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Safari Party Ideas

Updated on October 1, 2014

How to Host a Safari Inspired Party

If you need ideas on how to host a safari inspired party, if you want to find the best place to buy party supplies, we are here to help. This page is full of helpful ideas from menus and recipes to where to buy plates, party decorations and party favors, games and party suggestions.

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To keep yourself sane I would suggest you sit down and think it all through well before the day. Make lists, we have started your off with your first general one. Make sure you have the day loosely planned out, when you are going to serve food as well as what you are going to serve, which games you are going to play and when, and have plenty of adult help. Be prepared to adapt things round, with kids you never know what is going to happen.

Party list

As with any party, if you want it to be a success start with a list!

  • Party invitations
  • Cake or cupcakes as center pieces
  • Food and drink
  • Party decorations
  • Tableware
  • Party favors
  • Party games

Safari Party Decorations

RoomMates RMK1136SCS Jungle Adventure Peel & Stick Wall Decals
RoomMates RMK1136SCS Jungle Adventure Peel & Stick Wall Decals

With these great peel and stick wall decals you can very quickly create a jungle atmosphere in your room and the blessing is they come right off the walls again without leaving any marks.

PIONEER BALLOON COMPANY 16095 Jolly Giraffe Balloon Pack, 32"
PIONEER BALLOON COMPANY 16095 Jolly Giraffe Balloon Pack, 32"

You HAVE to have balloons at a party and these animal shaped ones are especially good for decorating.


Photo Props

How about these photo props for your safari party - a safari car that stands almost 28 inches by 17 inches wide - and of course no photo would be complete without a pith helmet.

Safari Party Food

Safari Cake Toppers

Safari Cakes Cupcakes(a28) - Safari & Zoo Animals 8 Re-Usable Cake Pics & Party Favors
Safari Cakes Cupcakes(a28) - Safari & Zoo Animals 8 Re-Usable Cake Pics & Party Favors

Whether you are planning on one big cake or cupcakes for your party, cake toppers are a must and they can eight be given away as party favors or kept for use year after year.


How to Decorate a Jungle Cake

Every safari party needs a safari cake and these videos give you lots of ideas to work with for cake decoration. All you need is a little time and some imagination.

Fruit and Vegetables

One way to get kids to eat vegetable is using vegetable art - maybe you could pick some of the ideas here placed in the centre of a plate with an array of cut fresh vegetables and dips.

Safari Party Menu Ideas

Nordic Ware Pro Cast Hungry Animals Cake and Ice Cream Pan
Nordic Ware Pro Cast Hungry Animals Cake and Ice Cream Pan

For kids parties turn some of their favorite foods into animal shapes - like chicken nuggets, vegetable crunches or pizza slices.


Here are some recipe ideas you might try:

Menu Ideas for Kids

Jungle Animals Cookie Cutter Set of 4
Jungle Animals Cookie Cutter Set of 4

It would be easy to adapt these recipes to a safari theme by using cookie cutters to create animal shapes before you cook them.


Table Center Piece

Meri Meri Centerpieces, Animal Parade
Meri Meri Centerpieces, Animal Parade

This is a great table center eyecatcher, a spinning carousel with jungle animals. It measures about 18 inches by 11 inches by 11 inches. Perfect for adding a great focal point to your decorations.


Safari Party Suggestions

Party Suggestions

If your little guests are not coming in costume, how about starting your party off with the kids making their own animal masks?

All you will need is:

  • Thin card in assorted colors
  • Crayons
  • Blunt scissors
  • String
  • Animal face templates - you can make these yourself before hand by copying from magazine or printing off the internet. Include a selection of animals: MONKEY, LION, TIGER, ZEBRA, GIRAFFE, ELEPHANT and HIPPO. It doesn't matter if all choose the same animal.

Let each child choose which animal they want to be and which color card to use. Supervise them cutting out the shape using your templates.

Let each child decorate the mask with the crayons. When they are finished make a hole in each side, thread with string and tie it on.

Be prepared for them jumping around pretending to be the animals for a while.

Games for a Safari Party

The type of games you have will obviously depend on the age of the children but here are a few suggestions.

If they are old enough you can have little competitions with small prizes. But make sure every child gets a sticker or bracelet for taking place.

  • Animal hunt - if it is good weather you can play this in the garden. Before the party cut out pictures of wild animals, you may want to stick them onto card to make them stiffer. Hide them in place throughout your space. Give the children a certain amount of time to collect as many as they can.
  • Animal capers - get them to jump off some energy with this game. Use the animal pictures you have made for the hunt and put them in a bag. Play some music and take turns picking out one of the animals. Ask the kids to act like the animal that is picked out.
  • Monkey tag - one kid has a monkey tail and is blindfolded - when he tags another child they swap over
  • Snakes alive - using a toy snake the children stand in a circle passing the snake from hand to hand when the music stops the kid holding the snake is eliminated.

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      I'd love to attend a party like this.

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