayons, markers, colored pencils


Glue (white glue or stick glue)


The project involves cutting one big Valentine heart, and then cutting out smaller hearts from the middle piece.

Put the construction paper vertically - with short end facing you. Fold the paper in half so the short sides are on the top and bottom (top, left-hand side will join the top, right-hand side).

Draw half a heart on paper. Freehand the design to take up most of the paper. Start the heart about 1/4 of the way on the folded side. Draw and curve toward the top and bring the heart's point to almost the bottom of folded side.

Keep paper folded, and cut out heart. Discard outer pieces. You will start with this one, big heart.

Fold heart in half as you did to begin project. Draw smaller heart about an inch inside the main heart. Cut out second heart. Set the main heart aside.

Using smaller second heart, fold in half. Draw a smaller heart inside this heart. Cut out the third heart.

You will make 3 outline hearts - which look like solid outlines with open middles. The last, and fourth, heart will consist of a solid heart cut from the inside part of previous heart.

Arrange all four hearts on construction paper and overlap tops and bottoms. You can design it as you wish, but overlapping gives your project a unique touch. Glue your hearts on the large construction paper.


Once the glue is dry, use markers, crayons, or colored pencils to make patterns within the hearts' openings. My son used blue background and red squiggles, a yellow background with green stripes, a pink background with purple plaid, and a purple background with blue balloons.

Let your imagination go wild! Use hearts, colors and shapes in all the heart backgrounds.

The heart project will bring a smile to your sweetheart's face.

PS: Write 'Happy Valentine's Day' and sign your name. Mom will love it!

Image credit of Paper Hearts for Valentine's Day cards

Spongebob Valentine's Day Gifts

SpongeBob's Valentine's Surprise (Spongebob Squarepants)
SpongeBob's Valentine's Surprise (Spongebob Squarepants)
Books + Spongebob = Lots of Joy! We're a Spongebob family, and our gifts ALWAYS include Spongebob.

Spongebob Valentine's Day Cards

We love Spongebob, so it's no surprise that my son buys the newest Spongebob Valentine's Day cards for his classmates - and the remaining cards are sent to family members.

Fun cards, especially if you're into giggly, silly laughter.

Use Your Imagination to Make a Special Valentine's Breakfast or Brunch
Use Your Imagination to Make a Special Valentine's Breakfast or Brunch

Our Family Valentine's Day

Think Yummy, Valentine-themed Food, Drinks and Fun

Our family is 'new' in that I remarried six years ago, and we are building traditions for our family. For our family Valentine's Day, we want to be together and have fun. That's all we need (and maybe some chocolate) to make our day!

On past Valentine's Day mornings, I made yummy (a tad unhealthy, but plenty delicious) waffles lightly sprinkled with chocolate chips and topped with whipped cream. Glasses of milk, sliced fresh fruit and fresh strawberry and banana smoothies (yummy and boosts the healthy part of the breakfast) rounded out the day's start.

On Valentine's afternoon, I texted my husband a short love note with an animated kiss. He loved the message, a special surprise since I rarely text him.

My son's school sold Valentine's carnations as a fundraiser. I secretly bought a carnation, delivered later in his classroom. A lime green carnation from his mom. After school, my son brought carnations he secretly bought for us.

My husband gave me a beautiful and unique bouquet of roses, carnations and lillies. We created a bigger arrangement, adding my son's carnations, in a colorful vase.

Cards? The best - homemade and Hallmark. My son made us a heart card. (I highlighted the directions above.) He also created a poem card with loving sentiments like "My mom is an angel on earth."

My husband handed us a card addressed, "To Both of You on Valentine's Day". The white embossed card with an outline of blue birds and peonies shared the importance of telling loved ones how special they are ... every day of the year. A perfect card. (It was a Hallmark after all. It's my childhood family tradition to check the back for the signature brand.)

My husband loved his new bottle of cologne, my son eyed the Sponge Bob chocolates and candy, and we headed outside for a family picture. We snapped decent pictures before dining at a local family restaurant. The best part? Being together.

What will you do for Valentine's Day?

Image Credit: Valentine's Day Strawberry Smoothie

Kiss A Frog

This Adorable Valentine's Day frog will be your new best friend. I kept thinking of my mom's advice about frogs turning into princes. "You never know if a frog is really a prince inside." I think this cute, colorful pet will give lots of love and cuddles.

Fun Valentine's Day Gifts for Girls - Jewelry Gift Ideas

Kids' jewelry will make your little girls feel special. Give them jewelry based on their age and interest. Rubber band bracelets are popular with the younger kids, and they'll love getting a new Valentine-themed set. Or, you could give them a fun, light-up bracelet.

You can also choose real jewelry, such as flower earrings, adorable cat pendant or Red Swarovski Elements Crystal necklace.

Your girls will love any of these Valentine's Day gifts of jewelry.

A Little Planning For A Grand Day - Stress-free Tips for your Family Valentine's Day

  • Play in or out?

    Will Valentine's Day fall on a work day/school day? Decide if your celebration will be at home or at a restaurant.

  • Family-friendly restaurant?

    Call and ask if you need reservations. Most family restaurants won't require reservations, but if they do, it's better to be on that list for such a special day. Some restaurants serve special meals or give flowers to the women in the family. Check your local restaurants.

  • At home dining?

    Create an adult and kid favorite menu. Buy food in advance to reduce stress. Prepare some foods ahead of time (with the kids' help): veggie tray, casserole (for heating later), and dessert. Check out my guest book for a fab idea on kids serving parents a romantic dinner.

    If you'd like less work, buy catered/ready-to-eat foods from warehouses stores like Sam's (look for restaurant favs - like Cheesecake Factory). Frozen quiches, entrees, chocolate cakes can be thawed/heated in time for dinner. Grocery chains also offer catered meals - be creative and choose whole-grain rolls, pesto pasta, and a variety of cheeses for appetizers.

    Desserts can be store-bought or made with the kids. Make heart-shaped cakes or cookies. Cupcakes are the new 'IN' cake, so have fun with vanilla icing, red heart sprinkles, and delicious bake-ins like chocolate chips.

  • Ambiance?

    Absolutely! Decorate with red & white tablecloths, candles, window clings, crepe paper, heart-designed glasses and napkins. Shop your local dollar store - be frugal and look good too!

  • Cards?

    Hallmark is the go-to store. But homemade cards are the best! Buy construction paper, glue, markers or crayons, stickers and make a card for everyone. Kids love to design their own. Even kids-at-heart can color a loving card.

  • Gifts?

    Think of things the person enjoys - music? telephone? movies? perfume? Think cute, cuddly or whatever says "I love you" in your family. Gift cards to download new songs, add cell phone minutes or shop online can be a hit with older kids.

  • The absolutely must-have thing?

    Love! As long as your family enjoys each other and the day, you've got everything you need!

Cookbooks for Family Valentines Parties - Valentines Dinner Ideas & Valentines Cakes, Desserts

Maybe you want to throw a Valentine's Day party, but you're worried. You're not Martha Stewart, after all. No worries! Check out some of these great books on Valentine's Day dinner ideas: meals, cakes, desserts, party plans and more. Your family will be impressed with your Valentine themed party!

Valentine Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family
Valentine Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family
Perfect Book - make Valentine's Day crafts and treats! Fun and easy!

Valentine's Day is perfect for luscious treats - whether you bake cake as a family activity or enjoy scrumptious prepared treats.

Valentine's Day Coloring Printables - Create Gifts, Cards and More with Valentine's Day Coloring Sheets

Kids love decorating for Valentine's Day. Not sure what they can do? Check out these pages on Valentine's Day coloring sheets. You can print the pages at home. Get the kids ready by setting up a coloring table, complete with crayons, markers and stickers and Valentine's Day printables. Don't forget to have the kids sign their masterpieces - they can give them as gifts, hang them on the fridge, use them for cards or table centerpieces.

Red Hearts Light Up Your Valentine's Day Party

Jazz up your dining or living room with red hearts. I love light sets like these - cute for Valentine's, and you can re-use them for birthdays, anniversaries, and other loving events.

Spongebob Music Speakers for Your Party - iPod Speakers Keep The Party Going

IPod are popular as you can bring your own music everywhere you go. This Spongebob music speakers will delight kids and kids-at-heart. Easy to use: slide open the front of Spongebob, and insert your iPod. Good sound, portable and works on batteries.

Create A Unique Family Gift - Photo Book for Valentine's Day

Grab The Kids and Make Your Own Family Story Book

I Love
... this idea! I recently made a photo book for my husband including photos and stories from other family members. This software is so easy to use - my son and I chose our favorite digital photos and added family stories. It's a lot of fun to create a photo memory book whether you need templates or you're an experienced scrapbooker.

I thought our book looked great online, and we loved the choices of templates, fonts, layouts, and valentine & family gift ideas. Our photo book arrived yesterday, and it's even better in person. Our photo family book looks professional. It's absolutely beautiful!

Your photo book will bring happy family memories for years to come! Check out Picaboo and create your own Family Valentine's Day photo book.

Use the coupon for greater savings!

Thank you, Squidoo!

My Family Valentine's Day Lens made Lens of the Day! What a great Valentine's Day gift!! I earned LOTD a couple months after joining Squidoo in 2007.

Ooh, and before you leave, please rate this lens by pointing your cursor over lots of stars (if you feel it's star-worthy too). I'm always adding new content, so remember to save this lens as a favorite and join as a fan! Make sure to share your family's Valentine's Day traditions in my guest book.

Enjoy your family Valentine's Day!

It's not how much you spend, but what you show in your heart. Thoughtful gifts or love notes go a long way in making someone feel special and loved.Celebrate your love for one another and make your family the priority of the day.

Do you have a great family Valentine's tradition? Let us know!


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