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Pre Ereaders: Electronic Learning Systems for Kids

Updated on August 2, 2013

Electronics Learning Systems for Children: Precursors to Ereaders

Ereaders are a great resource, given the magnitude of information available through the technology of the devices. Further, most ereading systems are adapted for use with computer, or smartphone, so that an individual who doesn't have an ereading device can still make use of the literary material available.

Young children, learning to read, however, really can't do much with such a device on their own. They love the idea of the gadgets, but haven't mastered the responsibility needed to care for them. Further, the kinesthetic elements of reading may not be as easy to incorporate with ereaders.

Many of the electronic learning systems of recent years, however, allow children to experience electronic information and interaction, with built in games and activities relevant to the stories. Further, these systems are manufactured by tried and true toy companies, specialists in making things durable. Following is a review of some of the most popular learning systems, including the recent ereader toys for kids.

The VTech Innotab is available for preorder through online retailers, including Amazon, in blue or pink. Expected to ship in mid-September, this is sure to be one of the favorite selections for the 2011 holiday season. Image above is clickable, for current availability. The allotment of LeapPad Explorer tablet learning systems sold out quickly, so be aware that pre-orders can be limited.

LeapPad Explorer Electronic Learning System for Kids

LeapFrog's iPad-like Touchscreen Tablet Toy for Kids

The first release of LeapPad Explorer was a hit, with the toy winning awards and sales rapidly. By the end of the holiday season, the devices were next to impossible to find, making it hard for families that had to wait on their purchases to fill their expected wish list needs. The 2012 season will see the new LeapPad Explorer releasing with improvements and more availability of affordable content. This makes it possible to watch for price reductions on older versions while making it possible for those that missed out last year to try for an even better choice in the electronic devices.

Stay tuned for LeapPad Explorer 2 News here.

Tag Reading System by Leapfrog

The Tag Reading System, by Leapfrog, is a great combination of book and electronics. The stylus type tool points, and allows the youngster to experience one of the most popular elements of electronic systems for older kids, though adults have long since exchanged stylus for touch screen in everything from smartphone to ereader.

Nevertheless, the incorporation of this simple tool allows the youngster to work on direction, pointing and moving along the lines of print. Previous leapfrog book reading systems incorporated this element, as well.

Leapfrog has a reputation for creating excellent incorporation of academic material with fun interaction, and tag is no different. While it does require books and cartridges, it is a great way for your toddlers and pre-schoolers, and even your early elementary aged children, to practice their reading skills, either with your supervision, or on their own.

Find Additional Tag Book Titles

You'll find Tag equipment and books as you explore these links, great for providing you with practice material to encourage your developing reader in a specific interest. Look for individual Tag titles along with complete sets of books.

Ereader Style

The iXL system, by Fisher Price, has many electronic elements to activities, including reading activities, art studio, notepad, pictures, mp3's, and game play. Designed for ages 3-7, the iXL's applications can be extended with computer connectivity.

These devices have been on the market for several years now, making it possible to track them down at much better prices than actual ereading devices. They are designed with learning interests in mind and are created to be appropriate for interaction by youngsters in the pre-reading and early reading stages.

Fisher-Price iXL 6-in-1 Learning SystemCHECK PRICE

VTech - V.Reader Animated E-Book SystemCHECK PRICE

Child Friendly Ereader Appearance

Reflective, in design, of Kindle, and other popular ereaders, the V. Reader is designed with both buttons, and touch screen. Reader cartridges include a variety of activities, and varied levels for different abilities. V. Reader can be connected to the computer, for parents to monitor progress, and even print out progress certificates. Emphasis is on reading skills, including sounds, phonics, and relevant activities.

Leapster System is Great for Early Elementary and Pre-School

While not specifically designed to reflect ereader style, the Leapster is a favorite electronic learning system for my children. It holds a child's attention, with an assortment of games related to a given cartridge. The stylus is a favorite feature, and additionally, the leapster is comparable for youngsters, to many handheld gaming systems, but with educational goals and objectives. This is an outstanding choice for children, if you want to provide the skill reinforcement of a learning system.

There are electronic learning systems for every budget, and for every priority, whether your interest is more on the function of reading, or on the interactive learning activities to reinforce reading and learning skills.

Most electronic learning systems for children are eligible as Amazon Mom items, and can assist in earning additional months of Prime shipping benefits, when $25 or greater of eligible items are part of a single order.

Do you like ereader toys for kids?

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      moonlitta 6 years ago

      I love toys, these one especially are great idea since they also help learning!