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Princess Halloween

Updated on February 8, 2016

The Not-So-True Story of Princess Halloween

Princess Halloween was born at midnight of All Saints Eve so her parents, King Paul and Queen Sarah, decided to name her Princess Halloween. They lived in a beautiful palace that sat high on a hill overlooking their magic garden. The garden grew every type of flower, tree, bush, vine and vegetable. The fruits and vegetables that grew in the magic garden was the tastiest, most delicious tasting food anyone has ever eaten.

Legend had it that there was an Enchanted Forest beyond the magic garden, but no one knew where it was. It was said that there was a Talking Stone who lived in the garden and he was the only one who knew how to enter the Enchanted Forest.

One day, Princess Halloween was walking in the Magic Garden, eating strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. She was so busy picking and eating berries, that she tripped and fell. She also heard someone say "Ow!".

This is an original story written by me (Debra Lobel) for my granddaughter. All pictures within the story line belong to me. If you would like to use them, please have a link back to this lens.

The Talking Stone

It was the Talking Stone! He was rubbing his head and moaning. "Why did you trip over me little girl?"

"I didn't mean to, Mr. Stone, but I didn't see you." said Princess Halloween. "Hey, are you the Talking Stone who knows how to get into the enchanted forest."

"I am that Talking Stone. Are you interested in seeing the Enchanted Forest? I can tell you how if you bring back the Old Wizard's talisman. He died many years ago. Before he died he promised it to me, but I could never retrieve it because I have no way to get to his cottage."

Princess Halloween thought about it for a little while and thought that she would love to see the Enchanted Forest and would be happy to get the Old Wizard's talisman for the Talking Stone.

"It's a deal." Princess Halloween said. "How do I get there?"

The Cottage

"Go down the path between the Apple Trees that are now in bloom and the Grape Vines that are dormant. You will see a small wooden fence at the end of the path. Crawl under it. That will take you to the land of your loyal subjects. Go to the very Center of the town and look for a house with the tallest pine tree in front of it. That is the Old Wizard's cottage. Knock on the door three times, wait a second and then knock twice more. The door will open. Go into the cottage and find the stairs that lead from the kitchen down to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs turn around. You will see two doors. Open the one on the right. And don't forget to bring back the talisman".

That was all the Talking Stone said. He closed his eyes and went to sleep.

"But where is the talisman?" Princess Halloween cried. But there was no waking the Talking Stone. He was fast asleep and snoring so loud, he probably couldn't even hear her.

The Entrance to the Enchanted Forrest

Princess Halloween didn't spend too much time trying to wake up the Talking Stone. She was too excited to get to the Enchanted Forest. She ran down the path between the apples and the grapes, under the wooden fence and into the center of town. She found the cottage with the tallest pine tree and knocked on the door three times, paused and knocked twice more. The door opened.

The big room that Princess Halloween had entered had the oddest furniture. Chairs that had three legs, couches that were too small for even one person, and tables that had a huge hole in the middle of it. Three huge black cauldrons sat in the middle of an enormous kitchen. There was only one other room and that one was filled with books. Tiny books, over sized books, books that had nothing in them, and even a book whose cover was in the middle of all the pages. It was a very strange cottage.

The Princess looked and looked in all the rooms for the talisman but couldn't find it. She had to find it for the Talking Stone. If she didn't bring it back to him, he might get very angry at her and she didn't like to get anyone mad. She decided to take a break and see the Enchanted Forest, so she ran down the stairs in the kitchen, turned around and opened the door on the right, excited to see the forest. But instead, she was very surprised.

Right there in front of her was a brick wall. There seemed to be a lot of writing on it, but she had no idea what it said. She did notice some arrows that were pointing up, so she looked up. There, hanging on the door was the talisman. She removed the talisman from the door. Then the brick wall disappeared and right in front of her was the entrance to the Enchanted Forest.

The Wolf

A Wolf greeted Princess Halloween. "Hello, Princess Halloween. I've been expecting you. I was told by the Talking Stone to expect you and to show you around the Enchanted Forest."

Princess Halloween was delighted. How exciting to get a wolf to escort her through the Enchanted Forest. "But how did you know I was coming?" she asked. The wolf looked at her and gave her a wink.

She had a great time exploring the Enchanted Forest with the wolf. He introduced her to all the trees. They just happened to be having a Birthday Party for the youngest sapling that day. They played lots of tree games such as who could look at the sun longest and turn the greenest. Some of the bigger trees were comparing rings to see who was the oldest. It was great fun. There were lots of different birds that were serving drinks, raccoons that made sure no one got too rowdy, and chipmunks and squirrels who were cleaning up the leaves that fell. Other animals were playing music, blowing up balloons to hang from the trees, and making sure everyone stayed decorated.

After a while, Princess Halloween decided it was time to go home. She was getting hungry and her parents didn't know where she was. The wolf walked her back to the cottage and told her that she was welcome to visit the Enchanted Forest anytime because she had been such a pleasant guest. He reminded her to take the talisman back to the Talking Stone. She hugged the wolf, took the talisman and ran back to the magic garden.

The Talisman

The Talking Stone was just waking up when Princess Halloween almost tripped on him again. He was very happy to see the Princess - and the talisman. "Princess Halloween! You brought back the talisman. You have kept your word. I am so pleased and proud of you. You have kept you end of the bargain. No one else has ever done this."

"What?" asked the Princess. "What do you mean? There have been other people who have been to the Enchanted Forest?"

"That's correct". Everyone else has enjoyed themselves at the "Enchanted Forest and neglected to return with the talisman. When you leave the Enchanted Forest, the wolf puts a spell on you. It is never the same spell. Each person suffers from a different spell. I visited the Enchanted Forest many years ago. I had a wonderful time. When I went back through the Old Wizard's cottage he told me that I was going to become the next Wizard after him. I needed to take the talisman with me, but I left it at his cottage. I turned to this Talking Stone a day later."

"Oh my gosh." said the Princess. "What can I do to help you?"

"Place the talisman over me.", he said.

Princess Halloween placed the talisman on the Talking Stone. The Talking Stone turned to dust, the dust started to swirl upward and - unbelievably turned into a handsome young man.

The Prince

Princess Halloween was delighted to see the Prince come back to life. He was cute and had a great sense of humor. They walked back to the palace so the Princess could introduce the Prince to her parents.

The King and Queen were very pleased to meet the Prince and very proud that their daughter was honorable enough to keep her word and return the talisman to the Prince.

The Prince left to take over as the Wizard. He learned all the spells from the crazy books and became very popular with the townspeople.

The Princess grew up in the Palace and would occasionally visit the Prince and the Enchanted Forest when her parent's gave her permission.

You might think that they fell in love and married because that's the way these types of stories end. That didn't happen here. Wizards rarely marry Princesses, even if they were once a Prince. The Princess did eventually meet a loyal subject who loved to tend the magic garden. And THEY lived Happily Ever After.

I love to be in front of my house with a mask, hat and overcoat, sitting very still, holding a bucket of candy and wait for kids to come up and try to figure out if I'm real or not. They touch me, make faces, discuss if I'm real or not and then stick their hand in the bucket. Then I jump up and scare them and everyone laughs. I only do this if the kids aren't too young.

What Do You Like Best About Halloween?

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    • dlobel profile image

      Debra Lobel 5 years ago from Oakland, CA

      @lesliesinclair: How cool!!!

    • lesliesinclair profile image

      lesliesinclair 5 years ago

      What a story! Neighbors used to do up their very old country house, starting in August. It was a perfect setting.

    • WebMarketingPro profile image

      WebMarketingPro 5 years ago

      The opportunity to get dressed up in a way you could never during any other time of the year (except carnival in places where it's celebrated).