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Purple Witch Costume

Updated on March 22, 2016

I Want To Buy A Purple Witch Costume For Halloween This Year

It's Halloween Costume shopping time and I am looking for a Purple Witch Costume. I have plenty of witch outfits in my closet but this year I am looking for a color dress that I don't have, a purple one.

The fact that I am the Halloween Kitchen Witch has plenty to do with me having a closet full of Be-WITCH-Ing Clothes, but a girl can never have to many dresses to wear, can she? I have also been looking for a childs witch costume for my daughter. I thought it would be fun this year to dress alike. Maybe I will get my husband and the boys some Wizard outfits while I am shopping, but for now it's just womens and girls costumes I want to look at. I feel like purple this's my favorite color right now. But you know how that can change from year to year!

This lens is full of witch costumes for girls and for women, witch hats, witch shoes, witch costume accessories which include brooms, costume jewelry, witch makeup and bewitching wigs!

Purple Witch Costumes Come In All Shapes And Sizes - Girls and Womens Witch Costume Ideas

I am feeling particularly purple this year so that's the accent color I want on my Halloween costume. And I want a similar version of my witch costume for my daughter, tho it doesn't have to be the very same one. Here are a couple I'm thinking about. I may have to brew myself a cup of tea while I shop online. I love to shop for costumes and everything else online...I can sit home, stir my cauldron, and relax with a cup of freshly brewed brew.

Here Is One Of My Favorite Costume Accessories For A Witch - Get Me This Hat!

I found this witch costume accessory while I was searching through all the online costume stores I usually shop at. I thought this was so Be-Witching! It's a black hat with purple accents and also features a veil so you can look mystical and mysterious. That's a great look for any witch! I know I want some of these Wickedly Wonderful Witch Hats for dress up fun this year!

Rubie's Costume Co Prple Witch Hat with Feather Costume
Rubie's Costume Co Prple Witch Hat with Feather Costume

This is such a pretty witch hat. The veil adds a bit of mystery, the feathers add some lovely purple to brighten up your outfit and take the scary look away from whomever decides to wear this hat. You are going to be bewitching with this milliary design made to compliment any witch outfit you have.


What Do You Think Of Mother - Daughter Costume Ideas? - Do You Like To Dress Up In Family Group Costumes?

I am thinking about dressing my family up in a theme this year. For us the theme is witches and wizards. The lady (that's me!) and the girls will dress up in witch outfits and I am leaning towards the color purple as an accent and the guys will dress up in wizard costumes. You can find them anywhere that sells Harry Potter costumes...just get a Hogwarts costume. You can find robes with Hogwarts School House Crests or plain black ones.

Would You Dress Up In A Group Family or Mother Daughter Costume?

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Be A Witchy Woman - The Eagles Song Done For The Witches Movie

Check out this fun video and see Angelica Houston in The Witches.

Adult Witch Costume Make Up Ideas - Quick Make Up Video To Match Your Witch Costume

This video is short but it gives you some good ideas on how to apply the make up for your witch costume. It gets a little fancy, but some of you might like that. It's not an English video but there's no one talking anyway. It is less than two minutes, so give it a look to get some fun, fancy, purple witch make up ideas to match your beautiful bewitching Halloween costume.

Witchy Costume Ideas - Women's And Girls Sized Witch Costumes

You won't believe the number of witch costumes I found with the color purple. Look at some of these fun ideas.

Girls Witch Costumes - For Your Mother And Daughter Costume Ideas

Here are some purple witch costumes in girls and teen sizes. Match your daughter's Halloween costume to yours this year.

Purple Hats To Match Your Witch Costume - Witch Hats Are A Fun Costume Accessory

I love a beautiful witch hat and it's easy to find this MUST HAVE accessory. You can find them in all shapes and sizes...pretty ones, ugly ones, funny ones...but the ones I am showing you all have the color purple on them somewhere. I chose them to match the costumes I am thinking about on this page. Take a look and you might find just what you've been looking for...and don't forget the very beautiful hat that is up at the top of the page...that is my favorite so far.

Girls Witch Hat Ideas - Here Are Some Hats In Your Daughter's Size

Aren't there a lot of witch hat ideas? I can't believe how many we have to choose from. I am happy to say the selection for witch costumes and accessories is growing everyday. I remember when you could only find outfits and matching accessories in black. These colors are really going to brighten up my closet.

Witch Cloaks For Halloween - Get A Cloak For Your Witch Costume

Cloaks are another costume accessory you can get to match your witch dress. Cloaks are mysterious and mystical...the perfect accessory for the witch who is going out for the evening. Perhaps to a coven meeting or some secret ceremony, or maybe just to a costume party around the block!

How To Apply Witch Makeup - Pretty Witch Makeup Tutorial

I would add purple eye color to match my costume. This is an simple and easy make up tutorial to give you an idea of how to apply your witch make up this Halloween. Some of you might already have an idea of the smokey, witchy look you want and others might not have a clue about how to put on makeup to match this costume idea. Here's a video that will help those of you who want it.

Sexy Black & Purple Witch / Evil Queen Makeup Tutorial

Witch Costume Make Up For Halloween - Put On Your Own Costume Make Up

Costume make up can help you to really look like a witch. And I say that like it's a good thing because on Halloween when you are all dressed up in a witch costume you want to really look the part. You can be an ugly witch or a beautiful one, in the end, when you are putting on your own make up it's up to you.

Halloween Wigs For a Witch Costume - Purple Wigs To Match Your Costume

Want to give yourself an extra special look on Halloween? Get a witches wig to match your costume, they are fun and easy to wear and most of them are pretty inexpensive.

Witch Shoes To Match Your Purple Witch Costume - You Know How Important Shoes Are To An Outfit

Ladies, we all know that shoes are an important part of any outfit we wear, but let's be realistic, not everyone can afford shoes they are going to wear only a few times...costume shoes. Witch shoes are cute as can be and will totally complete your outfit, but they might not be practical. Check your closet for shoes that might look good with your costume before you buy a special pair. If you don't have a pair to wear on Halloween and don't want to spend a lot of money check out the witch shoe covers. These shoe covers look like witch shoes and you put them right on your shoes. Be sure to look at all your options, but if you want a pair of bewitching shoes to match your witchy costume look here are some for you to look at. I happen to LOVE shoes as much as I LOVE Halloween....

Witch Costume Accessories - Cute Witch Socks

I love witchy looking socks Some are sexy, some are cute and all are fun to wear. Find the socks that match your costume the best.

Witch Stockings To Match Your Costume - These Are Great Looking Halloween Stockings

Some witches prefer stockings to socks when they are dressing up in costume. It's all preference, so pick the style hosery you like the best. Here are some lovely Halloween stockings to pick from if you want a pair of stockings or choose the spider web thigh highs.

Halloween Witch Movies - Check Out These Witch Costumes

Here are a few of my favorite witch movies that are perfect for Halloween time. Watch them, have fun with your family and get some great witch costume ideas for your Halloween outfit.

  • Practical Magic
  • Hocus Pocus
  • The Good Witch
  • Witches Of Eastwick
  • Wizard Of Oz
  • Harry Potter

Fun Halloween Witch Kitchen Accessories - Fun Halloween Decorating Ideas To Match Your Witch Costume

Since I'm a witch I like everything witchy...take a look at these fun kitchen accessories you can use to Halloween up your house! If you like the witch costume ideas you must be a witch fan...and that means you will love these fun Halloween decorating ideas!

Hocus Pocus From Walt Disney Studios - Watch A Disney Halloween Movie This Year

Have some Halloween witch fun with Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy as they star as three witches in this classic Disney Halloween movie.

Practical Magic - Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman Are Witches

Well, in this movie they are. Practical Magic is a great movie for all you witch lovers out there. A fun, magical movie to watch this Halloween! Watch this Amis Veritas video, The True Love Spell. I am sure you will enjoy this film, it's one of my favorites.

Today's Modern Witch And Her Colorful Costumes

Black No Longer Rules - Welcome Purple, Red, Blue And Green

The Modern Witch is a witch of color. She gathers her clothing from the rainbow and we now see shades of blues, reds, purples, pinks, green along with the traditional black of the old days of yore. Bright and confident are the new of the coven, happy and full of the magic of the color spectrum. Welcome these young witch with open arms sisters, for they are our future. They see farther and brighter than we ever we can now go and get some wonderfully stylish dresses in different colors for ourselves. This calls for a shopping trip!

Look There's Even A White WItch Costume!

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    • HalloweenRecipes profile image

      HalloweenRecipes 5 years ago

      @anonymous: I like the purple witch costumes too and I was also pleasantly surprised to find out just how many there were!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Purple is one of my favorite colors. I had no idea there were so many witch costume and accessories in that color.