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Princess Pillows; Velvet and Down

Updated on December 31, 2014

When I was a little girl, about thirteen years of age, I was going through a "Pretty Pretty Princess Phase" and needed to have such things as a canopy around the width of my mattress and the finest of pillows!

We were wandering around in a store that hadn't much to do with bedding at all - I believe we were there for some Christmas tree decorations of the sort. I wandered around the outer wall of the store where there were pillows lined up on a single shelf and began to touch each one (as we are all wont to do, right?).

When I clutched this velvet cushion my hand sank pleasantly into the fabric and into the cool poof of air and softness. It was all at once slippery and soft and it was beautiful when I plucked it from the shelf. I crunched it up against my body and it gave willingly, squishing goose feathers into my body.

With a gleeful gasp I grabbed another dark purple and followed it up with two reds. I must have been drawing a lot of attention shoving these square pillows up under my still-childishly-knobby arms to carry them to my dad. He caught my eye and came back across the room, stopping just in front of me.

"What'd you find?" It wasn't an accusing tone: it was a knowing one. I was that excited.

He laughed about my squealing around and grabbed two more of the round pillows for good measure. I left with a giant bag full of pillows squeezed down into my lap, clutched like a prized stuffed animal.

I still have those pillows over a decade later and still squish them against my body every now and then just to envoke those memories once more!

Housweety Princess Lace and Net Round Bed Canopy, 23.62 by 120-Inch, Pink
Housweety Princess Lace and Net Round Bed Canopy, 23.62 by 120-Inch, Pink

Because every girl is still a pretty pretty princess, no matter what age.



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