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Printable Advent Calendars

Updated on August 20, 2014

Printable Advent Calendars for Christmas

On this page I have compiled a collection of printable advent calendars for you to make this Christmas. Some are the traditional style of lift the flap calendars where you open a new window each day of advent to see what little picture is hidden behind it. Some are count up calendars where you add something (or color something) every day as you count up to Christmas day. There are also wheel style calendars and even some 3D advent calendars for you to print and enjoy.

The text links will take you to free printable advent calendars and the pictures are printable kits which are available for a very reasonable price from craftsUprint.

Picture credit: Vintage girl printable advent calendar

Purchase from craftsUprint.

Lift the Flap Advent Calendars

Christmas Teddy Advent Calendar
Christmas Teddy Advent Calendar

Buy this printable lift the flap advent calendar.

Nativity advent calendar

3 different advent calendars

Christmas tree advent calendar

Scroll down to the second row for a Christmas tree advent calendar

Santa and a boy decorating a tree advent calendar


This house advent calendar can be personalized with your own photos.

Four separate houses - one for each week

Links checked Nov 2013

Christmas puppy

Christmas penguin

cute Christmas kitten

Christmas church

Christmas church

vintage winter scene



snowman angel

Count Up Advent Calendars

Print out the tree and decorations to color. Each day during advent you will add one of the decorations to the tree.

Reassemble this Christmas tree picture strip by strip

A Christmas tree to color, section by section, over the days of advent.

A nativity scene to color, section by section, over the days of advent.

This Christmas tree with baubles to add each day is designed to print on label sheets, but you could easily print on your own card, cut out the baubles with scissors and attach the to the tree with blu-tack or even glue.

Links checked Oct 2012

Advent Wheel Calendars

Nativity Advent Wheel Calendar
Nativity Advent Wheel Calendar

Buy this printable nativity advent wheel calendar.

With this style of advent calendar, you turn the wheel to reveal the next day in the window. The wheel is attached to some backing card with a tiny brad through the center so that the wheel will rotate easily. The calendar front is then fastened to the backing card with sticky pads at the top and bottom of the picture only so that the wheel is still able to spin.

White teddy in a gift BUY NOW

white teddy with a bauble BUY NOW

lovable polar bear BUY NOW

snow scene BUY NOW

pink snowman BUY NOW

snowmen juggling BUY NOW

Christmas cupcake BUY NOW

gingerbread men BUY NOW

Christmas mantle and clock BUY NOW

vintage Santa BUY NOW

vintage Santa BUY NOW

vintage Santa BUY NOW

Santa and Mrs Claus BUY NOW

Santa and Rudolph BUY NOW

Santa in his sleigh BUY NOW

3D Advent Calendars

fill with treats and sweets

Advent calendar garland

Advent box to print - you'll need to make 24 of these boxes. Write the dates on each of these boxes and add little treats before gluing the boxes closed.

Cute little village of 25 little huts in retro prints.

Printable Santa boxes to fill with treats for each day of advent

This is a pattern for you to use with your own patterned paper or to print on shades of green card. Make a whole forest of little pine trees.

Links checked Oct 2012

Which style of advent calendar do you prefer?

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Above Christmas borders courtesy of

Do you use advent calendars with your children at Christmas?

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      JoshK47 5 years ago

      I use one for myself. >.> A chocolate one, specifically... any excuse for candy! Haha