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5 Fun & Romantic Pillow Cases - Perfect Unique Gifts for Couples!

Updated on January 21, 2014

Cute and Unique Romantic Gifts for Someone Who Wants To Do It Differently This Time Around

If you are anything like me, then when it comes to getting gifts for the special one in your life, you're always stuck in a rut. What do you get them? You've already got them everything -- chocolates, flowers, perfumes, gift vouchers etc. I happened to bump into these cute little romantic pillows online and thought why not? They would make a perfect gift to that special someone next time around. They are expressive, different, and some of them come in sets so rest assured you can use them as well and not just your partner. Two birds with one stone.

No these romantic pillow cases are not in the least dull or boring as you will soon find out - they are indeed unique. There are dozens of romantic gift ideas for girlfriends and boyfriends, but if you are looking towards gifting something different, then these unique romantic pillow cases are for you. These romantic pillow covers have cute little cartoons imprinted on them, and each pillow cover is incomplete without the other in the set. They make great anniversary gifts, Valentine's Day gifts for him or her or gifts for any particular romantic day. Showcase them on your bed the year around and you will be left with a subtle smile on your face whenever you decide to hit the sack - they are that cute!

After all this talk about romantic pillow cases, you might be thinking I'm going over the top about nothing. But seriously, take a look at the collection for yourself and see if they are worth a buy or not!

In the Picture - "From My Heart to Yours" Couple Pillowcases

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Say "I Love You" With A Gift

"I Love You" Romantic Pillow Cover/Case
"I Love You" Romantic Pillow Cover/Case

A unique way to tell your partner those magical three words. Be it on valentine's day, your anniversary day, hearing an "I love you" from your loved one is sure to light up your day. So imagine the impact such a gift will have. One of my favorites in the collection.

"Say I Love You" Pillowcase - The Perfect Romantic Gift for Long Distance Relationships

If by any chance you are in a long distance relationship, then this romantic gift idea is perfect for you! Show that you will keep in touch with him/her no matter what, no matter how much the distance between the two of you! Cuteness.

"We Belong Together" - A Gift for the Ultimate Romantic

"We Belong Together" Romantic Pillow Cover
"We Belong Together" Romantic Pillow Cover

Think you and your partner are meant to be together forever? Express yourself with a cute pillow gift. I am someone who is totally into such romantic gifts. Such a gift would make my day and I am sure it is the same story for any romantic girl out there. We would like to get the vibe from our special someone that the relationship is for keeps and it's not just child's play. This gift conveys just that.

"We Belong Together" Cover - The Perfect Romantic Gift for Animal Lovers!

"We Belong Together" romantic pillow cover is an apt gift idea for people who own pets.

"Never Let Go"

"Never Let Go" Romantic Pillow Case
"Never Let Go" Romantic Pillow Case

Love means never having to let go of each other. Feel the same? My belief is that there will be ups and downs in your life but a true relationship will withstand all of that. No matter the distance, no matter what the situation is, you are always ready to fight it out for your partner. It's time to confess how you feel.

"Never Let Go" Romantic Pillow Cover/Case - Romantic Gift for Couples Who Intend To Be Together Forever!

The "Never Let Go" romantic pillow cover is meant for those couples out there who are in a serious relationship - who have made a promise to each other to "never let go" no matter what the situation and how tough the hurdles might seem to be!

"All My Love for You" Romantic Pillow Cover/Case

"All My Love For You" Romantic Pillow Case
"All My Love For You" Romantic Pillow Case

Can't help gushing over these ultra mushy romantic pillows. I am someone who loves giving my guy a LOT of attention and care and this type of gift is what I would give to my partner to convey how exactly I feel for him. Indeed, all my love is for him and him alone!

"All My Love for You" Romantic Pillow Cover/Case - The Perfect Romantic Gift to Make your Loved One Feel Special!

The apt unique romantic gift for couples who are completely obsessed with each other!

"My Heart Beats for You" Romantic Pillow Cover/Case

"My Heart Beats for You" Romantic Pillow Case/Cover
"My Heart Beats for You" Romantic Pillow Case/Cover

Can't stop thinking about your loved one? Does his/her thoughts lead to an unexpected rush of warmth inside. You're so in love! "My Heart Beats for You" conveys just that to your partner. Make him/her feel special with this cute romantic pillow.

"My Heart Beats for You" Romantic Pillow Case - The Perfect Gift to Show Him/Her What You Really Feel!

A romantic gift idea to show your special someone what he/she really means to you. Afraid to convey the message directly? Use this romantic "My Heart Beats for You" pillow case instead!

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    • Andrejk profile image

      Andrejk 5 years ago

      Excellent lens, well done! Thumbs up

    • CherylsArt profile image

      Cheryl Paton 6 years ago from West Virginia

      Romantic Pillow Cases - what a fun idea!