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Four Personal Care Products That Have Changed My Life For The Better!

Updated on February 25, 2015
SheilaSchnauzies profile image

SheilaSchnauzies is a Miniature Schnauzer rescuer, writer, crochet designer, gardener, crafter, wife, mom & friend living in Omaha, NE.

These Products Changed My Life & Would Help Your Favorite Person Too!

Sometimes certain tasks around the house, or even enjoyable things like making coffee, are simply... a pain! There are several products I've picked up for myself recently which have completely made the task easy, almost enjoyable!

The items start at around $20! Products don't have to be expensive to be wonderful!

I've curated these products for you from sellers like Amazon and eBay with rock-solid guarantees, so you can buy with complete confidence! And just in case you aren't sure, I've made some Amazon gift certificates available for you in various denominations in regular cards and email gift certificates.

Maybe you're not shopping right now but would like to make your own life easier! Check out my personal picks and see what you think!

The Hair Dryer That Made My Life Easier!

I have bad hands. A neuromuscular disorder makes them very weak, and I drop things constantly. Arthritis makes them very stiff and clumsy. Combined, it was almost impossible to blow dry my hair using a brush and a blow dryer.

I saw this hair dryer and instantly saw how it would make it possible! All I have to do is use it like a big wide tooth comb! I can easily blow out my hair straight, or I can put a curve in the ends with the attached round brush. If my hands get tired, they're both free to hold the dryer together.

It has your usual low, medium and high speeds with a cool air shot feature. Simply wonderful!

The Travelon RFID Blocking Purse Organizer Insert

This is not only a huge time-saver if you change purses frequently; it's also a major step in personal security!

This firm insert opens up to 6" X 8" X 1" and has organizer compartments. Put your purse contents in order, then move the whole insert from bag to bag!

The whole insert has RFID blocking technology, which prevents people from scanning your credit cards in your handbag. And yes, those people are out there.

I own many Travelon products and every single one is as durable as it gets. I promise you will love this!

Thera-Cane Lets You Work Out Painful Muscle Spasms & Trigger Points - I Use It Several Times Each Day!

Before I found the TheraCane, I was a very frequent visitor to the chiropractor's office! I have fibromyalgia and numerous back issues that cause a lot of painful areas in my back, shoulders and neck. Massagers are great, but only if you can find someone to use them on your back! The TheraCane comes with complete instructions. It's a simple metal cane with knobs on it. You hold it in various positions and use the knobs to apply pressure where you need it to work out a muscle spasm or knot. It's all based on leverage. For example - I have a bad shoulder right now. I hold the body of the TheraCane in front of me and turn the hooked end where it's over my shoulder. By pulling on the front of the cane, I apply pressure to the knot in my shoulder. Works it right out. It's amazing!

WEN Hair Care On eBay

Three years ago, after watching countless appearances by Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN, on QVC, I finally gave in and tried it. My hair, shoulder length, was hopelessly damaged from color. It was time to cut it off and start over. It wouldn't hold a style, and although it was long, if you picked up several inches at the end, the hair would stand straight out. That's bad!

The first time I used the WEN, my hair looked and felt completely different! It started healing up all the damage. Within a few months, I had almost normal hair again! I had a couple of trims done and continued with the WEN. I've grown my hair to below shoulder length now and it is in beautiful condition. I will never put anything else on my hair again!

If you color your hair, which I do, be prepared for a big change when you're using WEN. Why? Because it will not strip or fade your color! Ever! All you ever need to do again is touch up the roots.

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