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Royal Family Masks

Updated on October 2, 2014

Royal Family Paper Masks for Halloween

Since the Royal Wedding the British Royal family has become even more popular and has now new family members. If you love all the gossip around the Royal family and you are you looking for a fun costume to wear on Halloween this year you will most certainly enjoy this paper masks that are now available online and in stores.

The British Royal Wedding between Kate and William has been an spectacle and during Halloween Royal Costumes are popular but not yet overused. The paper masks are a great way for you to add a face to the costume. If you are a couple you can have fun by dressing up like the Groom, William and the Bride Kate, but if you are feeling really inspired you can also make sure to become one of the guest such as the Queen, Prince Charles, or even Prince Harry. There is a mask for every royal family member so you can dress up as a whole group and have fun feeling like a royal for one day! Here I compiled for you all the royal masks for you to pick and choose from. They are very inexpensive and they can not only be purchase as a ready to wear face mask but they can also be downloaded as a template so you can easily print them out at home using a heavy stock paper.

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Picture features a couple wearing the masks and wearing the full bride and groom outfit to match | Promote Your Page Too

Halloween Masks! No Monsters allowed!

Masks have always been a tradition and a great costume option for halloween. But if you are tired of the crazy monsters out there and you are looking for a creative and simple masks you can try these fun Royal Family Paper Masks. Wearing them will transform you into any Royal family member or any other celebrity you like. These fun masks together with an typical outfit that you can improvise from your closet can create an awesome halloween costume that will not scare anyone but can become a fun conversation piece.

Become Princess Kate

To make the best impression as Princess Kate just make sure to pick a nice, classic dress or outfit to wear. Get inspired but some of the outfits that she has worn before and if you are feeling the love put on your old or a borrowed wedding dress. Once you decide on the outfit make sure to put on your Kate mask and you are ready for Halloween.

Prince william Mask
Prince william Mask

Become Prince William

A great idea for kids and adults is to become Prince William for one night. You can improvise using outfits that you have at home, but if you do have a budget for Halloween Costumes you can find Royal Wedding Costumes ranging all the way from $38.00 to $100.00

One of the few places that already have them in stock read to ship as of today is:

Once you pick the Ideal Prince William outfit you can then add the face mask as a final and recognizable touch!

Become the Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen Elizabeth is the matriarch of the Royal Family, and could be a great choice for a celebrity costume for any lady or moms out there specially if the whole family is dressing up as the Royal Family.

Become the royal Family member you can identify yourself with!

If you do not identify yourself with Kate, William or the Queen you do have few other Royal family members for you to pick and choose from. Prince Phillip for example is a great option for the patriarch of the family, Prince Charles and Camilla Parker are also a great choice for a couple, and Prince Harry is the perfect option for a single bachelor looking to have some royal fun this halloween.

In addition Pippa Middleton has also become very popular. A great choice for a costume for sisters is to use the Kate and Pippa Middleton Masks. Even tough Pippa is not a royal Family Member she gets a chance to be featured as the sister of the Princess! Why not? Since Kate's Wedding she has become as popular as the royal family itself so in my opinion her mask is a great choice as a recognizable and fun halloween costume.

Celebrities and Royals wear them too!

this fun video showcases Prince Harry wearing Prince William's Face Masks during a Marathon. It is great to know that royals and celebrities wear them too!

Which Royal Family member would you rather be for Halloween

Royal Wedding paper masks
Royal Wedding paper masks

Which Royal Family member would you rather be for Halloween

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