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Rudolph and Other Reindeer Costume Ideas

Updated on July 1, 2014

Reindeer Costumes

Reindeer are a big part of the fictional part of the Christmas legend, and are a lot of fun to dress up as during the Christmas holiday.

There are of course two ways you can go with reindeer, either you dress up as one of the reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh, or you can dress up as Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, who is leading Santa's sleigh.

Both of them look amazing, and while including the red nose of the most famous reindeer of them all is a cool idea, the rest of the reindeer costumes I've seen look great as well.

Beyond Rudolph's nose, the other major attraction of wearing a reindeer costume during the Christmas holidays is those very cool set of horns.

As a matter of fact, you can get a set of horns and wear something brown and you'll look pretty cool. A full costume looks better of course, but it does show how strongly the horns are part of the costume and features desired by those wearing reindeer costumes.

For the ladies that's especially important. That's really true for those wanting the sexy and cute reindeer look, as they can wear that set of antlers and put on something with a brown color to fit the overall look, while still looking very cute. You could don a red nose as well to do the Rudolph thing if you want.

Another interesting thing you could do is dress up as a couple of reindeer, or even dress as a reindeer family together if you have children. You can even have the favorite family dog with a pair of reindeer antlers and a costume if you wish, as they're a common costume offered by those retailers that sell them, or you could, again, get a set of antlers for the dog's head and put on some brown fabric to complete the look.

Whatever may be decided, Reindeer costumes are a terrific way to dress up and surprise some of your family and friends who didn't know that was what you were going to do. Reindeer costumes are also a good way to go to go dressed up as to a Christmas party.

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Christmas Mascot Costume

This type of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer costume is called a mascot costume, and is a fantastic option for those that want a red, beeping nose to go with a terrific costume.

It would be a wonderful option for those wanting to portray a very happy Rudolph, which would be especially effective for children, who would be attracted by that smiling face and doe-like eyes.

This is a really nice looking reindeer costume which would be a delight for friends and family when they see you in it. Think of the photo opportunities for memories and posterity. Hey, you could even go down in history.

Wait, haven't I heard that somewhere before?

Rudolph Costume


Christmas Reindeer Costume with Open Face

For those not liking to have their face covered with a costume, such as the mascot costume above, an option would be to wear a reindeer costume with an open face like the one below. And for those wanting to be Rudolph, all you have to do is add the red nose to make your statement as to just exactly what reindeer you are.

This type of costume looks great, and I like the dark brown with the white underbelly on the stomach. It looks good on this guy, who is a little bit bigger.

Dark Brown Reindeer Costume


Cute and Sexy Reindeer Costumes for Women

Next we have a different look at reindeer Christmas costumes, with these female reindeer apparently looking for a Rudolph or other male reindeer to attract the attention of. I think they definitely have the right reindeer costumes to accomplish that goal.

Both of these reindeer costumes are extremely cute, from the head piece down to the sexy footwear they accompanying the overall costume.

Speaking of that, both sets of boots are gorgeous, and look fantastic with the costumes. The color of both the dress and skirt are really nice, showing you would look great in a dark brown or tan outfit.

The reindeer antlers on the top photo are really cute, with those red extension coming down with the hanging white balls on the end. With the costume on the bottom, it's cute in the minimalist way, with the perky little ears being cute next to the tiny antlers. Nice reindeer costumes.

Reindeer Costumes for Women


Reindeer Costumes for Infants and Toddlers

Let's face it, the image of this little baby in the reindeer costume is about as close to perfect as you can get, with the cute, good natured child taking an amazing photo of himself in the wonderful costume. And who couldn't be in love with that cute smile on his face.

That is how most of our children or grandchildren would look wearing this amazing reindeer costume.

Everything about it is designed just right for that age group. you have the nice, hooded reindeer head with antlers; the red bow to make it look like the baby came as a present (which he did one time in real life); and as for those hoofed feet at the bottom of the costume, how cute do those look. It doesn't get much better than this as a costume a child could wear during the Christmas holidays.

Baby Reindeer Costume


Reindeer Costumes for Dogs

Finally, what would be a Christmas costume event without getting a reindeer costume for a beloved dog?

What a fun idea to not only dress up as a reindeer, but also to include the dog as part of the festivities by including it in part of the costumes worn by the family. You could all dress up as reindeer, including the dog, which would be a great way to capture a fun moment for posterity.

It would of course also be an amazing moment for the time everyone is experiencing it as well.

As for this reindeer dog costume below, it shows how compelling it can look on the family pet, and those antlers, along with the hooves on the paws of the dog look great. How could anyone keep from smiling when they see those two elements as part of the dog's reindeer costume? Great fun!

Pet Reindeer Costumes


Christmas Reindeer Costumes

Christmas season can sometimes be vastly underrated as a time to wear costumes, as after Halloween it seems to take away a lot of incentive to dress up in a favorite character.

While some people dress up as Pilgrims, Turkeys or American Indians during Thanksgiving, Halloween seems to end the desire for the general public to dress up in costumes.

What that does is provide a wonderful opportunity for those wanting to surprise and delight during Christmas, as there is far less costume competition, and because it isn't expected, it will catch family, friends and guests off guard if you come out dressed up as Rudolph or another reindeer. Now that's what it's all about.


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