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Printable Christmas Board Games

Updated on December 5, 2013

Free Christmas Themed Board Games

Here are some fresh takes on some classic games just for the Holidays. All of these games can be downloaded and printer free of charge. They are meant to be printed out and then played. You can either print the 8 1/2 x 11 inch version, and start playing immediately, or print a 20x20, 19x19 or 18x18 inch version.

The larger versions print out on several separate pieces of paper that you cut out, paste together and glue (rubber cement preferably) to a recycled or new game board (I'll also tell you where to buy some). You can also have kids color the black and white versions - my kids love to do this! Then you can cover the completed board game with contact paper. Enjoy!

Please check back soon. I am adding new Christmas themed games daily. They are great for homeschoolers, classroom games, girlscouts trying to make their own games and just for home use. My kids got very excited when they saw me working on this set! I printed out a black and white version that they have been working on coloring all the ornaments. We're going to glue the finished product down to a game board and play today.

Christmas Board Game - Christmas Chutes and Ladders (click for downloadable version)

Christmas Board Game - Printable Chutes and Ladders
Christmas Board Game - Printable Chutes and Ladders

I have both black and white and color versions of this game board. I also have a modified version that fits on a single 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper (for simple printing); however, this version doesn't have 100 spaces, it has 80.

This is an elegant Christmas Chutes and Ladders themed game where players jump from ornament to ornament to play. If they land on a ladder they climb up and skip spaces, if they land on a ribbon they slide down father from the end. Once a player gets to the 100th ornament, the game is over.

Plain Christmas Ornament Board Game

Printable Game Board Supplies

I like to buy used games at thrift stores to re-purpose because it's less expensive plus sometimes I score some amazing extra game board pieces (pawns, spinners, money, dice, etc). However, sometimes I really want to start fresh, or I need to purchase some blank cards to truly make the game I need. Here are some supplies for making your own game board that ship from

Folding Blank Game Board with Blue Pebble Cover
Folding Blank Game Board with Blue Pebble Cover

Need a blank board game? You can get them between $5 and 7 on Amazon. That's about double the price I pay for used board games at the thrift store, so its not a bad price.

Avery  Self-Adhesive Laminating Roll, 24 inches x 600 inch Roll (73610)
Avery Self-Adhesive Laminating Roll, 24 inches x 600 inch Roll (73610)

This contact paper is 24 inches wide so it will cover your game board (even at 20x20) in one sheet with no problem.

Blank Playing Cards
Blank Playing Cards

Here are some card stock quality playing cards. You could cut out pictures to use with these game boards, or draw or pring colors, letters, numbers etc.

Koplow Games Spinners Board Game (Set of 8), 4"
Koplow Games Spinners Board Game (Set of 8), 4"

You can also make a spinner to use with one of our Christmas board games.


How to Open and Print These Templates

In order to open the templates below you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. It is a free install.

You should also be able to edit the files inside Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator (if you have them).

If you want to print a fullsize 20x20, 19x19 or 18x18 inch board game: after you hit your print button, simply check "Tile All Pages and add a little overlap. Then you can cut them out, and glue or tape them together. You can also rubber cement the pieces to a recycled (or new) board game and then cover it with contact paper to make a long lasting game.

Do you have any printable game board needs that you haven't seen? - Or how are you using these printable board games, we'd like to know.

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