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Rihanna S&M Video Outfits and Costumes

Updated on September 7, 2014

Dress Up As Rihanna in Her S&M Video!

I have loved Rihanna since the first time I heard her music but as soon as she released her single "S&M" music video, I was pretty shocked. I thought Rihanna was the good little innocent girl who got abused by Chris Brown but this song reveals she likes it rough! This S&M video has gone viral but is only permitted by 18 or older individuals. I agree with this limitation because it can get way too sexual sometimes. I have a feeling Rihanna will be the next big halloween costume this year instead of Lady Gaga! Here I have provided Rihanna S&M outfits and costume pictures for you to look at and then get inspiration to dress up. I have also included cheap accessories from Amazon for you to buy and make it easier to look like you just came out of the S&M video!

Rihanna S&M's Video Outfit #1 - Random!


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