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Online Rudolph and other Reindeer Printables and Coloring Pages

Updated on August 13, 2014

Reindeer Coloring Pages

Reindeer continue to be one of the more endearing and fascinating objects of our imaginations in regard to Christmas, and all of us, especially children, conjure up all sorts of thoughts about what Santa's reindeer look like, as well as their behavior, which is expressed through art forms like simple coloring pages and printables to be quickly downloaded and colored in by the determined children demanding to have some enjoyable activities to do during the Christmas holiday season.

There is of course the absolute necessity of having a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer printable for children to color in, as it would be considered a disaster to have Christmas reindeer theme for coloring pages without the "most famous reindeer of all" among them.

But there are other terrific coloring pages to choose from as well. Among those are little boy and girl reindeer which are cute to look at and which little children are sure to identify with.

On the other end of the spectrum is a majestic reindeer with his large antlers and very masculine look which he doesn't mind strutting over and putting on display.

To me there also should be a "cool" reindeer, which usually means some type of pose with Santa, which there is a great one in this collection and gallery of Reindeer printables.

Now let's take a look at some great reindeer coloring pages that are appropriate for most age groups.

Printable Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Head

As mentioned above, there is no way a child will allow us to present them with printables or coloring pages of Santa's reindeer without the inclusion of the most famous reindeer of them all: Rudolph.

Thus this first reindeer printable immediately takes care of that challenge with the simple Rudolph head with the accompanying and important red nose being easily seen and identified by including the circular lines around the nose to show that it is surely blinking and ready to use if Christmas Eve deliveries demand it.

Also compelling for children will be that this is a younger version of Rudolph, which most children will be able to immediately identify with.

Rudolph Coloring Pages

rudolph coloring pages
rudolph coloring pages | Source

Young Male and Female Reindeer Coloring Page

Next is another reindeer drawing that children will easily identify with, that of a little boy and girl reindeer shyly getting to know one another.

It's cute seeing the little doe eyes of the young female reindeer, along with the little spike antlers on the male reindeer. Very nice looking.

The relative lack of detail on the bodies of the reindeer and the snow-covered pine trees make this a good printable for younger children, although there is enough accompanying detail to make it interesting for intermediate level young artists.

Boy and Girl Reindeer


The Night Before Christmas Coloring Book

Majestic Male Reindeer Coloring Page

Although all children would enjoy coloring in this reindeer, little boys could be prompted to appreciate the majestic male characteristics of the adult male and be taught about some of the characteristics that go into making them grow up to be that way.

Even though printables are a lot of fun and great tools to keep children occupied, they are also wonderful learning tools and opportunities to teach children important lessons in life while they're engaging in enjoyable activities.

Male Reindeer Printable

male reindeer
male reindeer | Source

Santa Printable of Him and Reindeer Posing as "Cool"

I guess the reindeer and Santa had a little down time when having this photo opportunity afforded them. Even some older children and even teens may think this is a pretty interesting image of Santa and the reindeer.

It's funny to see the cocky smirk of Santa in the image, and the straight man reindeer with the lack of expression if really awesome.

This is a great image that would not only be fun to draw, but one that could be printed out and placed somewhere for all to see and enjoy, generating a delightful chuckle from all who come across and see it.

Cool Santa and Reindeer


Rudolph Printable of Him Pulling Santa in Sleigh

Another must for reindeer printables is for there to be one of Rudolph leading the reindeer on Christmas Eve pulling Santa in the sleigh.

This coloring page is interesting because it depicts Rudolph on his inaugural journey with Santa on his first Christmas Eve trip. I know that because of the size of his horns, which are just starting to grow.

Little children, for the most part won't notice this, but for the observant ones it can be explained that way when asking why the horns of Rudolph are so short in comparison to the remaining reindeer.

It's also interesting to note that there are only six reindeer besides Rudolph on this journey. I wonder which ones were left behind?

While being a more detailed coloring page which would be difficult for younger children, many wouldn't care as they get to look at this scene that is implanted in their minds and which they'll never forget even as they grow older.

Older children who enjoy coloring will like the challenge presented by the detail included with this reindeer printable.

Rudolph Pulling Sleigh

rudolph and reindeer pulling santa in sleigh
rudolph and reindeer pulling santa in sleigh | Source

Rudolph and Reindeer Printables and Coloring Pages

Almost any child that knows about reindeer and their role in pulling Santa Claus around in the skies of Christmas Eve, will assuredly ask for printables of these important characters associated with Christmas when presented with the idea of coloring Christmas holiday themes.

This gallery of photos of reindeer printables are a good start on the types of coloring pages provided online for children to choose from.

If you want different reindeer coloring pages or desire more options, simply print "reindeer Christmas printables" into your search engine and you'll get all the reindeer printable options you'll ever need.


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