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Pretty, Unique, and Cool Christmas Tree Ornaments

Updated on December 26, 2013

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas is right around the corner. Have you thought about what new Christmas tree ornaments you are going to add to your collection this year?

I recently started thinking about this myself and thought I would showcase some of the top Christmas tree ornaments on this page.

My selection of ornaments saves you the time and hassle of hitting the crowded stores only to find the beautiful Christmas tree ornaments sold out or overly priced.

(Image credit: Amazon. See link below)

Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments

Personalized ornaments are perfect for any tree

One way people enjoy making their tree special is by adding personalized ornaments. These decorations typically can be personalized with a name, date and/or one or more characters to represent members of your family - including pets! Here are some samples.

Snowman PhotoCHECK PRICE

Family Christmas LetterCHECK PRICE

State-Shaped OrnamentCHECK PRICE


Penguin FamilyCHECK PRICE

Snowman Family with DogCHECK PRICE

Tree Decorations Then and Now

Why do we decorate Christmas trees?

According to Wikipedia, the first decorated Christmas trees were adorned with edible items such as strings of popcorn, white candy canes, apples, and pastries shaped like stars or hearts.

In the 1800s, glass baubles became a popular tree decoration. These decorations were first made in Germany by a glass blower named Hans Greiner. Greiner made garlands of glass beads similar to the popcorn strands that had been used earlier. They became so popular that soon other artisans were making other types of decorations. In those days, the ornaments were mostly shaped like fruits and nuts.

By the 1900s, Christmas tree decorations were taking off. Today nearly everyone enjoys decorating their trees with ornaments, and they're now available in thousands of styles, sizes and colors for every taste.

(Image by Christbaumkugel on Wikipedia)

Jim Shore Christmas Angel Ornaments

Hark the herald angels sing

Jim Shore is an award-winning artist from North Carolina who has won fans around the world with his beautiful designs. He's the number one artist personality on QVC, and collections such as Heartwood Creek by Jim Shore, a line of folk-art inspired accessories, and Disney Traditions by Jim Shore, a line of Disney-inspired merchandise, have helped him achieve over $1 billion in retail sales over the past decade. He is also well-loved for his annual holiday designs, such as these angel ornaments.

Jim Shore Wrap-Around Nativity AngelCHECK PRICE

Jim Shore Angel with Winter SceneCHECK PRICE

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree Ornaments - Pretty decorations for the tree

For a beautiful and classic look, many people collect the annual Swarovski ornaments for their tree. Take a look at some of the latest offerings.

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Beautiful Glass Tree Ornaments - Add a touch of class to your tree

Some of the earliest Christmas tree decorations were made of glass, and many people still enjoy adorning their tree with glass ornaments. If you enjoy glass decorations, here are a few options.

Hand Carved Ornaments on eBay - Find something unique

If you're looking for something unique for your tree, eBay is a good place to shop. You'll find many artisans who create handcrafted products that you won't find anywhere else. The items below are just a sample of what you can find on eBay.

New York City Christmas Ornament - Radio City Music HallCHECK PRICE

Old World Christmas Crown of Royalty OrnamentCHECK PRICE

New York City Christmas Ornament - Rockefeller Center Skating RinkCHECK PRICE

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    • CruiseReady profile image

      CruiseReady 5 years ago from East Central Florida

      I redid my whole tree concept a couple of years ago - all turquoise, pale green, and white / silver. With the kids all gone, our tree is mainly for the cat these days. All the ornaments on the lower branches are expendable so he can have his way with them. It makes him happy, we enjoy watching him, and he doesn't get fussed at for breaking anything.

    • chas65 profile image

      chas65 5 years ago

      It is getting to be that time of year. It is fun to buy one neat ornament every year.

    • gottaloveit2 profile image

      gottaloveit2 5 years ago

      I had a Chanukah bush last year that my friends topped with a beautiful gold and blue Jewish star made out of pipe cleaners. Loved it and love your choices too!