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Quality Christmas Gifts To Last A Lifetime

Updated on September 4, 2012

Luxury gifts designed to last!

Whilst Christmas is always a joyful occasion, sometimes finding the perfect gift can be a little overwhelming and stressful. The pressure of trying to find that ideal gift that you know the recipient will appreciate is a hard a task! In this lens we aim to let you know why leather gifts are so special and help you find a quality gift for him or her that they are sure to appreciate!

Why not avoid the cold and the busy high street this year and have a hunt around online? Some of the best and unique presents can be found on the internet in the comfort of your own home! We have put together a list of luxury leather gifts that the lucky recipient can treasure for a whole lifetime and not just enjoy on the day!

Make this year truly special with some beautiful leather presents that are guaranteed to last!

Leather gifts are a brave choice. They are investment pieces, and sometimes it's hard to know whether or not they will be appreciated as much as they are intended to. We believe they will, and think there are 5 top reasons that guarantee they will be!

  • Quality

    Leather, specifically Italian leather, is known for being of high quality. Recognised as one of the most luxurious materials in the world, Italian leather has been produced with care and attention so that you know you will be purchasing an item that is of the very best quality around.

  • Long lasting

    Not many materials can boast about longevity, but leather is well known for being hardwearing! It is one of the only materials that can stand the wear and tear of everyday life and still look luxurious. If hardwearing is your thing, look for leather that has a long of lifetime guarantee.

  • Timeless

    For years leather has been a front runner on many fashion catwalks including most of the very top designers. A beautiful material that both feels and smells glorious, leather pieces truly are timeless and will continue to be for many years to come.

  • Unique

    Leather that has not been corrected is especially unique. The natural marks in the hide give the leather piece a beautiful unusual appearance and character that is intended to improve over time. Not one item will ever look exactly the same!

  • Maintainable

    So leather may look beautiful and last many years, but is it easy to maintain? Yes! Good quality leather will very rarely, if ever, need cleaning! Natural products are best to feed leather as chemicals can ruin them. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

In this lens we aim to find the perfect present for him or her whether they be a mum, dad, brother, sister, nan or grandpa! However, we know finding specific gifts to please people can be very difficult! Out of the following, who do you find it hardest to buy for?

Who do you find it hardest to buy gifts for?

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Luxury gifts for her

We have handpicked some of the very finest luxury leather gifts that we think would make ideal presents! Whether you are looking to buy for your mum, girlfriend or sister, these gifts are bound to impress. Why not get one of these beautiful items personalised? It adds the finishing touch to the perfect present...

'Claudia' luxury leather handbag - £294.99

This luxury leather handbag would be a very well received gift this Christmas! Handmade in Italy using some of the very best Italian leather available, this stunning handbag has been designed to last a lifetime. A classic look with a contemporary twist; it is sure to become their favourite present this year!

'Chia' Leather Makeup Bag - £40.99

This leather makeup bag is bound to become adored. It can hold all of anyone's makeup with ease and is perfect for keen travellers! Made from supple yet durable Italian leather, this makeup bag can be easily packed into a larger suitcase and taken on holiday! It's designed to last a lifetime so that the lucky owner can get many years of use from it!

'Bellino' leather vanity case - £318.99

This vanity case is the ultimate in luxury! Made from vegetable tanned Italian leather, this stunning case will stand the test of time with ease and improve over the years! Whether taken abroad or left on the night stand, this beautiful leather makeup case is sure to become a cherished gift this Christmas!

Black leather zipped purse - £82.69

This stunning leather purse makes an ideal stocking filler! Handcrafted in Italy using durable yet supple vegetable tanned leather, this beautiful purse is sure to impress even the hardest to please! Perfect for those who like to carry all their bits and pieces, this leather zipped purse has the perfect amount of storage space yet can still fit into almost any sized handbag!

'Scala' Brown Leather Work Bag - £199.99

This leather brown handbag is perfect for classic mums or practical girlfriends! Ideal for taking into the office; this stunning handbag has more than enough room! Able to organise and hold anyone's essentials, this gift is sure to be well received. Handmade in Italy using luxury leather, this beautiful classic work bag both looks and feels the part and will last a lifetime!

Quality presents for him

Men's Leather Gifts
Men's Leather Gifts

Whether they are a classic gent or a stylish man, these luxury leather presents are bound to impress. Handmade in Italy using some of the finest vegetable tanned leather available, these stunning gifts are designed to last a lifetime and are sure to make his day this Christmas.

'Lapo' Leather key case - £34.99

The ideal stocking filler for him, this luxury leather key case can organise even the most disorganised gent! Perfect for keeping your dads keys from ruining his favourite briefcase, this little accessory is sure to become a much loved piece. Handmade in Italy using durable Italian leather, this is undoubtedly an item to put on your shopping list!

'Duno Medium' Gents leather wash bag - £84.99

This brown leather wash bag is the perfect gift for the discerning gent. Handmade in Italy using beautiful vegetable tanned leather, this luxury toiletry bag can hold soap, razors and even shampoo! Wonderfully supple, this leather accessory can be easily packed into a larger suitcase and taken abroad if required! It is sure to become a much loved gift this Christmas.

'Rufeno' leather glasses case - £29.99

Made using luxury Italian leather, this stunning piece is soft and supple, able to slip into almost any pocket! Whether this gift is for a dad who wears glasses, or a brother who needs somewhere to put his sunglasses in the summer months, this beautiful case will not disappoint!

Bifold black leather wallet - £51.99

This black leather wallet is the perfect present for the classic grandpas! Slim and supple, this luxury wallet can be tucked neatly into a jacket pocket. Perfectly sized to fit notes and cards, this is sure to be the best gift in his stocking this Christmas! Handmade in Italy, this luxury bifold wallet comes with an amazing lifetime guarantee.

'Tomacelli' Brown leather briefcase - £362.99

The perfect present to treat your husband, this stunning briefcase is a true work horse. With plenty of storage space to store all his essentials, this is one quality present that is sure to please! Handmade in Italy using some of the finest vegetable tanned leather available, this stunning accessory not only looks the part but will last the fortunate owner a whole lifetime!

Exclusive Squidoo offer

We're offering an exclusive Squidoo offer this Christmas! Buy £500 pounds of quality Italian leather luggage and receive a FREE wash bag worth £84.99! Why not treat yourself to a luxurious luggage bag and give your husband, dad, or whoever you please, a beautiful toiletry bag this Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Buon Natale e Felice Anno Nuovo!

What do you want for Christmas?

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