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Printable Christmas Letter Templates Make Xmas Letters Easy

Updated on December 26, 2013

Create Great-Looking Holiday Letters with Printable Christmas Letter Templates

Are you looking for a simple way to make your annual holiday letter look great?

Printable Christmas letter templates are easy to use and will help you create a fantastic looking update to send to your friends and family. Templates include colorful design elements to make your letter look great, but they're generally saved in an easy-to-use file format, such as Microsoft Word, so you can edit them just like you edit any other Word doc.

If you can use MS, you should be able to use a template to make a Christmas letter you'll be proud to send out!

(Image of Word Christmas letter template provided by Christmas Letter

Christmas letter templates and printed holiday stationery can both give your letter a festive holiday background design, but templates also give you the following benefits:

1. Easy to use - When you choose printable Christmas letter templates, you'll get a Microsoft Word document that you can download immediately. The Word file will already contain the holiday design, so all you'll need to do is type the text. You'll be able to see exactly what your letter will look like when it's finished, rather than typing on a blank page, having to adjust the margins printed paper and then guessing what it will look like when it's printed.

2. No waste - With preprinted holiday stationery packages, you don't have the option to choose how many sheets of paper you want. Even if you only have 31 people on your mailing list, you may still have to buy 50 sheets of paper, meaning a lot of waste. With a template, you can print exactly the number of pages you need, and can even opt to use recycled paper.

3. Save money - Downloadable Christmas templates are often cheaper than a single pack of printed stationery, and you can save them to use in future years.

Want to see some examples? The printable Christmas letter templates shown below are available from Christmas Letter You can find others by looking on your favorite search engine.

Ideas for Writing Creative Christmas Letters - Book provides dozens of great ideas

Christmas letter templates can help you format your letter, but if you need help figuring out what to write, this very helpful book has a lot of ideas to help you make your Christmas letters more enjoyable to write AND to read. It's broken into four sections (general tips on creating your letter, list letter ideas, format letter ideas and perspective letter ideas) and has tips and instructions for more than two dozen creative Christmas letter ideas.

Ideas for Writing Creative Christmas Letters: That People Are Actually Eager to Read!
Ideas for Writing Creative Christmas Letters: That People Are Actually Eager to Read!

Description: Ideas for Writing Creative Christmas Letters That People Are Actually Eager to Read! offers a unique solution to the "boring brag letter" problem at Christmas time. This first-of-its-kind book instructs the reader how to transform the annual family newsletter into one that is so interesting and entertaining that even the busiest holiday reveler can hardly put it down. The secret is to weave a theme into the family news. The book offers 30 theme ideas, strategies and sample letters to inspire the family author.

christmas letter online
christmas letter online

An Alternative to Printable Christmas Letter Templates

Create your Christmas letter online and let someone else print it

Printable Christmas letter templates are great if you want to print your letters at home and send them out, but if you'd like to skip the printing and just go with an easy design solution, you might want to look at sites that let you write an entire Christmas letter or a creative alternative online to create your own personalized Christmas letter-and-card-in-one.

For instance, Shutterfly offers a Top 10 Moments Christmas Card that is a creative compromise between a traditional family Christmas letter and a plain greeting card. You provide the text for the top 10 moments, and Shutterfly will print and send the cards to you to send to everyone on your holiday card list. Very easy!

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    • BarbRad profile image

      Barbara Radisavljevic 5 years ago from Templeton, CA

      Its been a few years since I've sent out a Christmas letter. So far I've made my own templates, but these look nice.

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      Easy to use, no waste, save money....perfect!