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Really Romantic Anniversary Gifts And Ideas

Updated on January 8, 2015

Romantic Anniversary Gift And Date Ideas For Him And Her

Stuck for ideas for your anniversary? Whether it is a wedding anniversary or the anniversary of when you got together, a 1 year anniversary or a 50 year anniversary you want to make it special and celebrate your love. I have brought together a collection of my favorite unique anniversary gifts and date ideas to share with you. Personally I love the ideas here, they are really unique and fun. I hope you find something you like too!

(Image courtesy of 'Photostock' -

Your Anniversary

Some people like to celebrate their love and pull out all the stops on an Anniversary to make their loved one feel special. And some couples don't think they are important, preferring to celebrate their love every day. Sometimes it can be an issue if one of the couple thinks it's important and one doesn't!

Most women like to be spoiled and it also feels fun to set up something romantic. Personally Anniversaries are important to me and I love to be made a fuss of and do something special. And how about you?

Is it important to celebrate Anniversaries?

Anniversary Gifts To Suit Every Budget

1 year Anniversary Gifts Upwards

Something for every budget, starting with the romantic coupon book, have some fun and spoil each other with these sexy love coupons. The picture frame is personalized with your names and a picture of your choice to capture those happy memories. The chocolates are truly delicious and presented in a big, heart shaped box, a classic way to show you care. The ring is a special white gold heart shaped ring with a Sapphire! A totally unique way to show how much you love her (and it won't break the budget either - I just love this ring!). Or, if you fancy splashing out why not try a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon champagne is some special sparkly, romantic glasses!

The Romantic Coupon Book [Paperback]

I Love You Personalized Romantic Gift Wood Frame

Dove Valentine's Truffle Hearts Milk Chocolate 6.5-Ounce Heart Tin

14k White Gold Sapphire Heart Ring Size 7

Hortense B. Hewitt Wedding Accessories Sparkling Love Champagne Flutes Set of 2

1 Year Anniversary Gifts

One Year Anniversary Gifts For Him And Her!

Often 1 year anniversary gifts can be the hardest to think of because in some ways you are still getting to know that person. However usually at one year the relationship is still smokin' hot, so you may well want to splash out and spend a little more.

There are plenty of ideas in this article for romantic trips, tours and getaways that you can take together to make really special memories, and also gift ideas for if you want to splash out a little and really impress your lover, or you are on a budget and just want something unique that won't break the bank.

Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas - Him

If you are stuck for a date idea take a look at these unique experience gifts (based in the USA). There is bound to be something to tickle his fancy, from helicopter tours and stock car racing to wine tasting for the pair of you, brewery tours, market tours, hiking with wine tasting and much more. Click the picture below to see the full list of experiences and make it one to remember!

Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas - Him

Show that you think he is the one with these stylish glasses. This business holder is good quality, classy and modern. It comes with FREE ENGRAVING to personalize it and make it really special. The cross is really unique and is ideal for the stylish man or as a modern way to express his faith. It makes an ideal gift for a religious man. It is very unusual and it doesn't tarnish! Silk boxer shorts can feel really sensual and get him in the mood, and these ones are great fun as they can be personalized. And the compass is an ideal gift for an active outdoorsy man. Also this Griffin Survivor iphone case is ideal for the man who spends a lot of time outside, and is prone to dropping his phone. Made of rubber and plastic, these survivor cases are the ones used by the army and they offer serious protection for your phone! I have one because I am a person who frequently drops my phone, and since having this case for my new iphone, it hasn't got a scratch or mark on it! The screen protector is also showerproof.

BoldLoft "Soulmate" Drinking Glass Set

Fashionable Belief: Stainless Steel Celtic Cross with Halo Unisex Pendant Necklace

Outdoor Camping Hiking Portable Brass Pocket Golden Compass

Personalized Black Silk Boxer Shorts


My Heart Will... Pocket Compass

This unique, unusual romantic gift is made handmade using Pewter in Rhode Island. It comes in a velvet case and features a compass on the back. It is a lovely way to convey your love for him/her and let him/her know you will always be here for him, no matter how far away he/she is! You will always fine each other.


What I Love About You [Hardcover]

Do you find it hard to say you love her? If so this book is worth a look! It prompts you to say how you feel by getting you to answer questions and fill in the blanks. It will be completely personal and unique because what you write will be about your relationship and the memories you share. This is a truly unique anniversary gift for her that will make her feel special, and you will stick in her mind! Just fill it out and send it.

Romantic Anniversary Dinner Delivered!

If you are not into cooking and you still want to spoil your partner with an elaborate home cooked feast, these special gourmet meals are just the ticket. They actually deliver them ready prepared to your home, so that you can serve them up with minimal preparation! Take your pick of the variations on offer, if you were feeling really naughty you could even pretend that you made the meal yourself! (ahem, I didn't just say that!) - mum's the word!

Americana Four Course - Anniversary Gourmet Dinner Gift Delivered

Cajun Three Course - Anniversary Gourmet Dinner Gift Delivered

Fusion Four Course - Anniversary Gourmet Dinner Gift Delivered

Parisian Four Course - Anniversary Gourmet Dinner Gift Delivered

Soup Gift - Italian Wedding Bread & Cookies

Lamb Gourmet Meal Gifts Delivered

Chocolate Heaven!

Does your partner absolutely LOVE chocolate? This is the perfect gift for a chocoholic. This experience gift is based in Seattle. Learn all about chocolate, the history of chocolate, how it's made, and best of all, get to sample some of the finest, most luxurious chocolate available! You will get to sample some of the following: chocolate truffles, chocolate cakes and brownies, chocolate popcorn, luxury drinking chocolate, caramel and much more! This is a sensuous experience which will tantalizer your taste buds and get you in the mood for love!

Romantic Anniversary Date Ideas Him and Her!

Romantic Gondola Cruise

This is the perfect romantic afternoon. Relaxing aboard an authentic gondola and sailing gently through the Mandalay Canales and Lake Carolyn. There are beautiful waterfalls to see and stunning scenery and your gondolier will do the hard work leaving you to sit back and enjoy the cruise. You will receive a box of luxury chocolates to share on your journey and you experience this unique way to travel with your loved one. This gondola trip will make memories you can treasure forever.


How About A Romantic Break In The UK For Your 1 Year Anniversary?

Superbreak offer romantic and fun breaks for couples in the UK. Ranging from concert and comedy breaks, to romantic stays with dinner included, to theater breaks. You can see your favorite show or concert and make some memories to remember in the capitol city of the UK.

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Whether it's a 1 year anniversary or a 50 Year anniversary I hope you found something you like. Leave a comment to let me know what you thought and that you stopped by.

What Do You Think Of These Anniversary Gifts?

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    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @shellys-space: Yes it is a lovely set!

    • shellys-space profile image

      Shelly Sellers 4 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

      I love the Soul Mates glass set for an Anniversary gift!

    • greenmind profile image

      GreenMind 4 years ago from USA

      Aw. What a sweet lens. Nice job!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @dwnovacek: Oh I am sorry to hear that!

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I think you have some great gift ideas on here. Thanks for the information!

    • dwnovacek profile image

      dwnovacek 4 years ago

      @steverayg13: Too late, dear husband!

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @steverayg13: Ha ha :-)

    • PenguinGirl111 profile image

      PenguinGirl111 4 years ago

      @tracy4 lm: Ah! Congratulations! :-)

    • tracy4 lm profile image

      tracy4 lm 4 years ago

      Wow Beautiful lens. My wife an i just celebrated our 11 year anniversary. Now thinking about it that's a long time.

    • steverayg13 profile image

      steverayg13 4 years ago

      Great lens...I hope my wife doesn't see it! ;)