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Prom Themes 2013

Updated on April 15, 2013

Top Prom Themes for 2013

Vote for the best 2013 prom theme, or choose and shop for your prom theme. There are lots of prom themes to choose from including formal and sophisticated themes, fantasy romantic themes and themes that are just great fun!

Prom night is a night to remember and there are some amazing prom backdrops and decorations that can really set the scene for a fabulous evening.

There are also lots of fun new decorations coming out like light-up inflatable decorations that will add something different to your prom.

Masquerade Prom Theme

Theatrical, Sophisticated, Historical, Costume

There's a reason that masquerade balls have been popular since the 15th century. They are glamourous and lots of fun. Masquerade is a rich theme with lots of deep colors and sparkle. And of a masquerade mask is a wonderfully mysterious accessory.

India Prom Theme (Eastern)

Exotic, Luxury, Colorful

An India themed prom is an exotic option that uses vibrant colors and lots of gold. You can have a really luxurious feeling setting if you pick the India theme for your prom. Full of eastern promise.

India Entrance Each

Paris Prom Theme

Romantic, Sophisticated

Ah Paris. A Parisian prom theme is both romantic and sophisticated. The Parisian prom theme is a classic and remains very popular. You can create a beautiful scene with a lit up model of La Tour Eiffel and a Parisian cafe street scene. Very classy and everyone will feel very special.

Toujours Cafe

Western Prom Theme

Fun, Informal, Costume

Perhaps you're after a fun prom theme where everyone can have a good ole dance. Everyone loves a cowboy! A western prom theme is less formal than many of the others, but a gentleman from the Wild West can still be well-turned out and there are lots of fun western-style dresses for the ladies. A fun way to celebrate American heritage at the prom.

Western Boot Arch

Luau Prom Theme

Fun, Informal, Costume

The sun, sea, and sand. The music. A Hawaiian luau theme is very chilled and flower garlands (leis) will get everyone in a party mood.

Tiki Bar

Vegas Casino Prom Theme

Formal, Sophisticated

A casino prom theme lends itself to a richly designed set and a luxury feel. This is a very formal prom theme. Everyone will have lots of fun acting the part.

Roulette Arch

Asian Prom Theme (China)

Exotic, Dramatic

A Chinese Asian theme is a very beautiful choice for a prom. It feels exotic and dramatic with red, black and white colors.

2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake so you could work that theme in for something very specific to this year.

Evening Gazebo

Hollywood Prom Theme


The glamour of Hollywood makes this a popular prom theme. Everyone gets to be a star for the night. You can go for a classic Hollywood feel or the latest fashion.

Hollywood Clapboard Arch

City Prom Theme

Formal, Sophisticated, Modern

A city prom theme gives you lots of opportunity to create dramatic backdrops using lots of lights. Everyone will feel very sophisticated at a city themed prom.

Metro Magic 3d Building

Fairytale Castle Prom Theme

Fantasy, Romantic

The fairytale castle is the ultimate romantic fantasy theme. Everyone will feel like a prince or princess at a fairytale prom. Pretty and elegant.

Knights Of Camelot Castle

Under the Sea Prom


An under the sea prom is fantasy theme that makes you think of Atlantis. Lots of shimmery fabrics and magical lights.

Depths Of Forever Ship

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