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Disney Princess Belle Party Ideas and Supplies

Updated on January 20, 2017

Party Invitations - Officially licensed Disney invites.

Belle Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

If you are planning a Princess Belle birthday party for your daughter, you will find all of the party supplies that you will need on this page.

The Belle partyware featured here includes plates, cups, napkins, balloons, loot bags, toppers and more. You can decorate your party room with large wall decals, custom table centerpieces and personalized Belle birthday banners.

For your Belle party favors, I have included chocolate lollipops, personalized candy wrappers, PEZ dispensers, bottle cap necklaces, custom loot boxes and placemats.

There are many supplies on the market that will help you create a beautiful Belle birthday cake for your daughter's special day. You can create a castle cake, Belle doll cake or embellish your home baked cake with a Belle edible cake topper.

I have also featured personalized Belle birthday shirts, boutique hair bows and Belle costumes for your daughter to wear on her party day!

Photo Credit: Shirley Theresia

Party Supplies

A complete party pack for your princess celebration.
A complete party pack for your princess celebration.

Belle Party Supplies
Plates, cups, balloons, cardboard decorations, table cover, cake & cupcake supplies and more.

Custom Supplies

Belle Birthday Cake Photo Gallery


Belle Doll Cake image courtesy of Sweet Creations

You can make a Belle doll cake like the one pictured above by using the Wilton Wonder Mold and a Belle doll. Please visit my How To Make a Doll Cake page for instructions and supplies.

Cardboard Decoration


Are you planning a Disney Belle birthday party?

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Belle Birthday Party Scrapbook

save the party memories in a birthday scrapbook layout or album

There is a large selection of Belle scrapbook supplies that you can use to create a beautiful Belle Birthday Party Scrapbook. Some of the scrapboking supplies include:

Premade Belle Scrapbook pagesBelle Scrapbook StickersPrincess Belle Mounted StampsPrincess Belle Die SetPaper piecings, embellishments, bottle caps, digital scrapbooking kit and more.

Princess Belle Scrapbook Supplies

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    • TobyFugitt profile image

      TobyFugitt 5 years ago

      Lots of great ideas here!

    • HomeDecorKnight profile image

      HomeDecorKnight 5 years ago

      Great lens for giving birthday gifts and party idea. I like this good lens.

    • profile image

      rmstouffer 7 years ago

      We use Disney themed treasure hunt riddles for our birthday parties. The kids really like it.

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      Help..My daughter is in the musical Beauty and the Beast and I am serving snacks to the cast and crew 110 ppl, I need ideas I was planning fall treats but B&B related snack would be so much more fun, I am making gray stuff because as you know it's delicious but I could use more ideas that are easy and affordable...Any suggestions?

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      i want to know where you found the belle photo with her holding her dress that is used as an invitation

    • profile image

      rockycha 9 years ago

      Great lens - very deep! High Fives :) I love DisneyDolls! Thanks for visiting me!

    • Arizona-Snow profile image

      Arizona-Snow 9 years ago

      Such a nice lens, 5*

    • Barkely profile image

      Barkely 9 years ago

      Beautiful! Thanks for adding this to the Fun For Kids group!