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Rest In Peace, Charlie Harper!

Updated on March 12, 2013

Pay Tribute to the deceased Charlie Harper (of Two and a Half Men) this Halloween!

Charlie Harper should rest in peace! However, it does not mean that you cannot pay tribute (or not) to the character who was "murdered" on Two and a Half Men.

My husband used to love watching that show on CBS until the kerfuffle that was caused by the departure of Charlie Sheen in the Spring of 2011. The way that split was depicted in the press and by Mr. Sheen, totally turned him off and resulted in turning off the show--reruns and all.

Shown here is one way you can dress like Charlie Harper and allow him to haunt your neighborhood on Halloween--or perhaps on the night that CBS launches the new Fall TV season! Go for it!

Photo Credit: tracie7779 via Compfight cc

Curious about how Charlie dies?

Rose is involved

The end of Charlie was leaked in the press by TMZ and the how and why is located here: How Does Charlie Harper Die? Spoiler Alert!.

Considering the talented writers involved with this successful show, you just know that they do away with him so that there is NO chance that he can make a comeback. I am sure that the process of killing Charlie Harper was quite therapeutic.

If you need a couple's costume, try dressing like Rose!

If you need to see some photos of how Rose dressed, then visit these sites:

1. Two and a Half Men - News: Rose ist zurck! (Site is not from the USA!) A wonderful picture of Rose in an embroidered shrug sweater.

2. Rose Wallpaper: Rose is not wearing a knitted flowered sweater in this photo. I am not really sure what she is wearing!

Photo Credit of "Rose" in a sweater with flowersMelanie Lynskey as Rose

Find a "Rose" Sweater so you can dress like Charlie's widow! - RIP, Charlie Harper!

Hopefully, on the day you visit to pay your respect to Charlie Harper, there will be some great floral sweaters listed on eBay!

Pay Tribute to Charlie Harper: - Uncle Charlie needs a eulogy.

We might not admire actors, but television characters can be loved or missed for a long time. Give Charlie Harper a fitting send off on his journey to .... wherever aging playboys go. Be nice. This is not the place to ridicule or remember the bad habits of those who we once loved.

What will you miss the most about Charlie Harper?

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A Poster with the Charlie Harper Costume!

How cool is this? A poster of Two and a Half Men with the costume that you can actually buy! If you have a TV themed party, you could stand by it all night so your costume identity would be obvious!

(I know that the outfit is not the EXACT one that is available, but it is pretty dad-gum close!

Who was Charlie Harper of Two and a Half Men Fame?

If you have been hiding in a cave for the last few years, you might not have seen the CBS TV series "Two and a Half Men". If that is the case you can click the link below to learn about this not-so-loveable bachelor who inspired a fashion trend--bowling shirts.

Charlie Harper would rest in peace with a portable keyboard!

Charlie's loved ones might like to bury him with a tiny keyboard or this book so he would not be bored in his "hereafter" life. I hesitate to predict where Charlie will spend the rest of eternity.

Cover your Face, Charlie!

If you want to go all out for Halloween, you could wear a full head covering mask and really look like Charlie! Make sure you have your tiger blood handy to fend off the wild women.

Ladies, mourn Charlie Harper in style:

Be like Rose and wear a "widow's hat". A veil will make your grieving a private affair.

On my internet wanderings I learned that widows traditionally wore a full length black veil at the beginning of their mourning and gradually shortened it over two years. Does anyone remember Scarlet O'Hara in "Gone with the Wind" suffering her first widowhood?

A Kicker Charlie Sheen/Harper Style Shirt!

An appropriately dark shirt to wear to the funeral. Did you see the obituary? If not, then you missed the wake. You could have your own, you know.

The shirt shown here is appropriately from the "Kicker" collection on I guess this is what Charlie could have worn when he kicked the bucket! Tastefully done in Black and Gray.

Creepy Crawly Charlie Shirt just for Halloween!

What could be better than a retro blowing shirt with a Halloween theme? This one could be worn in honor of Rose, the black widow. See it below the link to Amazon.

A Creepy Crawly shirt for a Charlie Costume for Halloween

A Creepy Crawly shirt for a Charlie Costume for Halloween
A Creepy Crawly shirt for a Charlie Costume for Halloween

Remember how Charlie Harper used these mugs?

Striped Sedona Mugs for "coffee' in the beach house kitchen. Add authenticity to your costume and carry one of these 16 oz. mugs at a Halloween Party. What a great idea! a TV themed Halloween Party. Call it "They were canceled too soon!"

Tabletop Lifestyles Sedona 16-Ounce Mug, Set of 4
Tabletop Lifestyles Sedona 16-Ounce Mug, Set of 4

Remember Charlie Harper every time you have a sip!


TV Themed Costume Ideas for Halloween - Just for inspiration

The following Squidboo pages were created by me. I do not know why it is so much fun writing these articles. But it is! Every year I find my self thinking "All the really fun ideas for Halloween lenses have been discovered!" But, I just cannot help myself! If you are inspired, just click "Create a Lens" button on the top right hand side of this page.

There is no doubt about it, we will miss Charlie Harper. If you have any memories of this jingle writing playboy, feel free to share them emotionally in the "comment" space below.

May he rest in peace.

Feel free to eulogize Charlie Harper:

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    • profile image

      GrowWear 6 years ago

      Well, I guess the powers that be had to kill him off so they could have the final word, plus add insult to injury, so to speak. Hope Charlie is getting some health care. ...Happy Halloween. :)

    • Dianne Loomos profile image

      Dianne Loomos 6 years ago

      Great ideas for Charlie Harper fans!