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Printable Christmas Gift Tags

Updated on August 20, 2014

Printable Christmas Gift Tags

On this page you'll find a great selection of printable Christmas gift tags to accompany your Christmas gifts. You have put a lot of thought into your gift, so a delightful home made tag seems quite appropriate. You'll find several different themes to choose from on this page. Some are free to download and others are available at a small price from craftsUprint. Make your gifts doubly special this year with a lovely home made label!

It is best to print these out on card so they are a little durable and to use a craft knife and ruler to cut straight edges. Scissors will of course work as well - it's just harder to cut in a perfectly straight line.

If you like you could also punch a hole in the top or in a corner and attach a ribbon or string. You can also add some special embellishments such as glitter, beads, or stick on gems to make them extra special!

Purchase printable polar bear gift tags.

winter scenes

winter items

winter wonderland

Free Color Printable Christmas Gift Tags - identical tags on one page

printable christmas gift tags same
printable christmas gift tags same

Print 10 identical Christmas gift tags on each page. There are many styles to choose from, such as gifts, Santa, candles, candy canes, smowman, trees, snow, cookies, nutcrackers, monsters, angels, elves, baby Jesus, penguins, holly, snowflake, and many more.

Print 12 identical Christmas gift tags on each page - many styles to choose from.

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Cute Critters

These fun tags would be suitable for many different people but particularly for children. They will love the cute little characters featured here - mice, penguins, reindeer, bears, owls, snowmen, cats, and more.

Set of 3 mice

Set of 8 characters

3 gingerbread men

8 cute critters

set of 8

Christmas mice gift tags

little cuties - more color available

more fun characters - green

Printable Christmas Decorations Gift Tags

Click for more information or to buy printable gift tags

These Christmas tags would be suitable for men, women, and children.

Christmas baubles

Christmas decorations

Christmas baubles

Free Color Printable Christmas Gift Tags - variety of styles on each page

printable christmas gift tags different
printable christmas gift tags different

A classy set of Christmas gift tags in different sizes and colors

A variety of Christmas gift tags to print on each page - either 16, 14, or 12 color tags on each page.

A set of free Christmas printables including gift tags in the traditional colors of red and green.

A set of free Christmas printables including gift tags in pastel blue and green.

6 different gift tags on one page - red hat, 2 snowmen, candy cane, Christmas owl, tree.

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Santa And Elves

Another selection of tags which you may like to give attached to gifts given to the kids.

Christmas elves double-sided with optional decoupage

Santa, reindeer, stocking double-sided with optional decoupage

8 x Santa double-sided

Wine Bottle Tags / Covers

No more worries about trying to wrap awkward wine bottles for a Christmas gift. Just use one of these cute wine bottle tags / covers and pop it over the neck of the bottle. It functions both as a tag and a fun wrapper.

gnome with sack of gifts double sided with optional decoupage

elf with pile of gifts double sided with optional decoupage

naughty or nice

Black and White Printable Christmas Gift Tags - Suitable for coloring

printable christmas gift tags bw
printable christmas gift tags bw

Above Christmas tags picture adapted from pdclipart

Coloring these Christmas tags would make a great holiday project for the kids and get them involved in the gift-giving.

5 sweet designs to color

Simple gift tags for you to color

At the bottom of this page there are also some tags which you can color after printing out.

In the second row there is a set of 6 gift tags to print and color - 3 snowmen, Santa, stocking, and candy cane.

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Vintage Style

There's something absolutely special about vintage Christmas pictures. These make delightful labels on presents for almost everyone.

vintage tags

vintage tags

stocking-shaped vintage tags

Above Christmas borders courtesy of

Have you ever printed your own Christmas gift tags?

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      Great lens~ love this idea :)