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Valentine Red Heart Gift Ideas for the one you love

Updated on February 12, 2014

Give a Red Heart Gift for Valentines Day or just to say 'I Love You'

From gifts of jewelery, umbrellas, kitchen bowls, mugs and of course chocolate, there are many red heart shaped gifts that are perfect for your Valentine.

The symbol of a playing card red heart to represent everlasting love and care has been used in religious paintings, valentine cards, keepsakes and more recently as the symbol for the British Heart Foundation.

Interspersed with the red hearts are jokes, quotes and the music of heartthrob Michael Buble - so while you are choosing the right gift, your visit will be MEGA enjoyable.

Red Heart Romantic Folklore

In European traditional art and folklore, the heart symbol is drawn in a stylized shape. This shape is typically coloured red, suggesting both blood and, in many cultures, passion and strong emotion. The hearts have constituted, since the 15th century, one of the red suits in most playing card decks. The shape is particularly associated with romantic love; it is often seen on St. Valentine's Day cards, candy boxes, and similar popular culture artifacts as a symbol of romantic love.


Red Heart Pillows

Cosy and romantic - scatter them in the bedroom.

Red Heart Chocolate Boxes

Full of yummy irresistible choccy!

Red Heart Diamond Pendant

The ultimate gift of love - red heart and diamonds. Yes please!

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare

Love quotes of William Shakespeare

English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare, knew a thing or two about the pain and joy of being in love. Here are a few of his famous quotes.

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew. "

"Such is my love, to thee I so belong,

That for thy right myself will bear all wrong. "

"My bounty is as deep as the sea,

My love as deep; the more I give to thee,

The more I have, for both are infinite. "

"They do not love that do not show their love. "

"Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love. "

"Love goes toward love. "

Do you give your love gifts?

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Red heart pendant with diamonds accenting the whole heart. ILOVEU on reverse side Also available with Pink Ceramic

Red Heart Shaped Sequined Change Purse

It says I love you all over it! A beautiful sequined covered red change purse has a zipper opening for carrying small items. It is 5 inches high and 4 inches wide. It is lined in red satin. Made in the magical land of Bali

My funny valentine

Sung by one of the greats - Michael Buble. Don't it just make you want to melt!

Say I Love You

By making a personalised heart gift

Easy to use, Zazzle is a customizable product site, where you design your own gift. It could be a t-shirt, a mug, a picture and so on. Check out the many options to make your gift unique.

Lancashire Courting Cake to bake for the one you love

Red Heart Brooch

Where there is love there is beauty.

Red Heart Earrings

Embrace glamour and mystique with these captivating dark red glass heart earrings, crafted in 925 sterling silver. Garnet-red glass hearts are cradled in a floral setting of milgrain-textured sterling silver and glittering dark marcasite, with a vine-like filigree backing visible through the glass. The hearts dangle below petal shapes at the posts, and the earrings are secured with friction backings. These vintage-inspired earrings make a beautiful impression, and a thoroughly romantic gift.



Romantic Gesture by Paul Curtis

My wife told me to be more romantic

And to book a table for Valentines Day

When we arrived at the snooker hall

I can tell you there was all hell to pay


Valentine Dreams -

One morning Emma woke up with a start. Her husband Jim asked what was the matter, she told him, "I just had a dream that you gave me a pearl necklace for Valentine's day. What do you think it means?"

"You'll know tonight," Jim said.

That evening, Jim home with a small package and gave it to his wife. Delighted, Emma opened it - only to find a book entitled "The meaning of dreams".


Be Mine Valentine Apron

Red hearts emblazon this attractive apron for the one you love.

Red Heart Umbrella

Fill rainy days with love thanks to this funky umbrella! The Heart Umbrella is a must have for any romantic. Whilst closed, it looks like almost any other stylish brolly but once opened it takes the shape of a huge heart! Choose between a red, hot pink and candy pink umbrella to give you a lift on a cloudy day.

Heart Shaped Serving Bowl Set - Love in the kitchen

These bowls are made of 100 % melamine. . Heart shaped and appropriately colored. Red. Ideal for serving snacks, condiments, candy and ice cream; perfect for seasonal celebrations and gift giving. Set of 4 bowls, individually sized: 2.6 quart, 1.25 quart, 0-1/2 quart and 5 ounce.

Valentine 9 Red Hearts Mug - Love served with coffee

Valentine 9 Red Hearts Mug. Why drink coffee out of an ordinary mug? Microwave safe, FDA approved. Image is printed on both sides of the mug. Dishwasher use is not recommended.

British Heart Foundation

The British Heart Foundation was founded in 1961 by a group of medical professionals wanting to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease.

Your heart is a pump that keeps blood moving around your body. It delivers oxygen and nutrients to all parts of your body, and carries away unwanted carbon dioxide and waste products.

Some people are born with hearts that have not developed properly before birth - this is called congenital heart disease. Some heart conditions may develop later in life, including coronary heart disease and atrial fibrillation. Sometimes you can inherit a heart condition from your family.

The Heart Foundation has a portfolio of websites that can help you, whether you want to help your children understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle or get active at work.

They rely on the generosity of people like you to help them continue their vital work. From creating a fund in memory of a loved one to setting up regular giving, or through fundraising and sponsorship, there are lots of ways you can donate.

Visit the website for details.


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