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Red Christmas Decorating

Updated on December 23, 2013

Red Christmas Decor and Design

Decorating for Christmas? Red Christmas decorations are bold yet traditional: Red, along with green, is one of the most popular Christmas colors. While some might be dreaming of a white Christmas or having a blue Christmas without you, these red Christmas designs are sure to stun! I've gathered photographs of a single-color Christmas design scheme using red, as well as a selection of red Christmas items for you to create your own 'Red Christmas' this year.

Browse these ideas and products for a variety of red Christmas themes: Peppermint, Santa Claus, Amaryllis & Poinsettia, Modern Monochromatic Red and more.

Red Christmas Themes

A Red Christmas

Many traditional images from Christmas can be used when working within a monochromatic red color scheme for your Christmas decorations. Red and green are the two most traditional Christmas colors. Red appears in many holiday characters and candies, as well as the traditional Christmas flower, the Poinsettia and those ubiquitous holly berries.

  • Rudolph the Reindeer's Red Nose
  • Santa Claus' Suit and Hat
  • Nut Crackers and Wooden Soldiers
  • Candy Canes
  • Peppermints
  • Apples
  • Chili Peppers
  • Poinsettias
  • Amaryllis
  • Cranberries
  • Hypernicum Berries

New House of Art has an imaginative article (with a number of different styles and colors represented) concerning creative Christmas candles. Check candycane and holly wrapped candles and candles floating in bowls with berries.

Learn how to easily make these Christmas-themed hurricane candle holders from Martha Stewart's website. Print off and cut out the design template provided at the link, place it inside the votive and then trace the cut-outs with glue on the outer portion of the hurricane votive. Next, sprinkle the hurricane glass with glitter and leave it to dry. Leave some glitter sprinkled around the base of the candle, placed on a glass cake stand.

This look is easy to pull together. Martha Stewart details how to secure faux, red glittered holly leaves to the bobeches of your chandelier with candle adhesive using a hot glue gun to secure more of them to the tops of red ornaments that hang from a beaded garland strand draped from the same chandelier.

No need to purchase any special vases to complete this candy-striped look for your red and white amaryllis flowers. Consult Martha Stewart on how to create these peppermints vases from glass vases covered in pearlescent or vellum paper and finished with a red ribbon.

Complete Some Of The Red Christmas Crafts Above - Christmas Hurricane Candle Holders and Candy-Striped Vases

Here is everything you need (except the glue and the candles or amaryllis flowers themselves) to complete a few of the above Martha Stewart Red Christmas craft projects.

Martha Stewart has cleverly used rubber bands to clumb together "berry clusters" of red Christmas light strings which were then wrapped around fir garlands.

Country Living Magazine advises you to group your collection of Santa figurines in close proximity, gluing some to a wreath with a hot glue gun for added effect.

In the same article (slide #43) Country Living Magazine advises you to give your bowl of Amaryllis blossoms a half turn once every three days to ensure straight growth of the stems. Another tip: use an ironstone bowl - you'll get a riot of growth

In slide #63 of yet the same Country Living Magazine article, you take amaryllis buds and place them in small jars of water whilst affixing them to your Christmas tree with wire.

Going back to Martha Stewart for tips, she suggests making an advent calendar with all those little newborn socks hung from ribbon. CUTE.

Martha Stewart of course can show us how to do this simply beautiful red and white Christmas tree on the cheap.

She advises us to make candy holder ornaments out of card stock, ribbons, glitter and glue. She even provides you with the same template used for the candy baskets on this tree

Unbreakable trees are good for little Christmas revelers and of course Martha walks us through the creation of these toddler-safe ornaments Read all about how she made sure these boughs won't break with paper ornaments, paper chains, garlands of popcorn and a supported tree.

Make sure your gifts are as much a part of your Christmas decor as your flowers, Christmas tree, lights and stockings. Better Homes and Garden magazine shows you how to make beautiful handmade bows. Of course, these bows can be used on more than just gifts: Use them on Christmas wreaths, as Christmas tree ornaments, etc...

Start Your Own Christmas Collection Today

Here are a few red retro or classic Christmas decorations you can purchase to start your own collection of Christmas decorations.

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Has this lens inspired you to try out a red Christmas theme this year? Do you usually go with red for your Christmas decorating? What is your favorite color for Christmas?

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      Very beautiful lens. Thanks

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      Who would have thought that so much red could look so good on one page? Great lens!

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      I can't imagine Christmas without red color all over the house. It's warm, it's merry and goes so well with the Christmas spirit. Great lens! Blessed by s Squid Angel:)

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      Absolutely gorgeous lens!

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      I enjoyed your gorgeous lens! Wonderful ideas here. :)

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      Great pictures! Really can't wait the coming of Christmas and New Year.

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      Beautiful lens! Great work :)

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      Great lens. You make me want to start decorating already. Too bad a Christmas theme wouldn't work for Halloween..........

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      This is a very original lens well done!

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      Wow the pictures and graphics make me want Christmas to come. Beautiful job on your lens, your skills are very impressive.

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      wow, beautiful lens. Glad to stop by. I'll come around when I need xmas decor ideas.