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Princess Sofia The First Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies - From Cakes to Games

Updated on July 11, 2013

Become a Princess in Training

Don't you just love the new Disney's Princess Sofia? I know I do! Well, I have been a fan of their princesses since I was a kid and I love them still.

Sofia is the new addition to the princess family and she's an adorable one. If you have a little girl who loves to watch Disney channel I bed you are being asked to throw a Princess Sofia birthday party!

I love planning parties and I do have a soft spot for everything girly, especially princesses, so I do hope you will enjoy my party planning tips, cake decorating ideas, ideas on which games to play, freebies I share...

Princess Sofia Cake Ideas - Doll cake & cake toppers will be perfect!

Making princess cakes is always super fun and easy! You don't need much to make an amazing cake your kid will love (not only for of the cake!)

Doll cakes are my favourite - they are really easy to make! All you need is your daughter (or sons) favourite princess doll (in this case Sofia naturally) and a round/ball cake pan or round dish. You can also use the regular cake pan and just cut it out in the shape of the pan. With a few pieces of fondant and some butter cream you will have a magnificent cake on the table in no time!

This doll will help you make the cake

Well, not exactly help but she will make a nice part of the cake (well she or another doll).

Disney Sofia The First Perfect Princess Curtsy Doll
Disney Sofia The First Perfect Princess Curtsy Doll

What I like about this one is that her under dress is not fabric so I think it would work great as a cake element. Not to mention this cake decoration will also double up as a birthday gift!


Princess Sofia Party Supplies - Official supplies are adorable

Finally the official party supplies are here! Now you can party like a true princess in training.

Sofia the First Party Pack for 16 Guests (64 Items!) Including Table Cover, Napkins, Plates, Cups, Candles and More!
Sofia the First Party Pack for 16 Guests (64 Items!) Including Table Cover, Napkins, Plates, Cups, Candles and More!

If you have a larger number of guest it is always better to get pre-set party packs as they are usually (but be sure to always double check) a lot cheaper than buying the supplies separately.


Purple cupcakes, oh my!

Cake or Cupcake Topper - Something to give your sweet treats the bling

I still hope they will be making cupcake rings as I like those the most - and so do the kids as they can keep them.

Paper Tiara and Medallion Free Printable - Courtesy of Disney

You can get the tiara and medallion template for free as a courtesy of Disney. You can print out one pair of these fancy accessories for every girl attending the party (and a few spare ones in case they get torn). The group photo will look pretty cool with these!

Sofia The First Party Invitation - For you for free ;)

Well it's free for everybody as this is yet another gorgeous Disney freebie! While I do love to have store bought patterned party supplies when I am throwing a party I usually don't buy the invites - you can get them for free for pretty much every party and as far as Disney's themes go all (I kid you not) look amazing.

Games and Activities

Something to keep the little bunch busy

Pin the medallion on the princess

Play this as you would pin the tail on the donkey, just with Princess Sofia.

Make your own medallion

A few days before the party visit your local craft store as well as the stores that sell toys. Check the jewellery making kits for kids, I am sure you will find something with big rhinestones. The girls will love making their own medallions.

Learn proper manners

If you ever watched Princess Sofia the first you know she has to do a lot of work before she can become a princess. You can have the kids do various activities - walking straight with a book on their head, walking while holding their skirts...

Princess Crafts

Make tiaras, crowns, royal wands, bracelets...

Not Ready To be A Princess

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Photo credits:

Original doll cake photo used to make Princes Sofia Cake:

Girl Photo: Tony Fischer Photography

Purple cupcakes: peyri via photopin cc


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