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Rainbow Makeup Design Tips and Tutorials

Updated on June 30, 2015

Rainbow Makeup

The rainbow is a beautiful phenomenon most people delight in, as the gorgeous colors put on a spectacular display for all to see.

Add to that some of the wonderful mythology surrounding the arced image, and you have some great source material for makeup ideas.

Two of the most important elements are the beauty associated with the rainbow, along with the mystery surrounding it, as it appears at times when the rain is watering the earth, giving it life.

Whatever the reason for using makeup to create a rainbow effect, it is one that is very compelling and looks great when it's completed.

We'll show some great photos of those who wanted a rainbow look, as well as look at tutorials where you'll see how everyone did it from the hair, the eyes, and almost the entire face in some instances.

Rainbow Makeup Designs

There are two ways to approach rainbow makeup. One is when you're making a statement when going out to a special place, and the other is when you want to prepare for a Halloween party or other themed event.

Most of the photos we include will be geared more to costuming, but the video tutorials will focus on creating a makeup look you can go out on the town with.

Let's look at some great rainbow makeup and tutorials now.

Rainbow Eye Makeup

This first rainbow makeup photo is one that you could easily go clubbing or step out on the town with.

It's a gorgeous look, and the blending of the colors around the eyes looks awesome. The touch of red on the forehead and the cheek, on opposite sides of the face really works well. This is one of the reasons it's so cool to try a rainbow as your makeup inspiration.


Rainbow Face Design

Here we have a very creative rainbow, flowing across the face from the top of the forehead to the edge of the mouth.

I love how the colors flow to work with the eye makeup; that's not an easy thing to accomplish. It looks fantastic.

Also nice was the way she made it look like she has water droplets on her face, giving a nod towards the association of water and rainbows.


Leopard Rainbow Makeup

With this leopard rainbow design we have a completely different look. She decided to go with less colors of the rainbow, using orange and yellow, and then adding some pink to top it off. It seems she went with the pink in order to be able to wear pink lipstick. More than likely that was a very personal decision, and it doesn't look bad at all, even though pink isn't part of the color of the rainbow. But who says we always have to follow the rules.

She obviously is dressed up like a leopard, as evidenced by her eye liner and cut ears, which complement the leopard spots.


Rainbow Makeup Video Tutorials

Now we'll take a look at some great video tutorials to give you ideas on how to create an awesome rainbow makeup look.

We'll cover rainbow eyes and lips, as well as rainbow hair for those wanting a complete rainbow face and head.

Rainbow Smokey Eyeshadow With Rainbow Lips Tutorial

How to do Rainbow Hair

Rainbow Makeup Masks

For those who may not know, the type of rainbow makeup below is referred as masks, regardless of what the theme is. So these are rainbow masks, called such because of the decision to use makeup to create a mask look, rather than use a physical mask.

The first one is very simple and cute. Again, the choice to use some colors which are not part of the rainbow was made, and as mentioned earlier, it's always a personal choice, and that's part of the fun of doing yourself up. If you want to make you own rainbow out of the colors you want, do what pleases and works for you.

With the bottom rainbow mask we have one that is really out there. This is one of those in-your-face makeup jobs, where there is no way you're not going to be affected by what you see when encountering this look.

It's really very well done, and everything, from the makeup around the eyes, which is finished off with those wonderful black lines flowing out, to the unique choice of lipstick, with the black on the edges moving in to become yellow. That's really a different look for the lips, which has a dramatic effect on the whole face.

Finally, you have the eyes, where the contact color choice was great, working with the lipstick color and some of the color in the eye design.


Complete Rainbow Makeup Look

If you really want to go all out with your rainbow makeup look, here is a great example of how far you can take it.

You have the hair, eyes and lips all using the rainbow theme, which is accentuated by the choice of clothes, and even nail color. It's a very committed and cool look for someone that wants to display the colors of the rainbow, or almost be a rainbow, as you see here.


Rainbow Makeup

After looking at all these rainbow photos and videos, you can see why it is such a compelling choice for those wanting a makeup look that garners a lot of attention.

There is also the option to use the makeup in a more subtle way that makes a statement, but allows you to go out and have fun, without looking too over the top.

Using the rainbow as a makeup theme is an option all of us should consider when thinking of a great Halloween or costume party look, or when wanting to go out to a special place for fun.


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