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Resident Ghosts

Updated on November 16, 2014

A Victorian haunted house

I lived in a house which was haunted for 5 years. Unfortunately I had to move, not due to the ghosts. It was an old Victorian house, built in the 1890s with a lot of original features and character. I loved it!

It wasn't long after I moved in that I realize someone else was living in the same space as me. It didn't bother me, if anything made me curious about who this presence was.

I embarked in a mission to find out more and thanks to higher powers I incredibly completed this mission!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Are ghost real?

The presence makes itself known

As with any other story I've known, I began to believe there was a presence in the house when things started to disappear, re-appear, moved from one place to another. I used to say to my children that things had little legs in that house, and a mind of their own!

Initially, I just thought I misplaced things. It's the reasonable things to believe. "But how am I all of a sudden misplacing so many things all the time?". I began to think maybe it wasn't me. One night, just as to tell me "It's not you, I'm here for real" things really MOVED! A curtain pole fell down, right in front of my eyes. The screws and screw plugs pulled out the wall as if someone just swung on it pulling it with its weight! The pole had been up for a couple of weeks but I still had no curtains on it. Again, initially I tried to find a logical explanation, but just couldn't find one. Then, the day after, the classic favorite in horror movies: doors open in the kitchen cabinets. Yep, it's definitely not me, there's someone here who's not shy apparently!

Books on ghost stories

Playing with electronics

I've been out quite late one night, dropping off and picking up my children from various activity clubs. It was a Friday night, end of the working week and I was looking forward to sitting in front of the television, relaxing with a glass of wine. I got home and my partner was watching a DVD. He was already half way though the movie so by the time I sat down he said I should start it from the beginning, he didn't mind.

I pressed "stop" on the remote, nothing. That's ok, maybe the batteries are running out. Pressed "stop" on the DVD player, nothing. Ok, it's playing up, we really need a new player. I pressed "eject".......the DVD popped out.......the movie is still playing. I grabbed the DVD, it's now on my lap but we both can't help but staring at the TV screen as the movie continue to play. I quickly unplugged the DVD player. Still going. My partner jumped up and unplugged the TV. That's it, gone. We decided to check through the TV channels, just in case, by some freak coincidence the same movie was broadcasted and run exactly parallel to the DVD. No, that wasn't the case. Well, after this little adventure lets just go to sleep......

After that night, my resident ghost obviously took a liking to electronics. Channels would change by themselves occasionally, in any of my 4 TV sets. Bit annoying if anything!

Finding out the names

By now, I lived in the house for a few months. We would have really quite times and then havoc for a day or so with things moving, channels changing, things falling. I wasn't scared and I never fell threatened.

One night I had a vivid dream that would reveal the identity of my resident spirit.

My uncle, who passed away 6 years earlier came to me in a dream. It wasn't the first time he featured in one of my dreams. That night, the dream was very real, very unusual. He talked about these two people he knew, Charles and Ed. I told him I didn't recall him knowing anyone with those names. He replied "Of course you know them, they live in your house". In the dream, of course everything made sense. "Oh, yes, silly me, of course I know them uncle". When I woke up in the morning I wrote all I could remember about the dream. Is it two of them? Charles and Ed. "Interesting, I know your names now"!

My mission to match the names

Now that I knew the names I wanted to match them to people that lived in the house. I was determined. I searched the census record for 1891 and 1901. Nothing. The 1911 record was not yet available. I searched military and the local parish and church records. Couldn't find any Charles or Ed living at that address. I decided to leave it until the 1911 census became available.

When I could finally get my hands on the latest available record, the 1911 census I found a Charles, working in the building industry, married with 2 children living at the address. The neighbor, also a building worker was a certain Edmund. Could they be my resident ghosts? I researched on and off for 3 years by then and I just accepted it must have been them, ridiculous as it sounds I felt accomplished at that point.

Selling the house

Unfortunately, due to circumstances I had no control over I had to put the house for sale. I had several viewings from prospective buyers and one I will always remember.

It was a middle age couple viewing with their daughter, who was ready to buy her first house. They had a good look around, we had a chat, nothing out of the ordinary.

As we are standing on the landing, at the top of the staircase, the dad looked at me and asked me if there was a presence right there. I looked perplex and I thought maybe I misunderstood. He didn't ask again but as he was walking down the stairs he told me about this house he used to live in, how it was haunted and he had to move cause it was terrifying. I knew then I did understand the question. He obviously must have felt something. Why bring up his haunted house story otherwise? Needless to say that , although they liked the house, I never heard from them.

Have you got a ghost story to share?

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