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Santa Claus Coloring Pages

Updated on January 18, 2015
Derived from Santa Claus With His Bag (public domain) by Pippi2011.
Derived from Santa Claus With His Bag (public domain) by Pippi2011. | Source

Santa Claus coloring...

Can you imagine Christmas without Santa Claus and his gifts? Me neither.

Santa Claus came from Europe in 17th century. His original name was Sinterklaas or Sint Nikolaas, but it was hard to pronounce, so they called him Santa Claus or Santa.

On this page you can find how do we call Santa all over the world and some Christmas activities, books and coloring pages.

In the U. S. A. he is Santa Claus,

in England he is Father Christmas,

in France he is Pere Noel,

in Italy he is Babbo Natale.

Santa Claus is coming to town

In Canada he is Santa Claus,

in French Canada he is Pere Noel,

in Japan he is Hoteiosho,

in Hawaii he is Kanakaloka.

Santa Coloring Book

3-D Coloring Book--Here Comes Santa Claus! (Dover 3-D Coloring Book)
3-D Coloring Book--Here Comes Santa Claus! (Dover 3-D Coloring Book)

It's 3-D paperback coloring book with 32 pages. Kids from 3 years on will love to color this beautiful book for Christmas.


In Russia he is Ded Moroz,

in Poland he is Swiety Mikolaj,

in Finland he is Joulupukki,

in Germany he is Weihnachtsmann.

Santa with list of wishes,, public domain
Santa with list of wishes,, public domain

Where does Santa Claus live?

Where does Santa Claus live?

See results

What do you think where does Santa live? Some say he lives on North Pole, some say in village in Finland with his elves, deers and other assistants. But it doesn't really matter - we know he lives in a snowy village and has a big house full of gifts for kids all over the world.

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town by Justin Bieber

In Hungary he is Kis Jezus,

in Denmark he is Julemanden,

in Belgium he is Pere Noel,

in the Netherlands he is Kerstman.

Christmas is always very exciting time, there is so much going on - beautiful decorations, usually some snow outside, a lot of yummy food and of course Santa and gifts. Kids really love all of this, but sometimes they can get bored while parent are busy.

Coloring is fun activity for smaller and larger kids. We can get tons of coloring pages online for free or buy special books with beautiful pictures.

Books with various activities are very entertaining - there are stories we can read to kids, songs to sing, a lot of different coloring pages with Christmas themes... Let's make them as colorful as possible.

In Colombia he is Nino Jesus,

in Ireland he is Daidi na Nollaig,

in Argentina he is Paps Noel,

in Greece he is Agios Vassilios,

in Lithuania he is Kaledu Senis.

Santa with Christmas gifts coloring sheet

Santa with Christmas gifts coloring,, public domain
Santa with Christmas gifts coloring,, public domain

In Brazil he is Papai Noel,

in Portugal he is Pai Natal,

in Albania he is Babadimri,

in Norway he is Julenissen,

in Slovenia he is Bozicek.

In Austria he is Christkind,

in Switzerland he is Samichlaus,

in Romania he is Mos Craciun,

in Egypt he is Papa Noel.

North Pole or Finland?

A markerFinland -
get directions

In Croatia he is Bozicnjak,

in Bulgaria he is Diado Coleda,

in South Africa he is Vader Kersfees,

In Hong Kong he is Lan Khoong or Dun Che Lao Ren.

Fun idea for Christmas activity

If you are looking for fun ideas for Christmas activities here is one - kids can make their own Santa coloring pages too. How? Let them draw Santa coloring page themselves. What do you need? Not much - black colored pencils or black markers and few sheets of paper.

They can make different few Santa - on sledge, with deers, on the roof with chimney, with bag of toys...

Let them make few variations and then exchange pictures so each will have to color someone else's coloring sheet.

In Spain he is Papa Noel,

in Turkey he is Noel Baba,

in China and and Taiwan he is Sheng Dan Lao Ren,

in Sweden he is Jultomten.

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      VspaBotanicals 4 years ago

      Great lens. And thank you so much for the wonderful blessing on my ice swimming lens.

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      applejacking 4 years ago

      Awesome coloring pages gallery and this is my first time seeing a thin Santa without gift bag in the roof LOL

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      Love those. My kids, I am sure, will love them too.

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      Never too early to enjoy this lens!

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      This is an adorable lens. Love all of the coloring pages.

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      WindyWintersHubs 6 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      Awesome trivia on Santa Claus. I really enjoyed it. Happy Holidays! :)