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Red Riding Hood Cape

Updated on February 11, 2015

Little Red Riding Hood and her Red Cape

One of the easiest costumes to make is a Little Red Riding Hood costume because the only thing you really need is the the Red Riding Hood cape. Sure, you can add accessories like a picnic basket of goodies for grandma, but without the red cape their is no Little Red Riding Hood costume.

Whether you buy or make your own Red Riding Hood cape it is the essential ingredient in a Red Riding Hood costume. Find Red Riding Hood cape tutorials, patterns, and costumes throughout the page.

Red Riding Hood / Buy at

Little Red Riding Hood is a character from a European fairy tale. The first recorded story appeared in 1697 in Histories ou Contre du Temps Passé written by Charles Perrault. The fairy tale follows the story of little red riding hood who braves a dark forest to take her sick grandmother some goodies but encounters the big bad wolf on her way. Eventually the grandmother and red riding hood were eaten by the wolf. A local lumberjack/ hunter rescues the two by cutting open the wolf while he slept and pulling out the two. Then the grandmother, red riding hood, and the lumberjack fill the wolf's stomach full of stones and sew his stomach back up. The wolf takes off never to be heard from again.

The story of the girl with the red cape has been told and retold many times. Current film adaptions of the story appear in films Hoodwinked and Red Riding Hood (2011). Read more about Little Red Riding Hood.

Red Riding Hood Cape Tutorial - Create a red cape for your costume teaches you how to construct a Red Riding Hood cape with this straightforward tutorial. The link to the Red Riding Hood cape pattern can be found at

Red Riding Hood Cape - Essential Costume Accessory

Great Pretenders Little Red Riding Cape (Medium)
Great Pretenders Little Red Riding Cape (Medium)

The Little Red Riding Hood Cape is red and made from velvety material. Cape is held on by ties around the neck. This cape is designed to fit children 4 - 6 years of age.


Toddler Deluxe Red Riding Hood Costume with Cape - Costume for Toddler

Forum Novelties Kids Deluxe Lil' Red Riding Hood Costume, Toddler, One Color
Forum Novelties Kids Deluxe Lil' Red Riding Hood Costume, Toddler, One Color

This Red Riding Hood Cape Costume is available in sizes 2T-6. Costume includes red, white, and black dress with hooded cape and belt. Costume is made out of 100% polyester material. Costume is dry clean only.


Child Costume with Red Riding Cape - Live a fairytale

Little Red Riding Hood Costume, Small
Little Red Riding Hood Costume, Small

Child Red Riding Hood Costume features dress with red Gingham skirt decorates the dress. Costume included red hooded cape. Child's size small fits children 44" tall with 25" waist.


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