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Saint Patrick's Day Teacher Gifts

Updated on February 23, 2013

What to give to a Teacher on Saint Patrick's day

Saint Patricks day is often a fun day in school. Inspired teachers and students all dress in green and fun projects often happen in art and cooking classes such a card making and cookie baking, all incorporating the famous Saint Patricks day green color and lucky four leave clover. Among all this fun activities, a great way to celebrate Saint Patricks day and show your teacher or your child's teacher that you care for them is by giving her or him an adorable Saint Patrick's day gift. In this lens I will share with you some fun, simple and inexpensive gift ideas that you can easily craft or purchase for that special teacher you care the most.

"A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others."

A great quote about teachers from a men I admire.

~Mustafa Kemal Atatrk, translated from Turkish

Teacher Saint Patrick's day card
Teacher Saint Patrick's day card

A Handwritten Card

Great Saint Patrick Gifts for a teacher are basically anything that comes from your heart. As long as it is green of course!

The first idea is very simple but will be the most meaningful and the one he or she will keep for a lifetime. A simple card with words of appreciations is my first and best suggestion. Appreciative words will encourage this special teacher to continue to do the amazing work that he or she is doing for you or your little ones.

Picture provided by Zazzle

An apple???

Remember the good old days where an apple was considered a great treat to bring to your teacher? Well you can most definitely bring the tradition back by bringing him or her an delicious and Saint Patrick's day decorated caramelized apple that will certainly earn you some extra points. You can often find them ready and fresh in your local grocery store or supermarket and if they do not come in the correct color sprinkles, you can simply purchase the plain ones and sprinkle them yourself with only the green and white elements. Place a cute little ribbon around it and there you have the perfect gift for that special teacher you admire and care.

A pot of gold

In addition to cute little gifts, another great idea is to get together with other students and student moms and create a larger pot of gold gift. YOu can simply purchase a gold or yellow bucket and inside you can place all the gathered little gifts from the other moms creating a large Saint Patrick pot of gold. Cute little items to include in this Saint Patrick teacher basket would be, chocolate, treats, baked cookies, stickers to be used in class and many other great little treat as long as they keep together with the Saint Patrick's Day theme.

In case you would like to purchase one ready to go you can find them at

Saint Patrick's for school and office gifts

Did you enjoy this gift list? If so, show me your love!

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      JoshK47 4 years ago

      Very good stuff here!