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Rapunzel Birthday Cake and Cupcake Decorating Ideas

Updated on September 7, 2014

Make a Fabulous Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Cake

Are you looking for a fabulous birthday cake inspired by the Disney movie Tangled with Rapunzel as the star? You've found the right place! Search through a huge variety of different styles of Tangled Rapunzel birthday cakes and cupcakes to choose from. Why bother to waste your money from a store bought cake when you can make one on a budget?! Your daughter will LOVE these cakes at their birthday party! Find fun toppers, balloons, invitations, games, and much more fun things!

Princess Dolls For Your Cake - Top Your Birthday Cake Off With The Princess!

An easier way to make Rapunzel is to just buy a cheap doll/ barbie offline or in the stores! All you have to do is stick her in the middle of a cake or on top of the tower. It is super simple and your little daughter can take it out and play with it after birthday cake time! How perfect!

Her Hair on the Cake

Decorating with Frosting

The most important part of making this Tangled Rapunzel birthday cake is to perfect her long golden hair. There are many varieties of ways to creating her luscious locks with frosting. My personal favorite is to use buttercream that you can buy either online or in the grocery store. If you buy vanilla or white flavored, all you need to complete the look is a dab of yellow food coloring.

Start by filling a bag with frosting using a pointy tip and make long strokes down the castle protruding from Rapunzel's head. Try to make lots of marks like the strands of her hair. It doesn't have to be perfect!

Put Maximus Horse On The Birthday Cake - Sit Rapunzel Doll on Top too!

There are many topper ideas for a princess birthday cake to choose from. You can check out the ones below that you can buy from Amazon such as from Disney Tangled movie topper which you just press on top of a regular cake. I would recommend a white type cake to start with so you can decorate the sides of the cake with frosting.

A fun little idea is to put the doll with her hair falling down the side and have a Flynn Rider figure climbing up it or waiting at the bottom. You can also put a little hat on Rapunzel or stick stars coming out of the top of the castle. OR put all the Disney Tangled characters on the cake and buy them below!

Rapunzel Cake Tower - The Structure Of Your Cake

To complete your Tangled Rapunzel birthday cake you will need to buy certain size cake pans to stack them up to make a tower OR use a cardboard structure. This is pretty easy once you trace the cardboard first and cut it out (you can do it with your kiddies too!) Make sure you cut out a little window at the top of the tower for Rapunzel to lean out of.

You can either make bricks out of frosting or design stones out of candy. Browse through the pictures to the right to get some fun ideas! The possibilities are endless for this tower cake!

Tangled Rapunzel Cake Pictures - Cake and Cupcake Decorating Ideas

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Rapunzel Cupcake Toppers

You can't possibly have a party without the balloons! It makes it easy since these balloons are priced right and fit with the whole theme of the party.

Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Invitations

Excite all the children before they even get to your birthday party with these affordable invitations!


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