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Sailor Halloween Costumes And Shoes

Updated on July 23, 2017

Sailor Costumes And Shoes For Halloween

I found the cutest and the sexiest Sailor Halloween Costumes and I found some really great nautical themed shoes to match! Trade your landlubber duds and let everyone see what an able bodied seaman or seawoman you are in one of these blue and white sailor outfits. Get some fun costume ideas, and don't forget those sailor shoes and stockings.

The image shown here is a Sailor Moon costume from Amazon and it's one of the cute sailor sets you can find for sale on this page.

California Costumes Women's Nautical Doll Costume

Fun And Sexy Sailor Outfits

This costume is just about as cute as can be, and it's red hot sexy too, it's one costume a lady will feel great in. If you are looking for a costume

You can pair this with white thigh high stockings and red shoes as shown or choose a different style hose and shoe from the bottom of this page.

This Delicious Sailor Costume Is Sassy And Sexy

That's actually the name of this costume, the Delicious Women's Sassy Sailor Sexy Costume and it is sassy and sexy. Pick this costume and start looking for the sailor shoes you need.

The Mystery House Women's Sailor Paris Costume

Navy Blues

The Mystery House Sailor costume comes with a sexy corset dress in navy blue and right on the chest are some anchors.with anchor appliques on the breasts, white satin bow accent, a flared mini-skirt with anchor and star appliques, and a matching sailor's hat.

Men's Sailor Costumes - Olive Oyl Thought Popeye Was Sexy As Can Be!

And your gal might too! Here's a few men's costume ideas for a sailor themed Halloween including Popeye!

Anime Cosplay Sailor Costumes

Here's that Sailor Moon costume pictured on the top of this page.

Plus you can find costumes for Sailor Mars Hino Rei, Sailor Jupiter Kino Makoto, Sailor Venus Aino Minako, and Sailor Moon Tsukino Usagi for all you fans of these gals. Have some Cosplay fun this year.

Make A Sailor Moon Costume

Sailor Shoes For Halloween

I've got a thing for two tone shoes and really like these cute heels. The bow just drives me crazy!!

Sailor Stockings

These sailor outfits look great with socks, thigh highs or stockings.

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