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Recipe For A Simply Scary Halloween Hoolie

Updated on January 25, 2015

Halloween - That Spookary Time Of Year

It's creepy, it's spooky, it's weird, it's time for a simply scary Halloween Hoolie to dig you teeth into.

When.... well the 31st October ....the date Halloween is celebrated each year.

Where... well , anywhere you choose.

So how will this party take place?

Read on further for The Recipe.


Ghourlish Guests

Devilish Decorations

Creepy Costumes

Spooky Stories

Scary Sounds

Hellish Horror Movies

Please note that quantities of the above may vary due to individual variation of the hosts desires.


1. Invite Ghourlish Guests

Your Evil Invitations can be created:

~ on paper or card and posted ...........or

~ on an email and sent...........or

~ on a text and sent...........or

~ by voice and phoned...........or

~ by voice and presented in person

2. Sort Out Devilish Decorations

a. Write a list of all the decorations you want

eg 5 large pumpkins

box of tealight candles or candle wax to home make

2 skulls

spiders and spiders webs

black balloons

b. Go shopping and purchase requirements.

c. Create any decorations which are being home made

eg carved out pumpkin : this needs to be done close to the event like on 30th October

spooky candles: can be done anytime

d. Decorate House and Garden With Devilish Decorations

To be done closer to the time at your discretion.

Your Place Will Then Be Devilishis

Sink Your Teeth Into

3. Sort Out Creepy Costumes

You need to get into the spirit of the occasion ... or else.

You need to buy, hire or create creepy costumes for you and your family.

Costumes can be anything spooky like a witch, demon, devil, ghost, vampire. Or it can a famous character you like eg spiderman or fred flintstone

Do not forget some bold makeup which you can purchase at a store near you, close in time to halloween.

4. Decide and Create Fiendish Food and Drink To Serve Your Ghoulish Guests


~For Instance~



Platter of Sandwitches

Mummy Franks and Vampire Dip


Pumpkin Soup with Ghostly Garlic Bread


Steamed Soul or Wearwolf Stew

Smashed Potatoes

Spiderweb Salad

Carrot Sticks



Chocolate Coffins and Strawberry Sauce

Apple Dumplings with a wicked dash of custard and cream


A Creepy Candy Selection of Spiders, Teeth and Eyeballs

Tea Coffee Tomato Juice


You will need to do this either on the day or the day before by following the recipes below.

5. Sort Out Spooky Stories, Scary Sounds and Hellish Halloween Movies












6. Combine Ingredients 1 to 5 and......

BREW for 2 - 4 hours until *desired effect* (see in next point )

You can combine ingredients in various orders and ways.

Here is One Wild Way

* Put Scary Sounds On

** Add Ghourlish Guests slowly over thirty minutes

*** Stir in Creepy Cocktails and Spooky Starters

**** Throw in A Ghost Story

***** Gently Fold in the next three ingredients ~ soup::::mains::::dessert ~ one at a time over the next hour or so until well mixed.

****** Separate out the scary sounds and put aside.

******* Mix in a Hellish Horror Movie and Finale Food and Drink until completed

******** Put back on the scary sounds

Release Ghourlish Quests

This happens when the *desired effect* of leaving arises.

The following is Optional

As each guest is released present them with a creepy coffin card ( card in shape of coffin ) saying:

on the front


name of guest

31st October 2010

on the back

The Halloween Hoolie Recipe

On Both Sides

creepy pictures

Hope you enjoyed this recipe for a simply scary Halloween Hoolie.

It is one time of year where you find your inner ghoulish soul and release it for a fabulously fiendish time.

Do You Like HALLOWEEN pArTiEs?

Do You Like HALLOWEEN pArTiEs?

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Any Halloween comments greatly received

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