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Halloween Safety 411

Updated on January 14, 2017

Before You Trick-Or-Treat Out the Door

Before you walk out the door with your children on Halloween night please consider some of the safety tips below to keep them safe this Halloween. I know it is difficult to believe that Halloween can be dangerous time, but unfortunately it is a perfect time for bad things to happen. Bad people can take advantage of children that are alone or careless people can accidentally hurt your kid when they don't drive safely through a neighborhood. Make sure to do what you can to keep your family safe. Take a look at the tips below.

Safe Trick-Or-Treaters

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Safe Halloween Costume Caution

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Make It easy to spot your kids as they walk from house to house. Many kids are wearing the same costumes. Maybe your kids is wearing spider man costume like several of the other kids you saw tonight. Wait is the kid in the spider man costume next to you yours? Are you sure?

Even if you stay next to your child the entire evening, there will be times crowds of adults, children in costumes and fun decor in the darker times of the evening that it will make finding your kid a little confusion. How do you know at the end of the night that you have the right kid?

Did you do something to make your kid stand out. Maybe you tied a colorful handkerchief onto part of his/her costume or his costume doesn't cover his face so you can easily see your child's face? Take some time to think about it. What can you do to make sure your kid is your kid.

Take some time to also think about how your kids costume may interfere with his safety. Is the costume so bulky he can't move out of harms way (ex. a car coming behind him or a stranger trying to nab him).

If it is hot out will his costume make him hotter? Take some water just in case. Does his mask or make up interfere with his vision? As a compromise with a mask have him place it on his head until he gets to a house and then he can put it back on.

Don't Be Lazy! Walk Your Kids To Each House

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Unfortunately, there are cruel people living among us. Don't assume you know your neighbors. Keep your car parked at home, or in a safe place in the neighborhood you are about to visit and then get out and walk door to door. Yep, just get out and walk with your kids from house to house. It will be less gasoline used, you will all get more exercise and there are less chances of getting into a car accident or accidentally running over another kid.

Of course warn your kids that it is not okay to go into anyone's house, not even the house of the nice old lady's across the street. Remind them too to stay away from the houses with the porch lights turned off. The older kids should walk in groups with their friends if they are too "embarrassed" to be seen walking with you.

Remind them loud and clear, "NEVER WALK ALONE!"

Look Both Ways Applies During Halloween Too

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On Halloween the neighborhood streets are filled with people. Some drivers are kind and drive slowly watching for people, especially children on the street. Other drivers.....are not so kind. In fact some may be texting and driving, not watching out for pedestrians. Some may be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Some may be texting and driving under the influence of something. They're too busy talking on their cellphones, to impatient to slow down, to selfish to care about other people other than themselves. It is up to you to look out and remind your kids to be aware of their surroundings and to look both ways before they cross any streets.

Even safe drivers have a harder time seeing at night and they may not see a child in the dark on street full of other people and many distractions outdoors that evening. So, remind you and your kids to stay on the sidewalks if there are any available in the neighborhood or as close to the curb as possible. Carry a flash light or brightly colored close to help you and your Halloween bunch stand out and be easier to seen by a drivers.

Watch For the Strangers in The Cars Too!

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Cruel people aren't just behind the front door of a house. They are in vehicles too driving around taking advantage and looking for little ones who are by themselves or at easy reach from the vehicle. Remind your kids not to get into a strangers vehicle even if he offers candy. Is someone tries to grab them tell your child to yell for help and make as much noise as possible.

Don't Be Lazy! Check the Candy

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I'm at fault of forgetting to do this myself or doing it, but not with every piece of candy. As parents we need to stop being so lazy. We need to check our children's candies and we need to tell our children to wait to eat their candy until we are able to check it. Explain to the older ones why this is important so that they can also take precautions. Tell them how to take precautions. Tell them not to eat any already opened candy or candy that looks in any way suspicious.

Lovely tip: if you feed your children a good, healthy filling meal before trick-or-treating they wont be as tempted to sneak and eat the candy before you check it.

Does Your Child Know....

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Identification and Information

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Halloween tends to draw large crowds of people and vechiles. If your kids is lost would they know how to call home or find their way home? If not, do they know how to contact the police? Do they carry an ID in case some one finds them and need to contact you. Do you have an idea on you if you get lost or hurt? Make sure you and your family carry ID and make sure your little ones carry several phone numbers: 1 for home and others of people you know and trust to help them home.

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