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Purple Paisley Gifts

Updated on January 14, 2016


I love purple. It has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. Even when I was a small child, grandparents knew to get me something in purple when buying me birthday and Christmas gifts. As an adult, I have also developed a fondness for paisley. Its elaborate design and introduction of several colors at the same time are energizing and inspiring to me. The swirly pattern of paisley can look sophisticated, childlike, country, bold, or even muted, depending on what's incorporated into it by its designer.

When you combine the two things - purple and paisley - you can get a delicious combination that makes a special gift. Learn more about the color purple, and about the pattern of paisley below. Then find a purple paisley gift to inspire or honor a special person in your life!

(If you like the fabric pictured here from Piccadilly Circus, scroll down for ordering info.)

Purple Paisley Pashmina available on Amazon
Purple Paisley Pashmina available on Amazon

The Color Purple Shows . . .

Purple has traditionally stood for royalty. One reason for this is that purple dyes, when going back to Biblical times, were the most expensive. Therefore, it is a color also associated with wealth. In some ancient cultures, people who were not of royal blood could be jailed for wearing purple!

Purple has been said to show good judgment (probably due to the royalty and government association), to inspire creativity and to promote happiness. Being a secondary color on the color wheel, it is the combination of two other great colors: red and blue. Red brings passion and energy to the table, while blue brings a soothing effect. It makes sense to me that combination of these two moods inspires creativity and happiness. While passion and peace might seem like (almost) conflicting feelings, the combination of them in a color, for me, gives a sense of balance. Most children seem to be drawn to the color purple, and this balance would be a great explanation!

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A mill in Paisley, Scotland - photo from Wikipedia. Click for more info
A mill in Paisley, Scotland - photo from Wikipedia. Click for more info

Origins of Paisley

The paisley shape, which is sort of a bent raindrop, has roots in the Middle East. There is some misinformation and disagreement as to the exact time period, location, and meaning associated with the first origin of the pattern. Earliest traces of paisley's use are found in Persia, India, and China. Sometime around the 1700's to 1800's, the design made its way to Europe, and into Scotland. The western name for the shape, in fact, comes from a village in Scotland called Paisley. This community had a very strong industrial weaving presence. Paisley shawls and scarves were made in a great abundance in that town, and paisley continues to show up in Scottish heritage (although not nearly as prominently as tartans do).

Paisley has enjoyed the ebb and flow of popularity typical of any trend in fashion. It was a prolific design in the 1960's, when all things psychedelic were in style. It has much more recently been reintroduced on catwalks as one of the newest old things back on the scene.

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Purple Paisley Bags - in Vera Bradley

I have several Vera Bradley bags, including a large duffle. I love them! Not only are they gorgeous and high quality, but the quilting and the patterns are classic timeless. I have had my duffle bag (in Sherbet - I only wish mine were purple!) for about eight years. It has been on countless overnight trips with me, stuffed full (overstuffed probably), and has stood the test of time REALLY well. It still looks brand new, in spite of having been loaded so heavily that my husband HAD to carry it for me more than once!

Vera Bradley Hipster in Boysenberry
Vera Bradley Hipster in Boysenberry

I have a purse in this pattern, and it goes with more things than one would think!


Make Something . . . - With Luxurious-Looking Purple Paisley Fabric

I like to sew every now and then, and I can really channel my Scottish roots with these selections below. Lately, I have made curtains, but here are a few of my upcoming sewing projects: cover for a preschooler's nap mat, more curtains, pillows, bedside caddy to give someone for Christmas. Scroll through these beautiful examples of purple paisley and find your inspiration!

I'm a southern author with Scottish ancestry . . .

There may not be any paisley in my book, but I bet you will enjoy my collection of short stories nonetheless. It's available in paperback and for both Kindle and Nook.

Please leave me a comment! - I'd like you know what you think of my lens!

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