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Romantic Gift Ideas and Tips

Updated on October 2, 2014

Romantic & Unique Gift Ideas for Her and Him

Every day is the right day to spoil your sweetheart with romantic gifts, romantic dinner, or romantic gestures. People may find it hard to express their love because they are not romantic enough.

Everyone is romantic, however, your sweetheart may expect you to be more romantic.

Here are some of the romantic gift ideas & tips for him & her, and hopefully can help you to spoil your partner.

Picture above is Luscious Longstems in a Vase: special long steams flower that made from cookies arranged together in a beautiful vase. You can ask for a sugar free cookie, a perfect gift for your partner

Man and woman are so different in choosing a perfect romantic gift

Whether you are married, engaged or in a relationship; that's no better way to spoil our partner by giving them a romantic yet unique gifts. Gifts do not need to be a thing or products or food; but they can also be lifetime experience such as spa pampering day, romantic getaway in a deep blue mountain, hot air balloon, or even accompanying your partner to their favourite opera show can improve your relationship into a higher level.

Women are helplessly romantic and many of them complain that their partner are not romantic enough. They feel like their men doesn't care and understand about what romance means.

While on the other hand, men also complain that their women hate the flowers & chocolate he bought. Never did they realize that their women are allergic to peanuts and the chocolate contains peanuts & the flower he bought was rose while the women only like tulips!

Therefore, to maintain a healthy relationship, men & women need to sit down together and help each other by expressing their opinions regarding the perfect romantic gift for each other. Be honest with each other and be open.

Image Copyright: Red Rose and Gift - Royalty Free Image by Image: markuso /

A - Z Romantic Ideas

For Woman

A: Album, Artworks, Antiques, Apron

B: Books, Bracelet, Belts, Bubble Bath, Balloons, Breakfast in bed

C: Card (personalized love card), Candies, Chocolates, Cookies, Cruises, Candles, CDs (her favorite CD or compilation of her favorite songs), Concerts, Cookbooks, Champagne

D: Diamonds, Dress

E: Engagement Ring (Yupe, if you are planning to propose, it's the right time!), Earrings,

F: Flower (say it with flower, it always works), Gift card (create your own gift cards (you can learn how to pedicure / manicure her nails, then create a personalized gift card and you can pamper your partner & manicure / pedicure her nail)

G: Getaway, Gold, Gemstone, Gold Roses

H: Handbag

I: Incense, Ice Cream

J: Jewelry (Most Favorite Gift)

K: Kiss (your kisses), Keychain

L: Letter (personalized love letter), Lingerie (sexy lingerie)

M: Massage (long hot massage), movie ticket, magazine subscription, Message in a Bottle, mug (interlocking mugs), massage poil

N: Necklaces, novels, nightgowns

O: Opals, ornaments (her favorite ornaments)

P: Pillowcase (Couple), Poem, Perfume, Photobook of her favorite pictures, Photo frames, Precious Moments Figurine, Pyjamas

Q: Quiet afternoon in a garden

R: Romantic dinner at her favorite restaurant, Romantic walk, Roses

S: Song (write a love song or record her favorite song), Sterling silver, Slipper

T: T-shirt (couple t-shirt), Teddy Bear, Tulips, Tote, Towel (personalized)

U: Underwear

V: Voucher to her favorite spa/massage/saloon, Vases, Video of her favorite vacation places & surprise her with a ticket to go there

W: Website (create a website / blog, post stories of why you love her, upload her favorite pictures and upload her favorite songs as well). If you are Squidoo Lensmaster, create a lens for your sweetheart =)

X: eXtra large Love Card, eXtra large balloon, eXtra large boquet of flowers

Y: Your heart, Your unconditional love

Z: Zoo Trip, zzzzz into each other's arms

For Man

A: Album

B: Belt, Boxer short, Bottle opener, BBQ

C: Cook his favorite meal, Candle light dinner, Cologne, Camera, Coffee Machine, Cufflinks, Car accessories

D: Domino

E: electric wine bottle opener

F: Flash Drives

G: Gadgets, Guitar, Golf accessories

H: Handphone Case

I: iPhone, iPad, iPod

J: Juke Box

K: Kindle, Key to My Heart, Keychain (hidden message)

L: Love letter, Lighter

M: Martini Glass, magazine / newspaper subscription, Mobile phone

N: Nurture him

O: Opera ticket

P: Pillowcase (Couple), A pass to spend a whole day with you , perfume, photo frames

Q: Quiet afternoon

R: Romantic Evening

S: Sterling Silver, Scrapbook

T: Tickets to his favorite sporting events, Tie

U: Underwear

V: Valentine's Gift Basket

W: Watches, weekend getaways, Wine, Wine bottle holder, Wallet

X: eXtraordinary day at his favorite hangout places

Y: Your heart, Your unconditional love

Z: Zoo Trip, zzzzz into each other's arms

Heart Background Copyright: Deyani Creation

Unforgettable Romantic Gifts

So many times people are hesitant in giving gifts for their partner because of financial issue. Purchasing gift may be expensive, but with creativity, you can give romantic gift that not only cheap (or even free) but also make a lasting impression on your partner. Here are some gift ideas for you:

1. Leave early from work, have a steaming bath ready, leave a rose petal on them. Have fresh towel and her favourite sexy dress ready. Then when she is home, let her know that you have a surprise for her. Massage her on the way to the bathroom and the rest is up to you to decide.

2. Write a poem, it can be a simple poem or maybe a poem that has a lyric from their favourite song. Print it in a paper and roll it and wrap it with a ribbon. Place the paper in the bedroom or slip it inside their bag without their knowledge. It will leave a lasting impression on your partner.

3. Prepare a simple sandwich (for example cheese and ham). Prepare your favourite bubble and picnic rug. Drive or walk hand-in-hand to your favourite location (it may be your own backyard) and have a picnic there.

4. If you have a spare time and have at least image editor and slideshow editor on your computer; grab few of your favourite pictures, music and make a slideshow. Play it with your partner and see their reaction. Or if you have a device with a video camera capability, take a video of you & your partner doing silly things and fun things. It will create a lasting memory - full of fun times that you both share together. For me & my husband, we love taking pictures of each other doing silly things. And then I create a slideshow of those pictures and it always makes us laugh in the midst of the ups-and-downs we experience as a couple.

5. Create 5 or more hand-written cards. Write in each card the location in which the next card will be. For example in card 1 you can say "This is the place where I spend most of my time eating with you my love - because I don't know what life will be without you cooking yummy food for me". It will direct your partner to the dining room to find card 2, etc. And card 5 you can write "I Love you"

Image Copyright: Hug Doll - Royalty Free Image by Image: zirconicusso /

Any other gift ideas? Feel free to share them with us

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  • profile image

    infoprogirl 5 years ago

    Nice lens and great gift ideas! A Vacation to Florida Keys sounds great!

  • Sky Breeze profile image

    May Matthew 5 years ago

    You are full of ideas. Nice lens. Thank you!

  • profile image

    anonymous 5 years ago

    I love how long and extensive your list is coming up. With Valentines day coming up it gave me lots of great ideas for my husband. For a women I really like these two necklaces from an etsy site but this one has to be my favorite. The interlocking circles are super symbolic but not to cliché. I can't link to it or its spam but the shop on Etsy is called ShibusaStudio.

  • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

    June Parker 7 years ago from New York

    Lovely ideas. I like the way you used the A-Z idea. I lenrolled this lens to my "Simple Valentine Gifts for Her" lens. Leaving you with a Squid Angel blessing and added your link to My Squid Angel Wings

  • profile image

    anonymous 7 years ago

    Liked a list of your A to Z romantic ideas - there is no shortage of ideas and gifts for V day.

  • TonyPayne profile image

    Tony Payne 7 years ago from Southampton, UK

    Great ideas and I love the layout.

  • oztoo lm profile image

    oztoo lm 7 years ago

    The best gifts are often the simplest ones. Nice lens with good ideas and tips.

  • deyanis profile image

    deyanis 7 years ago from Oz

    @vinafarah: Thank you buat sarannya sist. Akan saya perbaiki & tambahin ide2nya :-)

  • vinafarah profile image

    vinafarah 7 years ago

    idenya bagus sis, coba ditambahin lagi yg buanyaak ttg ide2 kado2 romantisnya, pasti lensa ini jadinya tampil cantik & lovely bgt :)