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Roman Style Halloween Costumes for Kids

Updated on September 25, 2015

Roman style costumes for kids

The Roman Empire has filled with its great costumes: Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony, gladiators, and the roman toga. All of these are great costumes to wear, or pair up a Mark Anthony costume with an Egyptian Costume of Cleopatra.

The Gladiators are great roman costumes for boys and both genders love walking around in a roman toga. In addition the Roman soldier costumes are great for Easter plays and vigils.

Types of Roman Costumes

  • Julius Ceasar - fancy dress for senate purposes or a roman warrior costume
  • Marc Anthony
  • Maximus - Russell Crowe's character from Gladiator
  • Gladiator - don't forget the great helmets these guys all wore
  • Soldiers - basically anything with a sword
  • Togas - reusing that ghost costume from last year is easy with a toga.

What is your favorite costumes?

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