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Princess and Knight Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on September 17, 2015

Are You Planning a Party to Include Both Little Princesses and Little Knights?

Are you planning a party that needs to incorporate both boys and girls? Many times, especially when children are younger they may have just as many friends that are girls as they do friends that are boys. You can plan a theme to cover both with a princess and knight birthday party. The princess part is easy, since there are quite a few princess party supplies out there. The prince/knight part can get a little more difficult, but if you look there are plenty of knight party supplies out there too.

I thought I'd put together a collection of all the princess and knight party supplies I could find to share with anyone trying to incorporate the two of these into one party theme.

Image: istockphoto

Knight Party Supply Ideas

Once you have your invitations then you're ready to move on to your party favors! You can create your own, or purchase some fun party favors to fit both of these themes. Check out the coordinating party favors below for ideas.

Party favors for a knight theme birthday party can be difficult to find. I love the line from Meri Meri! It's perfect for kids who love to hunt dragons and moms who are looking for knight party supplies.

Make sure you get plenty of party supplies, and order them early! You'll want to have enough party supplies (especially cups) for kids to have extras if they're misplaced. Believe me they will be displaced!

Fun Express Knight Party Mugs - Royal Theme (1 dz)
Fun Express Knight Party Mugs - Royal Theme (1 dz)

Super fun for the little princes in the crowd!

Meri Meri Cupcake Kits, Brave Knights
Meri Meri Cupcake Kits, Brave Knights

Knight party supplies are hard to find. I love this cupcake kit!

Meri Meri Brave Knights Paper Plates and Napkins Set
Meri Meri Brave Knights Paper Plates and Napkins Set

Like I said knight party supplies are hard to find. I love these Meri Meri party supplies!

Creative Converting Valiant Knight 4 Count Create Your Own Shields
Creative Converting Valiant Knight 4 Count Create Your Own Shields

A fun party activity for all the little knights.

Knight Sticker Sheets (4 count)
Knight Sticker Sheets (4 count)

Another great knight party activity.


Party Favor Ideas:

You'll want to have something for the kids to take home to remember your princess and knight party. But what can you give to make both the princes and knights happy? With these fun party favor ideas, kids can become their favorite princess or knight and act out their favorite scenes as finger puppets, or get into the actual character with these masks and tiaras. They're sure to have a blast pretending to be their favorite characters for the day! After the party they'll definitely have something to share with their parents when they take their favors home. Check out these fun ideas:

Colorful Princess Party Tiaras, Assorted Colors by SmallToys - Unit of 12
Colorful Princess Party Tiaras, Assorted Colors by SmallToys - Unit of 12

And of course you'll need these tiaras for all the little princesses at your party!

OTC 24-pc Fairy Tale Finger Puppet Party Favors
OTC 24-pc Fairy Tale Finger Puppet Party Favors

These finger puppets would be fun for the kids to play with at the party, and to take home as a party favor.

Beistle 66802 Knight Masks Party Accessory , Multicolored, 4-pcs | (1-Pack)
Beistle 66802 Knight Masks Party Accessory , Multicolored, 4-pcs | (1-Pack)

All the little knights at your party will love these knight masks.


Princess Hat Craft Idea

princess hat
princess hat

I love the cone shaped princess hats with the fabric tassels trailing from the top, so I thought they'd be a fun craft idea for a princess party. If you can find solid color party hats, you can make your princess hats from those. If not, you can use an old party hat for a pattern and cut your own out of sturdy cardstock.

Princess hats make a fun craft, at the same time they're a wonderful idea for a princess party hat, and can also make great favors for the girls to take home with them after the party.


Solid color party hat, or 1- 8 ½ x 11" sheet of cardstock for each hat

14" piece of Elastic thread per hat

Stickers and press on jewels

Tulle about 8" of 5-6" wide strips per hat ( or a piece of wide lightweight ribbon 6-8" long)



1. If you can find solid color party hats, they work great for this project, if you can't find hats you like, you can make your own.

a. Just use an old party hat for a pattern. Separate the hat at the seam and lay it out on a sheet of 8 ½ x 11 inch cardstock, then trace around it with a pen or pencil. You might want to have an adult trace and cut out all the hats ahead of time, and just let the girls decorate them at the party.

b. If you don't have an old party hat for a pattern, you can make a pattern using a piece of string about 5-6" long, and a piece of cardstock. Use one hand to hold the string in one corner of the paper. In the other hand hold a pencil and the other end of the string. Keeping the hand in the corner in one spot, holding the string, slide the other end of the string across the page from one side to the other, while marking it with the pencil. This will give you the rounded bottom of the hat.

2. Once the outside of the hat has been traced and cut out, make sure you trace and cut a slit to slide the tab into, then tape the tab down on the inside of the hat so it does not come loose. If your hat pattern doesn't have a tab and a spot to insert it, you can make your own, or just tape the hat together along the edge without one.

3. Use a pen or pencil to poke one end of the piece of tulle or ribbon into the top of the hat. You can have the kids secure it with a small piece of tape, or a tiny bit of glue.

4. Tape the elastic thread to the insides of the hat, measure it to the child to see how long you want the chin strap to be before you tape the second side in place.

5. Let the kids attach stick on jewels, and stickers to their hats. You can also let them decorate the hats with markers, card stock cutouts, or glitter if you're feeling brave.

Party Tip:

These hats can double as a party favor, have the girls bring their favorite stuffed animal, and use the hat to decorate them.

Castle Cake Ideas:

Your princesses and knights would love a castle cake to help them celebrate their special day. Here are some cake sets to help you make a castle cake without too much trouble.

Wilton Castle Cake Pan Set, 32-Piece
Wilton Castle Cake Pan Set, 32-Piece

I LOVE this castle cake set for creating a castle cake!

DecoPac Disney Princess Castle Decoset
DecoPac Disney Princess Castle Decoset

This set will make creating a castle cake easier.

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Pro Cast Castle Bundt Pan

I love this pan to create a castle cake for your birthday party.


Party Planning Tip:

When you're trying to decide how many guests to invite, add 1 to your child's age to come up with the number of children to invite to the party. More than that can be overwhelming, especially for younger children.

Invitation Ideas

Party invitations are the first things your guests will see when you send them out to invite them to your party. If you want to make your invitations stand out, and make your party look like the must attend event you are planning you'll want to find something a little different to send to your party guests.

If you're looking for unique personalized, or even custom printable party invitations check out these great ideas from eBay. You can find some really unique party invitations there, you might not be able to find anywhere else to set your party apart from the rest.

Quick Party TipYou should send out your party invitations a couple weeks before your party. It's also better to send the invitations to kids versus letting your child take them to school to hand them out. That way kids who are not invited don't feel slighted, and kids don't leave their invitations in desks and cubbies. You know the parents see the invitations.

scroll invitation idea
scroll invitation idea

Make Your Own Princess and Knight Party Invitations

Here's How:

You don't have to purchase your invitations, you can make them yourself. Enlist the kids to help you! You can create invitations on your computer to print out, and roll them up like a scroll by following these directions:

Looking for handmade invitation ideas for your princess, or knight party? Here's an idea you can use or build on to make your own invites.

Make A Royal Scroll

Purchase some parchment paper from your local office supply store. Hand write all the details for your party on the parchment paper, or use a handwriting font and print the details on the pages. Sponge paint the edges, or use some theme related stamps to decorate the edges of the page.

Roll each page up like a scroll. Tie the scrolls with a decorative ribbon, and hand deliver your invitations.

Princess and Knight Party Ideas

Check out these ideas for incorporating both princesses and knights into your birthday party theme. The best part is she does it for under $15! From making your own dragon pinata, a treasure check made from a milk jug, with chocolate candies, chain mail made from vegetable bags, a castle made from a box, gift sachels made from fabric wrapped bags, a shoe box carriage, and dollar store princess party favors. This video has a ton of ideas if you're planning your party on a budget!

Clothing Gear and Costume Ideas

Kids love to dress up as their favorite knight or princess. These fun costume and t-shirts will be great for the birthday child, or for the guests at your party. The kids can dress up and act like their favorite princess, or do battle like their favorite knight.

Melissa & Doug Knight Role Play Costume Set
Melissa & Doug Knight Role Play Costume Set

Every little knight will love to dress up for the party in this costume!

Melissa & Doug Princess Role Play Costume Set (3 pcs)- Pink Gown, Tiara, Wand
Melissa & Doug Princess Role Play Costume Set (3 pcs)- Pink Gown, Tiara, Wand

Perfect for the princess of the party, or for all the little princesses.


Give an Old Party Game A New Name

Are you trying to come up with a party game for your princess-knight party? Why not give an old game a new name? Here are a few examples:

~ Simon Says can be the Princess Says

~ Freeze Tag can become Knight Tag

~Musical Chairs can become Musical Thrones

You get the idea!

Princess and Knight Party Decorations

Set the tone for your princess and knight party with these fun decorations you can use to set the scene. From castles to knight cut outs these will surely steal the show!

Castle Prop Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)
Castle Prop Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pkg)

A great backdrop for your party photos!

Beistle 57719 Medieval Pennant Banner, 10-Inch by 12-Feet
Beistle 57719 Medieval Pennant Banner, 10-Inch by 12-Feet

A great way to incorporate the knight party theme into your decorations!

Beistle 54327 Suit of Armor Cutout, 3-Feet
Beistle 54327 Suit of Armor Cutout, 3-Feet

Another great way to decorate for a knight party. You can have one or two of these standing guard at the doorway. They'd also make great props for birthday photos.


If you're planning a party for both boys and girls we'd love to hear how you incorporated both into one party theme. Feel free to share your ideas here, or just stop by and say hi! We'd love to hear from you either way!

Are You Planning a Princess and Knight Party? - Feel Free To Share Your Ideas Or Questions

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