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Best Gifts for 3 Year Old Girls - Safe store bought and homemade presents

Updated on April 9, 2014

A selection of store bought and homemade gifts for a 3 year old!

I admit, I do struggle a bit with buying gifts for kids that are under three but after they reach this benchmark things get easier as if you take a closer look on the toys you will notice most of them have a 3+ mark on them making them an appropriate and more importantly a safe gift to give to a 3 year old.

I have been buying a gift for my friends daughters 3rd birthday back in March, I got her something really cool but you will have to read on to find out what it was. I will be getting another 3 year old safe gift in a couple of weeks too but this one won't be pink inspired as it's for my boy nephew.

On this page I will be sharing some of the toys I have taken in consideration when I was getting the gift, some of the latest most asked for and best selling products and a bunch of homemade ideas as I think making gifts at home is fun and the kids will also love them.

Photos on this page are used with permission or in compliance with author's TOS.

Playhouses make a great gift for a 3 year olds! - And every girl will enjoy this one

I so wanted to have a play house when I was a kid but I never got one as they did cost a whole fortune back then. We often improvised and made our own playhouses out of cardboard, well technically older kids did it we just played in it which was lots of fun.

Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Sew Cute Playhouse - I would be here all day!

Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Sew Cute Playhouse (Discontinued by manufacturer)
Little Tikes Lalaloopsy Sew Cute Playhouse (Discontinued by manufacturer)

If I would have seen something like this as a kid I would probably cry like a baby (well a 1 or 2 year old since I would be 3).

This playhouse is one of the cuttest I have ever seen and it works great with Lalaloopsy dolls, they just blend with the colors.

This is a fun gift that will last for ages!


Homemade Play Kitchen - What girl wouldn't want one? - Get creative and save some money

I didn't have a play kitchen when I was a kid, well I had one for a while and it was made out of cardboard but I always wanted one. My best friend had it though and we enjoyed cooking our make believe dishes. Sometimes we had real food in the kitchen as my or her mom would be kind enough to help us with some basic non cooking recipes. Ah the precious memories.

You can easily make a play kitchen by yourself (partially) and it won't end up costing you a fortune so do give it a thought and check how this play kitchen was made at Creative Green Living

Best gifts for pretend play! - 3 year old girls love dressing up

Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk
Disney Princess Dress Up Trunk

I loved to play dress up when I was a kid, as there was only a few dress up trunks available at that time and as they costed a fortune my mother would sew me my fairytale dresses. I loved them and me and my friends had lots of fun playing with them. We also loved to "borrow" something from our mums closets.

As far as dress ups today go Disney's princesses are by far the most asked for dress up trunks so I think this one makes the best pick.


Magnetic Paper Dolls! - One of the easiest and most fun ideas!

This is another thing I loved as a kid -paper dolls! (true I never thought of making a magnetic version). Check out all the how to's to making this fun toy for your girl at Make it - Love it

A fun creative gift a 3 year old will love! - Make a Monster

Melissa & Doug Make-Your-Own Fuzzy Monster Puppet Kit With Carrying Case (30 pcs)
Melissa & Doug Make-Your-Own Fuzzy Monster Puppet Kit With Carrying Case (30 pcs)

While I would love to have a more girly version of this toy this still is one of the most fun toys out there.

This mix and match toy will do wonders with their creativity and imagination.


Gifts for the outdoors - best sporty gifts for 3 year old girls

Roller Skates

Me and my sister, we both had roller skates when we were little and I still remember them - they were black and one had fluorescent orange and the others had fluorescent green wheels. I was one of the rare kids on the block that never did get the hang on these though. I also had the in-line skates when I was a big bigger - couldn't get the hang of them either (again everybody else did). Funnily enough I can ice skate and everyone says it's almost the same and if you can ice skate you shouldn't have any problems with roller or in-line skating.

Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates, Pink
Fisher-Price Grow with Me 1,2,3 Roller Skates, Pink

We'll assume your little one isn't as clumsy as I was (and still am) and will get the hang of these in a short time (even if she won't she will have loads of fun).


Homemade My Little Pony Plush! - Oh so cute!

I will be honest here, this homemade Pinkie Pie looks way better than the store bought one, not to mention you can make it in any size you want. I don't know which girl would not love this one. If she has another favourite pony in the My Little Pony universe you can always customize the pattern to make it work for you.

See how this adorable plush pony is made at Imagine our Life

My gift to our little 3 year old girl - My Little Pony Princess Celestia

When I was choosing a gift for her I couldn't help but to think about me! When I was a wee little girl I really, really wanted a My Little Pony but this wish was never fulfilled. So I decided to give one to her.

My Little Pony Talking Princess Celestia
My Little Pony Talking Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia is one of the most gorgeous MLP! A word of caution though, while this specific toy is safe for girls aged 3, a lot of other ponies from the My Little Pony series are not so be sure to check the recommended age on each toy.



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