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Retro DC Superhero Costumes

Updated on September 26, 2012

Retro-Action DC Super Heroes Costumes

The costumes on the Retro Action DC Super Heroes Action Figures Caught my eye. My boys would just love to have costumes like theirs to add to their superhero costume collection.

Most of the well known Superheros on TV have been around for years, with their costume evolving over time. So there is not surprise that their is many versions of costumes of the same character. The Retro Action figures costumes was meant to resemble the past costumes of that superhero.

Many of the superhero comics now wear cool super techno costumes with cool looking gadgets instead of their vintage attire. Its nice to look back at the costumes of the first superheros such as Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow. While the Retro Super Action Hero figurines are not a exact replica they are close.


Retro Batman Costume
Retro Batman Costume

What Does A Retro Batman Costume Look Like?

Since first appearing in DC Detective comics in May 1939 the has been many changes to Batman's Costume . "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate" Batman's first comic his costume was a low tech basic suit that had grey or blue tights with dark blue briefs. The suit was created to in similarity to old circus performing suits. Until batman's costume grew to a more modern design it had more of a bat wing look then what we visualize as today as a cape.

Batman's retro-action resembles clothing Batman wore in the late 70's and early 80's.

Batman Costumes - Find low cost retro batman costumes on ebay.

If your looking for real retro looking batman costumes, ebay is really the best place to look. It may take a few searches and a little bit of waiting but to get the costume you want it may be worth the work.


Retro Superman Costume
Retro Superman Costume

Retro Superman Costume

The time line of changes Superman's costume in comics, cartoons and movies have came through gradually. With the earliest and most visible change being the change of Superman's logo, first being a S then changing in font and being formed into a diamond shape. In the 90's the superman's costume changed color slightly. In 2000 the S symbol was formed in a pentagon with a vertical infinity symbol.

Superman DC Super Heroes Retro Action Figure is costumed to resemble Superman in the early 80's.

Green Lantern

Retro Green Lantern Costume
Retro Green Lantern Costume

Retro Green Lantern Costume

Published by DC Comics in July of 1940, Green Lantern went threw some changes but there costume are kept similar. With green mask, a two toned green and black body suit with green boots.

The Retro Action Green Lantern Costume is fashioned after the Green Lantern of the 1980's.

Green Arrow

Retro Green Arrow Costume
Retro Green Arrow Costume

Retro Green Arrow Costume

Green Arrow is more of a comic book legend then a movie star, first appearing in comic books in November 1941. He did not become a well known superhero until paired up with Green Lantern in the 1960's. To my sons he look kind of like Robin Hood, with his hat, bow and green costume but with more muscles.

This Retro Superhero Figure is costumed to resemble the Green Arrow in the late 1970's.

Find A Retro Green Arrow Costume On eBay

A green arrow costume is typically hard to find, many find that its easier to find a Robin Hood Costume and change it a bit for a Green Arrow Costume.

My favorite retro superhero costume has to be this Vintage Vinyl Superman Costume dated back from 1976. I think it would be cute on a kid and would defiantly be easy to clean.

What Is Your Favorite Superhero Costume?

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