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Red Christmas Tree Skirts

Updated on October 15, 2015

Red Tree Skirts

The deep red associated with red Christmas tree skirts really gives off an awesome color and nicely accentuates any holiday décor for your home. It's also a major color, along with green, of the Christmas holiday season.

Below are a number of solid red tree skirts to show how different designs and shades of red look great with your Christmas tree.

As mentioned, the red color of Christmas tree skirts will go with the majority of Christmas decorations you may choose to put up, and so is always a great choice when making your mind up on what color to buy or use.

Another nice benefit of using red is it also makes your Christmas gifts look much nicer when displayed with the red color of the tree skirt underneath, as the solid color holds all the diverse colors of your packages together in a way that makes sense and looks great.

Plaid Red Tree Skirt

The strength of this red tree skirt is that it is plaid and would would probably last a much longer time than some other materials that may be used to make a Christmas tree skirt. What it obviously sacrifices is design, but it depends on your personal situation and the number of children and grandchildren you may have with you or coming to stay, as to how durable you want your red tree skirt to be.

Pets also play a significant part in the decision, and durable may be a much better choice than great designs that could easily be ruined.

Either way though, a nice, solid red plaid Christmas tree skirt looks good on its own, providing a wonderful foundation to lay your presents on.

Red Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt

Deep Red Tree Skirt

This deep red tree skirt really stands out with its color, and I liked it the second I saw it. This looks very durable and made to last, as you can see from the stitching.

And speaking of the stitching, the bright color shows nicely, becoming part of the design.

Red Christmas Tree Skirt

This is another nicely colored tree skirt, and I like the edges, which are crimped great to give that quality effect so many of us like. The looser fabric also adds a more bumpy look to the Christmas tree skirt, providing a nice alternative to those who prefer that type of look for their tree skirt, rather than the flat look.

Red Velvet Christmas Tree Skirt

Red Lace Tree Skirt

Here are one of those red Christmas tree skirts which look fantastic, but could suffer if you have pets with claws or rowdy dogs or children around. These are easy to snag something on, but if the circumstances are right, would look fantastic as a tree skirt.

Crocheted Red Christmas Tree Skirt

Red Knitted Tree Skirt

Here's another great example of solid and deep red tree skirt, which in this case is knitted, although it's a little hard to see because of the photo. Even so, you can see how terrific it looks, and you can tell this is a work of love.

The red color really pops out at you, adding a nice touch to your Christmas decor.

Red Christmas Tree Skirts

You can see that as far as solid colored Christmas tree skirts go, a solid red color is among the best, and really adds to any Christmas décor and decorated tree, as it'll flow nicely with the rest of your decorations. Whether you want durability or great design, red tree skirts really work well.


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