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Pumpkin Face Painting for Children: Tutorials, Tips and Designs

Updated on December 16, 2014
Pumpkin face painting tips and tutorials
Pumpkin face painting tips and tutorials | Source

Pumpkin Face Painting for Halloween or Fall Season

Children love to get their faces painted with fun and whimsical designs. What better way to delight them and celebrate Halloween and the fall season than with pumpkin face painting?

Most of us have already seen children with small paintings of pumpkins on their cheeks. While that looks great, and children love it, you can also create a more detailed face painting of a pumpkin in which the entire face becomes a canvas. When painting the entire face, you can create anything from a happy pumpkin to an evil-looking one, depending the child's tastes and the occasion.

To me, painting an evil incarnation of a smiling pumpkin spirit on a child, as some have done, does not seem appropriate, so this article will focus on more cheerful pumpkin looks for children.

We'll get into some photos to show what different people's pumpkin-inspired face paintings, offer up some written tips on how to recreate their looks, and watch some video tutorials that show how some people have gone about painting interesting pumpkins on the faces of children.

Pumpkins on Faces


In this first pumpkin face painting, the aforementioned cheek-sized pumpkin design was applied to the faces of little girls. This is what most of us have seen at local festivals and similar events.

They're very cute and attractive to youngsters and are representative of the fall or Halloween season.

I like the way the yellow was included in the two designs, along with the green stems and vines of the pumpkins.

The contrasting colors look fantastic, as do these two little girls.

How to Create This Look: Face Painting Pumpkin Tutorial

The first step for a successful pumpkin face painting is to apply an orange base.

To evenly apply the orange paint (and to avoid patches of skin, such as those in the picture above), dip a paint sponge in the face paint and use it to apply the orange to the desired area.

Next, take a brush and paint a black triangular outline around each eye. Carefully use the black paint to fill in each triangle. Have the child close his or her eyes, so you can fully cover the eye areas. If a child isn't comfortable with the painting around the eyes, just get it as close as you can.

Taking the same black paint, paint the nose and mouth; remember how traditional jack-o-lanterns are carved, and copy that look.

Even though it's best to create a more traditional pumpkin face, you will see from the remaining face paintings of pumpkins that there is still room for creativity.

Pumpkin Face Painting with Triangle Eyes and Jagged Teeth


The picture above provides an example of one way to creatively tweak the basic face painting steps.

Again there is the evenly applied orange base, along with the black, triangular eyes and nose. In this case, the teeth have that jagged look seen on some carved pumpkins.

One thing to take note of is the different way the triangles around the eyes were drawn. Here, the triangles begin above the eyelid—perfect for children who may not be comfortable with someone painting too closely to their eyes. You can see here that the small patch of exposed skin around the eyes is nowhere near as noticeable as that in the previous picture.

I like the way the mouth was made to appear, with the alternating black rectangles on either lip. It wasn't done perfectly, but it embraced the right idea. The black, vertical lines indicating the ridges of the pumpkin are also unique to this face painting.

Pumpkin Face Painting with White Liner Around Eyes, Nose, Mouth

The stand-out feature of this design is the white outline around the black eyes, nose, and mouth.

The white outline does make the black stand out, but it also looks a little bit odd. I'm not sure what it was meant to represent.

The application of orange paint is much better on this pumpkin face than the previous ones. The makeup covers the face very well, even in the area covering the eyebrows.

This design also has the best stem out of all the other pumpkins I’ve seen.

Pumpkin Face Painting Video Tutorials

Now, we'll look at several different video tutorials for those of you wanting more inspiration for a great pumpkin face painting.

Some of these are perfect for those seeking a simple design, while others are very detailed.

Whatever level of complexity you and your child want to achieve, you will find good ideas and explanations for how to make it a reality.

Pumpkin Face Painting Tutorial

Little Pumpkin Face Painting

Pumpkin Mask Face Painting

Final Thoughts

Pumpkin face painting is wonderful not only for children but also for adults.

The orange color is vibrant, and the eyes, nose, and mouth add great personality. Whether you have it painted on the cheek or over the entire face, pumpkin face painting is a festive choice for this fantastic time of the year.


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