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Saint Patrick's Day T-Shirts

Updated on April 14, 2016

Gear up for Saint Patrick's Day here!

Going green on March 17th for Saint Patrick's Day is a tradition in many countries around the world, even those outside of Europe or North America. Although it's perhaps most popular in the USA where it's kind of a national holiday. I've actually heard that St. Patty's Day is more popular in Canada and the USA than in England or Ireland, if you can believe that!

Get your funny, cool, witty and classic St. Patty's Day T-shirts and other gear here. There are sizes, styles, and designs for any gender, age and taste, which are appropriate for almost any occasion you might find yourself in on that big St. Patty's Day. A night at the local Irish pub with your friends, a more formal party at a nice bar downtown, celebrating at work in business casual, or a night at the club. Get your t-shirts and other green gear soon...Saint Patrick's Day is coming quicker than you might think. And don't blink, you might miss the Leprechaun or the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

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Why do People Wear Green for St. Patrick's Day?

Wearing green on St. Patrick's Day might seem like kind of a natural thing to you. You've probably been doing it your entire life! But why exactly do people wear green on this special holiday? I'll give all the details about it here!

The legend behind it is that St. Patrick used the shamrock, which is a three leaf clover to explain the holy trinity to the Irish, who'd previously never been exposed to Christianity. The trinity is the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Although that story first appeared in 1726 in writing, it probably dates back later than that.

Anyway, since that time, the color green has been strongly associated with the Irish and more widely with Saint Patrick's Day celebrations around the world.

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