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Ride The Wind

Updated on September 1, 2012

How To Celebrate Ride The Wind Day

August 23rd is Ride the Wind Day! I get quite slideshow of images when I think of this August holiday that's been kept a secret until now.

Ride The Wind Day it sounds exciting, doesn't it?

Soaring, gliding, flying, floating, light as a feather, feeling the wind on my face, troubles gone, mind empty of every thought, just feeling my senses come alive and taking in the awe of this incredible feeling.

I Don't Want This Feeling To End.

Want to celebrate Ride The Wind Day? Here are some great ways to do it, and you will find more on this lens, some so simple you will laugh at how easy it can be to ride the wind!

How To Ride The Wind:

  • Fly a kite
  • Fly in a plane
  • Hang glide
  • Parasail
  • Sky dive
  • Sail
  • Horseback ride
  • Wind surf
After you've looked at this lens be sure to catch the last video at the bottom of the is utterly mind blowing! I found it after this lens was posted, but had to put it on.

Fly A Kite On Ride The Wind Day

Kites are one of the easiest ways you can Ride The Wind. For who knows what reason, when you fly a kite it feels as if the kite is an extension of you and where it goes, so do you. It's a personal connection between you and your flying paper or cloth. To begin the journey, you must run and get some air under the kite, the kite gets caught in the wind you made and takes off into the sky. You've have the exhilaration of the run, of feeling the wind on your face and in your hair, and the thrill of that special moment when the wind catches your kite and takes it into flight. It's a rather romantic version of a simple act, but that's what it feels like to me.

Kites Riding The Wind

When Was The Last Time Your Kite Rode The Wind

Been kite flying lately?

Did You Ever Fly A Kite?

See results

Ride The Wind In A Plane

Not everyone gets the chance to fly in a plane, at least not like this! If you really want to ride the wind in an airplane this is the way to go. I've put a video of the Navy's Blue Angels here to show you just how amazing these planes and their pilots are. You can't talk about riding the wind without thinking of this flying acrobatic team. The Blue Angels were formed in 1946 and if you want to find out more information about them, here is the Official Blue Angels Website Link. You can find Blue Angel Flight Demonstrations and Airshows from March to November.

Other fun options for airplanes and Ride The Wind Day include:

  • Taking a biplane tour
  • Taking a flying lesson
  • Taking an adventure tour on a stunt plane
All these tours and adventures are probably as close as your Google search page or your local yellow pages.

Blue Angels Ride The Wind

We all can't be Blue Angels but we certainly can appreciate the flying they do.

Ride The Wind When You Hang Glide

Hang gliding is an activity that let's a person soar in the air, you are literally riding the wind. Using a hang glider that's usually made of aluminum alloy and fabric, a person can strap themselves into the glider and take off. The glider is controlled by the person's body movements. If you shift your weight, it will effect the direction you glide in, you can make turns and lower your altitude. You can also use aircraft flight control systems to control the glider if you want to get very techy. Most gliders are also equipped with GPS and a radio for safety and security reasons..

Gliding is an activity that can range anywhere from twenty minutes up the air to hours, depending on the strength of the wind source. Gliding is a great recreational activity for those who are looking for a little adventure in their lives. Can you imagine gliding over mountains, oceans and forests?

Hang Gliding Is An Ideal Way To Celebrate Ride The Wind Day

Ride The Wind Day - Feeling The Wind On My Face
Ride The Wind Day - Feeling The Wind On My Face

Children Ride The Wind All The Time

When you are a child you ride the wind all the time. I remember standing on windy days with my arms outstreched and my eyes closed, just letting feeling the wind push against me. It was exhilarating but somewhere along the way, I forgot how much fun it was. Thank goodness for this Squidoo Quest! The next sign of wind will have me out in the yard, eyes closed, arms reaching out from my sides, waiting for that easy joy once again.

Kids can ride the wind in their parents arms. A mom or dad lifting a child into the sky allows them the feeling of riding the wind, such a simple act, such an amazing feeling.

How about a pinwheel, that simple child's toy. We would run holding our pinwheels out and make our own wind. We were so full of magic back then, and it was all within ourselves.

Swings were another way to ride the wind. Pump as hard as you can, toes outstretched reaching for the sky, leaning back, eyes open, eyes closed, and suddenly it was as if you were flying.

All the extreme and exciting sports are one way, but riding the wind is a simple thing. It isn't extreme, it isn't difficult to achieve...ask any child and they will tell you how to reach this desired feeling.

Did You Ever Ride The Wind As A Child?

Have you ever done any of the things I mentioned above when you were a child?

Have You Ever Done These Things?

See results

Ride The Wind When You Parasail

Take a boat ride and then get hooked up in the parasail harness and sail. Stand on a platform and as the boat begins to move the air catches your parasail, it begins to lift you into the sky. It's quite an amazing feeling, it feels like you are riding the wind, and in fact, you are. As you rise higher and higher into the sky the view is amazing. You feel as though you can see forever.

I went parasailing in the Bahama Islands. I think it's one of the best places to go parasailing, the water is so very beautiful and clear. Take a look at the video to get a better idea of how exciting this experience can be.

Parasailing In Ft Myers Beach

Ride The Wind When You Sky Dive

Skydiving is jumping out of an airplane with a parachute on your back. It's an activity in which you do "tricks" in the air after jumping out of the plane while you are in free fall...that's the time right after you jump but before you deploy your parachute. This is certainly riding the wind.

There are several things that you'll need while skydiving, a parachute being the most important thing. You'll also want to consider a parachute that can accommodate an automatic activation device. This device automatically deploys your parachute when it detects that you've reached the maximum speed for a safe landing. And then there is safety gear. You'll need to wear a skydiving suit, helmet, goggles/glasses, a spinal protector and some padding.

The suit, helmet and goggles protect your body from the damage that high wind volatility can cause. They can prevent skin damage, blindness and more. The spinal protector and helmet also protects your body in the event you have a hard or bad landing. Is this something you would do? I don't think I would be brave enough!

Did You Ever Skydive?

Have You Ever Gone Skydiving?

See results

Freestyle Skydiving - This is amazing!

Ride The Wind Day  Sail The Wind Photo Credit
Ride The Wind Day Sail The Wind Photo Credit

Ride The Wind When You Sail

Sailing gives you the sensation of riding the wind in several ways. You get to fly through the water in a boat because the sails of your boat are pushed by the wind, you also get to feel the wind on your face and your body, and let's not forget the water, sprayed in every direction from the force of the boat pushing through it and from the wind blowing it. It's a wonderful way to celebrate Ride the Wind Day and sailing is a great way to spend any summer day, so August 23rd is in that ideal time frame. The heat of the summer, the coolness of the water spraying, the wonderful free feeling of the wind, make sailing a triple combination of the power and glory of nature.

Extreme Sailing

Ride The Wind When You're On A Horse

Horseback riding can be a slow and steady walk or a flying and furious run. When I imagine riding the wind, it's the run I am feeling. Many people ride bareback, many use a saddle when they ride. The video I have chosen for this segment is from The Black Stallion and there's no saddle. It shows a boy and a horse flying. The scenery is lovely and the clip is a perfect example, at least I think so, of the free feeling that riding the wind would bring,

Horseback Riding

Ride The Wind However You Can

The list of how to ride the wind goes on and one and I'm hoping you found one way to enjoy this incredible feeling. Whether it's spinning in the grass, standing at the shore or gliding down through the mountains hooked up to hang gliding wings, everyone should experience this wonderful, freeing feeling.

Ride The Wind - By Poison

"Of all the truths and lies

And stories of riders in the sky

They say only the bravest try

Where eagles and angels dare to fly"

Poison Ride The Wind Lyrics

Finding The Wind Window

Really Riding The Wind - Would You Do This?

I was trying to watch Jeb, watch the scenery and watch the shadow! Had to watch the video twice...he certainly is riding the wind.


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