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Ring Bearer and Junior Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Updated on November 13, 2014

Looking for Gifts for the Ring Bearer or Junior Groomsmen?

If you're looking for gift ideas for junior wedding attendants, especially junior groomsmen and the ring bearer, you're in the right place. Attending and helping during the wedding and the reception is huge for boys. They're excited about the role they'll play in such an important event. Make sure you will thank them in a meaningful way (and that doesn't necessarily mean you should spend a lot of money).

Gift ideas for junior wedding attendants

In many cases you can't give junior groomsmen the same gifts as you give senior ones, especially if you're giving them engraved liquor flasks, cigar holders or lighters. You need to come up with something that's appropriate for boys. However, if you can give junior groomsmen or the ring bearer something that's similar or strongly related to the items you get for senior groomsmen, that's a great idea. Boys love to be treated like grown men (believe me, I've been there).

Make sure the gift will be personal. Giving a gift bag or a set of toys is fine, as long as you add something special - a greeting card thanking for participation and maybe a photograph of the junior groomsman with the couple that's getting married. Toys will break, clothes will wear out and sweets will be consumed, but that card with a photograph can last years and bring warm memories after a long time. Think about it.

Gift Ideas for the Ring Bearer and Junior Groomsmen

Below you can find some great ideas for gifts for younger male wedding attendants.


If a junior groomsman is into Lego and building, buying him a building set is a fantastic idea - he'll surely be happy about this gift. Just make sure (e.g. ask his parents) what kind of set would be a great fit. Maybe he needs a standard building set with lots of new pieces to play with (and maybe expand some of his current works)? Or maybe a themed set (think Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, or maybe cartoons)? Or a set that'll allow him to add another vehicles (loaders, tippers) to his Lego city? There are a lot of choices, just consider what the young boy will need.

Sports Equipment

If the junior groomsman is a little athlete, or he simply loves sports, consider buying him something related to his favorite sport, or maybe something that he will be able to play with for quite a long time. The possibilities are nearly endless - consider his favorite team's/player's jersey (or maybe on with his own name) and sports equipment (balls, baseball bats, equipment bags, etc.). If you aren't sure that your choice is good, ask parents of the junior groomsman for advice.

Syma Radio Controlled Helicopters

Radio controlled helicopters are a great choice for older junior groomsmen, but younger ones might have lots of fun with them too, provided their parents would spend time with them. If the groomsman isn't of age yet, consult this gift with his parents. The last thing you want to buy is a toy that will lay on the shelf instead of being used on regular basis.

Engraved Pocket Watches

If you'd like to give your junior groomsmen "grown ups" gifts, consider buying an engraved pocket watch. This gift will make them fell like they're already grown ups and young boys really enjoy that feeling. Besides that, a pocket watch is an elegant item, perfect for times when elegance is rare.

Ring Bearer Gifts

If you're looking for something special for the ring bearer, check out the gifts listed below. All of them are to remind the boy that his role during the wedding is very important and he should feel special. Some of the gifts are better suited for younger boys, others for older ones, keep that in mind.

Do you got any other great ideas for junior groomsmen and ring bearer gifts?

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    • mrsztuczkens profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @favored: I'm glad it helped.

    • favored profile image

      Fay Favored 

      5 years ago from USA

      Good ideas. My nephew is having 2 ring bearers so this is perfect timing.


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