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Red Egg and Ginger Parties

Updated on September 7, 2012

A Traditional Way to Welcome Baby to the Community

Red Egg and Ginger parties are traditional Chinese celebrations which are held about one month after the birth of a new baby. The celebration is held then because the baby who reached one month was considered more likely to survive in days of old. The baby's name was traditionally announced for the first time at this occasion, and the mother and baby, after a month of resting at home, are reintroduced to the community.

Favors of red-dyed, hard-boiled eggs are given to each guest as a symbol of new life, luck and happiness. (Red is the color of luck, happiness and celebration in China, so it presides over the event.) Guest are given an even number of eggs for a baby boy, or an odd number of eggs for a baby girl.

Red pickled ginger doubles the luck. Pickled ginger root to represent a family's long, deep roots. Ginger is also used in the new mother's diet during her "sitting" month to "warm" her after being weak from child birth, making it even more fitting for the one month occasion. Alternate traditional favors include pork biscuits and rice cakes.

Guests normally bring gifts to a Red Egg and Ginger party, including "Lysee" (lucky money in red envelopes) or jewelry for girls. Clothing is another popular option, especially with a tiger motif since the tiger is the symbolic protector of babies.

red egg and ginger
red egg and ginger


That'd be red, eggs... and ginger.

Red - Associated in China with well being, happiness, joy and celebrations. It is traditionally worn by Chinese brides. Red was a color worn by nobility and is also the symbol of fire. Red paper is frequently used to wrap gifts of money or other objects. Red text or writing, however, is associated with obituaries.

Egg - Eggs are a symbol of fertility. Dyed red, they are lucky and are given as gifts at the red egg and ginger party.

Ginger - noted for its digestive properties, ginger is given to the mother during her period of confinement to recover from the birth. After the child's birth, a piece of raw ginger was hung on the front door to ward off evil spirits. At the red egg and ginger party, pickled ginger is often given as gifts to the guests.

Red Envelopes for Lucky Money - from eBay

If you are giving money to the baby at a red egg and ginger party, or for a birthday or Chinese New Year, you may want to have some of these little red envelopes. According to Wikipedia, the money given should be in even amounts, and not include the number four!

Traditional red envelopes for gifts - from

These cute little red envelopes with "lucky money" in them are the traditional gift at red egg and ginger parties. Money gifts are typically an even number for best luck!

Tigers Designs for Babies on eBay - eBay can be a great resource for hard-to-find items!

What eBay is offering today....

Chinese Baby Wear from Amazon - Tigers watch over babies and give good luck

The tiger is the traditional symbol to watch over baby. Give the little one a gift, shoes, hat or shoes with a tiger on it for good luck! Also fun are Chinese Zodiac items with the emblem of the year baby was born. 2012 is Year of the Dragon, 2013 is Year of the Snake, 2014 is Year of the Horse and 2015 is Year of the Goat.

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      JuniperBerries 5 years ago

      Thanks! I always wondered what the red egg and ginger represented.