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Proof of Heaven

Updated on December 17, 2015

A Neurosurgeon's proof of afterlife

Dr. Eben Alexander is a succesful american neurosurgeon, expert on structure, function and pathology of brain and entire nervous system. But he is also a person who suffered a cerebral disease leading him to experience the clinical death. During this time he experienced many different contacts, sounds, feelings, sensations of a completely real world but not this one but a superior one where apparently people go after they die. He can come back and tell the story of this real experience about the afterlife from a transparent, honest perspective.

In to the book

Speaking of afterlife is always a controversial issue. Many people feel uncomfortable even thinking about that and discussions could leave bitterness among friends or even members of the family when these kind of themes are on the table. However what is presented in this book by Dr. Eber Alexander give a point of view of a man that is speaking of afterlife from the perspective not only of the patient but also the doctor, a neurosurgeon in this case and a prestigious one who not only has the knowledge of the spiritual aspects of afterlife but also can oppose his own knowledge of the brain.

Proof of Heaven

How a person who has devoted large part of his life to medicine and science explaining several phenomena of the world, the disease and particularly of the nervous system and brain through his rational mind, can now convince us about the very misterious and marvelous reality of a life beyond death is something that you can definitely get from this book.

Proof of Heaven. Dr. Eben Alexander

Proof of Afterlife

If religions have dogmas is not far from the truth that science has theirs too. Some beliefs about the posibility of afterlife for example could be frequently rejected by rational people. But why that? Is because in fact there is an absolute proof of the non existence of life after death or just because there is no person able to explain in believable terms their experience during those moments of his own death and what he/she saw during this time?

There really is a heaven book

It is easy to reject any idea that can oppose our sense of reality because could break into many beliefs that supports our identity. That means if you consider yourself as a logical and rational person any non systematic, scientific idea might be a lie or simply a fairy tale. However, what if that idea is presented to you in a cold, non-passionate way by a succesful neurosurgeon acquainted with each and every process of the brain but at the same time with the personal experience of the afterlife, could you be interested at least in hearing what he have to tell you?

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